Gadget Review – The truth about the Galaxy Note 8!

The truth about the Galaxy Note 8!

– Yo guys, Jonathan here,
and I'm gonna say it, the Galaxy Note 8 is
getting way too much hate. Way too much. (Upbeat music) Now by far, the biggest critique and shot fired I've seen
taken against Note 8, is that it's an over hyped
S8 plus with an S Pen, a dual camera, for some reason
a slightly smaller battery, more RAM, and I'm not gonna lie, at the Note 8 event I jokingly
called it an S8 Plus Plus. My reacting to? The S8 Plus Plus – You're reacting to it.
(Laughing) – Sorry.

In actuality though, that
really isn't the case. Yeah you are paying more for the Note 8, but that is because you are getting more. Minus the battery. If we were to break this
down into it's simplest form, no one's gonna yell at a cheeseburger for being a glorified hamburger.

Are they similar? Yes. But you know they're different, and you have no problem paying
extra because it's an option. Same thing at Chipotle. You want guac? You are
ponying up the cash.

And I guess in some strange
way, what I'm trying to say is, S Pen equals avocado. Ultimately in some weird way, Samsung has almost
kinda screwed themselves by having too many options. If we're being honest, the only reason Samsung's
Plus models exist is to compete with Apple
and their Plus model phones. For simplicities sake,
imagine there was no S8 Plus.

Just the S8 that was
their smaller flagship and then in turn, we had
to wait for the Note 8 as their bigger flagship. Conversely, after what happened last year, Samsung could've easily
killed off the Note lineup and brought the S Pen over to the S8 Plus, but somethin' about that really
just wouldn't've felt right because ultimately, what makes
a Note a Note is the S Pen and that's how it's always been. So mini rant aside, I actually
really like the Note 8 and by far what stands out to
me most with this of course, is that giant beautiful display. It is big, and it is beautiful.

This here is a 6.3 Inch display, and again, it's not much
bigger than the S8 Plus which sizes in at 6.2 Inches. But the thing we gotta
get out of our heads, is that displays between the Note 8 and the S8 Plus are not
gonna be deciding factors. Again, it comes down to the
S Pen, to the dual cameras. But regardless, the Note
8 has a beautiful display.

You guys know, I love what Samsung did with their infinity displays. Not only does it look fantastic
just simply using the phone, but of course consuming media whether you're looking at photos, video, and on top of that
aesthetically I think it takes these phones to the next level. And honestly, I think so far they're the best looking
phones of this year. Your move next, Apple.

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Now specs wise, one thing
that separates the Note 8 from the S8 Plus and the
S8 for that matter, is RAM. This is packing 6 gigabytes inside. Which makes sense, because the Note has always kinda been known
as that multitasking machine. Speaking of multitasking,
being able use multiple apps simultaneously in separate
windows isn't new, but what is, is the ability
to create app pairs.

So instead of opening an app, running through the
process every single time, you can actually pair up apps
that you use most frequently and from there it is only one step, and I think that is awesome. Switching gears, one weird
thing spec wise with Note 8, again is battery capacity. Not only is it smaller
than last year's Note, it's also smaller than the S8 Plus, which kinda leaves you
scratching your head. The Note 8 is a bigger phone and whether it's just barely
bigger, it is still bigger.

So the fact that it has a smaller battery really doesn't make sense. And again, as much as the Note has kind of been synced
up with multitasking, I think the Note has been
synonymous with big battery life, so I can see why people
would be upset here. Past that though, I think
there are still a ton of enticing elements with Note 8, and there's not a whole
lot you can complain about. You have USB-C, a headphone
jack, quick charging, wireless charging, water resistance, micro SD card expansion.

Overall, it is a really solid package. So from there, I think we
all know what S Pen is about, what it can do, so I first
wanna focus on the dual cameras. Because that is what really impressed me. You have dual 12 megapixel sensors, a wide angle lens and
then a telephoto lens.

