Gadget Review – White iPhone 4 conversion review

White iPhone 4 conversion review

[Music] Hey guys, Andru Edwards here, we just wanted
to give you a look at the white iPhone 4. Just a really quick look at it. First we want
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available yet.

And we just wanted to give you a look. Obviously it's white on the front
and back, we actually think it's a pretty gorgeous device. A little more visually striking
than the black one. Apple's delayed this quite a number of times,
but the parts are finally coming together.

Here you can see one of the differences that
not many people know about – inside the dock connector as you can see there, it's actually
white. So a white dock connector, and then inside the headphone port it's also white. It's kind of hard to see – well there you
go. Inside is white as well, so not just the front and back.

So Apple was having some issues
manufacturing this thing and it looks like things are starting to finally come together.
Theres the screen on. The only issue that I think Apple is still
trying to solve is there's some light bleeding that comes out of the sides here, and you
can't really see it even on video, but if you're in the dark and you look at the sides
and the screen is on, between the glass and the metal you can see just a faint hint of
light coming out of there which I'm guessing Apple doesn't like. But, if you want to get your iPhone…If you
want to get a white iPhone now, you certainly can, because these pieces are coming off manufacturing
and we've got someone we can refer you guys to who basically gets the pieces from overseas.
He has all the official pieces including the dock connector, including the headphone jack,
and he can basically turn your iPhone from black to white in a few days. Or you can just
buy one just like this from him.

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All Gear Live members, all viewers, get 10%
off his service, so we'll link that for you here below and also put that in the show notes.
We just wanted to give you a look at the phone and show you what it's all about. We're gonna
do another video comparing the white one to the black one, just visually. The actual phone itself, there are no hardware
differences other than the color, everything else on the inside is the same. But still,
if you want the white version of the iPhone, you want the white model, there you have it.

We'll hit you in the show notes, but that's
pretty much it. So tune in next time for more tech news through the eyes of GearLive.Com,
I'm Andru Edwards..

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