This Pack Of Cigarettes Is Something An Old Spy Would Use, And It’s So Cool

Have you ever watched a James Bond movie and thought to yourself, “I wish I had some of those gadgets,” whenever he pulled out some high-tech gizmo? You’re certainly not alone. They are some of the coolest things to ever grace the silver screen.

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of spy equipment, here’s your chance! The auction website Bonhams has put up a bunch of awesome cameras that you can bid on today.

1. Cigarette Camera

Lucky Strike spy camera with Ohio Safety matchbox light meter (Mast Development Corp., USA, 1949).

2. Watch Camera

ABC watch camera (Steineck, Germany, 1948).

3. Concealable Camera

Mast concealable camera (Mast Development Corp. Davenport, USA).

4. Watch Camera

The Watch Camera (John C. Hagelein, New York, 1894).

5. Matchbox Camera

Kodak Matchbox camera (Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, NY, 1944).

6. Gun Camera

Doryu 2-16 gun camera (Doryu Camera Co., Japan, 1952).

7. Binocular Camera

Le Physiographe (L. Bloch of Paris, 1896).

8. Pistol Camera

Mamiya pistol camera (Mamiya Camera Co., Japan).

9. Vest Camera

Concealed vest camera (C.P. Stirn, Germany, 1886).

10. Book Camera

Taschenbuch book camera (Haake & Albers, Frankfurt, 1888).

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11. Ring Camera

GF81 ring camera (Gian Paulo Ferro, Italy).

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12. Recorder Camera

Minox 8245 (VEF, USSR).

13. Police Camera

Expo Police Camera (Expo Camera Co., New York, 1911).

14. Photo Revolver

Le Photo-Revolver (E. Krauss, Paris, 1921).

(via U Funk)

If you want to own a piece of spy memorabilia, this is the auction for you. No one will ever be able to pull a fast one on you again!

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