But what makes this really special, is the fact that both of these have OIS. And that makes a big difference. Speaking of stabilization,
I do wanna slightly call out Samsung for their OIS video
demo at the Note 8 event. If you watched it, they compared the Note 8 against an iPhone but somethin' was clearly off.

Could you imagine the
behind the scenes on that? Jokes aside though, we
have clearly seen and know what the S8 and S8 Plus
cameras are capable of, and I think with the Note 8, it kinda takes things to the next level. Now one of the biggest camera features on the Note 8 is live focus. And yes, some people are
gonna say it is very similar to portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus and really, every other dual camera out there for that matter. But in particular, what I love about this is not only the quality,
but the flexibility.

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There definitely are other
smart phones out there that give you the ability
to edit things and post, but that usually comes with
a sacrifice in quality. As far as Note 8 goes, it's not perfect, and it's not gonna work every single time, but as a whole, it is super impressive. The ability to adjust the amount of blur, to really fine tune dial in and to find that point of clarity in both
naturalness is really cool. But on top of that, what
I think is the coolest thing about this, is you
have the ability to go back at any time and view
the wide angle version of that photo, which is crazy.

Now beyond live focus mode in
terms of the camera as a whole no surprise, it is really good. Here's an example of jumpin'
from the wide angle lens to the telephoto lens, and
yes, you do lose a little bit of light with F stop of
2.4 On the telephoto lens. But looking at the pictures, you can see both are really nice. In this picture here, this
is the telephoto lens.

But what stands out to me here is the sharpness in the detail. It was just about sunset,
so you can really see that sun beaming down on
the floor but beyond that, the detail in the leaves and the concrete, I think one might call it, "crispy." In this picture here in particular, the dynamic range is really impressive. We see the blue of the
sky, we see the clouds, we see all the lighting and the signs. Nothing's blown out, and
overall it's just a really, really well rounded photo.

Now as things started
to get a little darker, this was one of my favorite shots. Not a ton of light in the foreground, just the light bulb itself,
but we still see the clouds, we see a little bit of
that sun blowin' out and overall, it is just
a beautiful picture. As far as the front facing cameras, I think Samsung has done an amazing job the last couple years. And again, nothing has
here with the Note 8.

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This is how this shot
looks on a red camera and here is how it looks with the front facing camera of the Note 8. Jumpin' over to an outdoor selfie again, great dynamic
range, great sharpness. I love the fact that you
have a wide angel lens and really there's not
much more to say than, "Great job Samsung on the cameras." Video quality wise, here's a quick example of how that looks, how
the stabilization works, and also I'm gonna shut
my mouth for a second so you can hear the microphone quality. (Calm music plays) So from there I kinda wanna
round things out with S Pen.

Because again, that is ultimately what makes the Note a Note. It has definitely evolved
a ton over the years. But there really wasn't
a huge jump in features from this year over last year. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Smart Select and Screen
Write are useful as always. Live Message, while it
isn't necessarily original is actually a lot of fun
to use with a physical pen. You kinda just draw out
your message but it's nice having that extra bit of accuracy with that physical pen. You can play it back, make
sure you didn't screw it up, and then send it off.

Definitely though one of my
favorite features with S Pen is the ability to integrate that with Samsung's always on display. If you just need to jot
something down quickly, or you need to remind yourself, you don't have to go into the phone, just bust out the pen, write it down, and that it will stay there
as a reminder in your face. Overall the Galaxy Note
8, while it's not perfect, it is a damn impressive phone. And if you know what you want, you want that S Pen but
you kinda been skeptical because people have been a
little too hard on the Note 8, forget the haters, grab
it, you will enjoy it.

I wanna give a huge shout
out to my boy Benjamin who I met out at London. Super humble, super
hardworking, but also has a really underrated YouTube channel. Definitely check him out,
I will link him down below. He actually helped me
get ahold of the Note 8 a little bit early so this
entire video is thanks to him.

Thank you guys for watching. This is Jonathan, and
I'll catch you guys later..

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