Gadget Review – Wi-Fi & Mobile Hotspot on your Samsung Galaxy Tab EAT&T

Wi-Fi & Mobile Hotspot on your Samsung Galaxy Tab EAT&TWi-Fi & Mobile Hotspot: Turn Wi-Fi on and off. To optimize battery life, turn
Wi-Fi off when not in use. To turn Wi-Fi on, swipe down
from the notification bar to access the quick-settings
menu. Tap the Wi-Fi icon to turn on.

Tap the Wi-Fi icon again to turn
off. Connect to a Wi-Fi network. When Wi-Fi is on, and you are
within range of a Wi-Fi network, or an AT&T Wi-Fi-hotspot
location, the phone will connect
automatically. Data transmitted
over a Wi-Fi network does not count toward your AT&T
data plan and will not be billed.

From the quick-settings menu,
tap the Wi-Fi icon. Tap the desired network to
connect. If prompted, enter the network
password. Tap “CONNECT”.

To adjust the Wi-Fi settings, swipe down from the top of
the screen. Tap the Settings icon. Tap “Wi-Fi”. Tap “MORE”.

Tap “Advanced” and adjust
desired settings. Create a mobile hotspot. To set up a mobile hotspot, tap
the AT&T AllAccess widget, located on the home screen.  Tap the Mobile Hotspot icon.

Tap the toggle to turn mobile
hotspot on.  Turning on mobile hotspot will
turn off Wi-Fi.  Tap “OK”. Once you’ve turned on mobile
hotspot, any device with a wireless connection can connect
to the Internet, via your device’s connection.

Tap “OK”. To edit the settings of the
mobile hotspot, you must first turn mobile hotspot off by
tapping the toggle to “Off”.  To change the mobile hotspot
name, tap Wi-Fi network name field. Enter the desired network name.

To change the password, tap the
password field.  Enter the desired password.  Connected devices are displayed
beneath Connected Devices.  [AT&T jingle].

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