Gadget Review – This Cool, Cheap Gadget

This Cool, Cheap Gadget

What's up guys? Lew here,
Back with another video. And today, I'm actually going be talking about something that was featured a long time back on a show called "Three Cool Tech Deals". This was one of this cool things that I mentioned was really interesting to me. I'm like "You know what, I'm just going to order it up!" It is a mini Bluetooth keyboard with a built-in touchpad.

Interacting with your gadgets from the couch. Lean- back style, lean-back position which believe it or not, it's a great way to enjoy Unbox Therapy videos. Launch the Unbox Therapy marathon playlist. If you didn't know that playlist existed, it's over four hours of therapy.

It'll probably solve most of the problems in your life, so… Ahh, I think the company is called, like, "QQ" or something. It doesn't even say on here, you can check the link in the description if you want to check it out yourself. It'll work with your laptop, your desktop, IOS and Android The continuous working time is about twenty hours, uses bluetooth 3.0 You guys know when you are on the couch you guys input text, *Groans* Drives you crazy, You are like Tata tata tata tah Tata tata tata tah Tata tata tah Tata click click Nightmare! It's actually sleeker than I expected! Wow, that's really, that's really slim.

You can see that there, Jack. You've also got a micro-USB cable to charge it up. Tiny bit of paperwork.
We don't need it! Let's see, may be it has some power right now. Power out the gate.

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It does. Bluetooth LED fires up. Kind of has a video-game controller footprint to it. On the bottom, micro-USB for charging it up.

Multimedia buttons on the top, here. Bluetooth button, volume controls, mute, play/pause, fast forward and such, a search button, So that's pretty cool! Of course you have also got a left click/right click for the mouse buttons. You can either use these ones down here or the corner buttons for mouse clicks. See if it does what I hope it to do.

Does that make any sense? Ooh! Action! I'm in. So now I'm navigating "Un…Box" "Therapy", of course! I love it. I mean this, stuff like this, it's so simple but useful. You just don't realize until you have something like this in your hands.

Man, I have had a Mac Mini hooked up in my living room for years now. I have always had some kind of media center there just because no matter what streaming box I came across, there was always something I couldn't do without a full browser or full OS. So I have the full-size keyboard sometimes with the trackpad on the side. I have had the earliest, like, Apple wireless keyboards and stuff.

But inevitably, those things get put away. 'Cause other people that I live with Is that–
Why am I doing that? Other people like to put away those things, like, big things. It's messing up my living room,
Lew. Something like this, though, it fits into the realm of, like, remote, like a remote control.

Closer. So now it's like, "That can live in the living room!" No one's going to give you a hard time. If somebody gives you a hard time about that being in the living room, that person shouldn't be in your life. Okay, that's a little extreme.

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Sometimes you find a little gems like this on Amazon. Sometimes it doesn't need to be the high-profile thing. That's what we do here on Unbox Therapy! We uncover it so you don't have to..

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