Gadget Review – Unboxing dan Hands-on Samsung Galaxy Note FE

Unboxing dan Hands-on Samsung Galaxy Note FE Indonesia

Theres an interesting thing we found when we came to Indocomtech's annual exhibition on November 1st. Without an official launch event, Samsung quietly has sold their Galaxy Note Fans Edition (Note FE). This smartphone is a reincarnation of Galaxy Note 7 that was less fortunate in the market last year. Talking about the price, Galaxy Note FE was sold with a tag that we think is somewhat less rational, i.E Rp.

8, 5 Million (app. USD 631). With its specification that seemed out of date, the battery capacity was also downgraded from the original. From 3,500 mAh to only 3,200 mAh.

For your information, the Galaxy Note FE we buy is an outcome of a trade-in with an iPhone 6s- that we have to spend an additional Rp. 4 Million (app. USD 296) to redeem it. And of course we chose coral blue one because this color is more attractive to the eyes and have an exclusive look.

In terms of design, it turns out there is no a signficant difference in Galaxy FE. With the Galaxy Note 7 that we've already reviewed. Only a minor difference in the front and rear body that are both blue. But only on it frame that colored gold alike.

In Indonesia, Galaxy Note FE is only sold in two colors: Blue and Black. Now lets unbox the unit. The box is a standard black-colored box with a heart-shaped symbol at the front. It looks likethe heart-shaped symbol really represent Samsungs intention to really addressed this Galaxy Note FE to all the true fans of the Galaxy Note series.

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After unboxing, theres a standard brand new smartphone package in it: a fast-charging phone charger, data cable, earphone, and a backup Tip-S pen. The one that interesting inside the box is a blue colored flip case as a bonus. Lets go back and talk about the smartphone more. At the front, Samsung build their pridepanel on it: a 5.7 Inch Edge Super Amoled touchsreen.

The left and the right of it edges are almost without bezel. But it still with conventional thick bezel at the top and bottom. Also, theres still a physical button with a fingerprint sensor at the bottom-front part of it. And an iris sensor and LED notification at the top-front part of this smartphone.

Lets go to the hardware section. As I mentioned earlier, Samsung still equip this Galaxy Note FE with the same spec as Galaxy Note 7- which are: an Exynos 8890 Octacore chipset, Mali-T880MP12 GPU, 4 GB RAM, and a 64 GB storage which can be added with an extra microSD. And the most significant difference Note FE has from Note 7 is the OS that build in it. Note FE has use Nougat 7.1.1 With a more safe battery capacity: 3200 mAh.

Note FE is also still carrying IP68 waterproof certificate just in case your Note FE have to troubled with a heavy rain or falling in the swimming pool. For selfie mode, Samsung has put a 5 MP f/1.7 Front camera. And for its primary camera it use a 12 MP f/1.7 Dual Pixel resolution with OIS support. To satisfy your curiosity, we will show you some of its photos..

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