Gadget Review – The new HTC One Hands-on from HTC NY event

The new HTC One Hands-on from HTC NY event

>> DAVID BRUCE: Absolutely. All right, excited
to show it to you guys, were excited about our announcement today. So, a lot to showcase
on here. I think first place to start is really our brand new home screen experience, which
were calling BlinkFeed.

So, the idea behind BlinkFeed is we know that
people are gravitating towards their phone in those down moments in their life, whether
theyre waiting for a train or theyre in line somewhere. We know that people reach
for their phone to access news, they want to snack on information, they want to check
out their social networks and do it quickly. So, BlinkFeed takes all of this content that
youve prioritized, as things that interest you. Your social networks have already been

Theyre integrated into BlinkFeed and you have an experience that puts all this
content into kind of a beautiful display where you can scroll through, you can see full articles
with great art. You dont have to go out to any different kind of application or on
to the web. It all exists right here and gives you a really
easy way when every time you unlock your device. I can pull down to refresh.

I can be met with
new content. So every time Im reaching for my phone, I have new information to look
at. And its not just about any one particular area of news or content, its also about
all my social networks and everything integrated in here as well. So, beyond BlinkFeed, we have a really great
new camera experience.

So were calling our camera an Ultrapixel camera. Weve been
really excited to introduce what we are calling Zoe pictures in our gallery. So, Ill go
ahead and jump to my gallery to give you little overview here that if I go to a particular
event, so say for example, Ive been taking some photos here at our event today, you might
start seeing some things kind of come to life in the gallery here. And if you had an example of where maybe youre
out with friends or I was out with may be my wife or dog or something like that and
we took a series of photos, itd be grouped into an event here and you can see things
coming to life in the gallery, you can see these kind of moments animating and moving
here and really changing how you experience those photos and moments that you took.

these animated moments are what were calling Zoes. Its basically a compilation of
kind of photos and videos that are all taken together with one shutter press of the button. And whats great is not only do you have
this event come to life, but without doing anything, when you go into an event, you have
always at the top what we call a Zoe highlight video. Again, requires no effort on the user
at all, Ive taken Zoes, Ive taken pictures and theyre grouped together.

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can hit play here and I have a video thats automatically created. We have, six different
themes, where you get a different kind of editing feel and music and it makes it look
like you produced a really professional looking video out of everything and just gives you
a really incredible experience. So were excited about this and how easy it is to share
things with people with no effort on the part of the user, which I think is great in being
able to do it really quickly. So, we have a new gallery experience.

We have
the Zoe highlight videos and to show you kind of taking a Zoe itself. Ill jump into the
camera here and we have this kind of dedicated Zoe button and just to show you how it works,
if I press the button here, youll see kind of the red filling up on the camera icon there
and thats it capturing all these photos and videos at the same time. So, if you can take a picture, you can take
a Zoe and then, you know the benefit beyond just seeing the stuff come to alive is when
you have a Zoe, youre able to kind of scrub through that whole moment. If I want to get
that perfect shot when all of my friends are jumping in the air, I can move through because
Ive captured all this information to get that perfect shot, save it and then I have
the exact shot that I want to share.

>> MARK: How many megapixels does this camera
have? >> DAVID BRUCE: So, were not referring
to megapixels, so we actually have what were calling Ultrapixels and the reason were
doing that is because the pixels on the camera are actually about double what were seeing
out there, so these pixels that we have on here capture about 300% more light than other
pixels and cameras out there. Capturing light is certainly what we know to be as far as
getting great quality out of your photos, great quality in low-light, great color reproduction.
So these Ultrapixels are just giving us a totally new experience and its also what
powers the Zoe shots as well. >> MARK: Theres HDR video too? >> DAVID BRUCE: It takes HDR video. The HDR
processing for regular photos, its very, very fast.

Typically in the past, how youve
to hold your camera still for a while when it processes HDR. Its very, very quick
with this device and yeah, that even allows us to have that element with video HDR as
well. >> MARK: So, I played with this a little bit
and see the BlinkFeed. It doesnt look like Android at all.

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So, is there a way to go on
a regular view? >> DAVID BRUCE: And we got Android, and let
me come back to BlinkFeed. So, its kind of hidden there. I think that people are going
to really gravitate towards this experience. If theyre reaching for their phone, I want
to get some information, I want to check out my social network, it all exists here and
its just a clean simplified experience.

I have all my apps here that I could organize.
I can create folders in here, switch back to BlinkFeed. Even as I scroll through content,
I dont lose access to my most important shortcuts. I can hit home button and then
Im back up at the top really easily. So, we still have the Android screen thats
off there, but I think people are going to really naturally gravitate towards BlinkFeed.

>> MARK: And its Android what version? >> DAVID BRUCE: 4.1. Couple of other just
cool things to kind of round out, some stuff that were showcasing today. Its something
were calling Sense TV which were really excited about. Its pretty magical to whats
happened with an actual TV, which we have set up here.

But just to show you this, I
basically can have my phone now as a remote for my cable box, my TV and my receiver where
I have this synched up to my Verizon files, internet in Philadelphia, my specific channel
guide and you can see how even I have progress bars or programs that are on right now. And if I were in front of my TV, because we
have infrared built in underneath the power bar, I could hit say, Law and Order here,
it will turn on my TV, my receiver, cable box all at one time, tune directly to that
channel, I can drill down to get whatever kind of programs I want, to view here in kind
of this beautiful visual guide instead of scrolling through a channel programming guide. We see people as being appointment viewers
and watchers. You can kind of set your favorites for shows in here, say I like Walking Dead,
I set it as a favorite, itll integrate that into my BlinkFeed to be like David
dont forget, Walking Dead is on tonight.

It will put it at the top of my feed and its
just a completely integrated intuitive experience and makes it really, really easy. I think
people are going to abandon their remote and abandon an old channel guide which we have
here and just use this as their all in one solution in the living room. >> MARK: Can you talk about the design real
quick? >> DAVID BRUCE: Absolutely, would love to.
So, the design of the phone, I think, is really a huge achievement for us. Weve achieved
something that, I think, weve really been working towards for a while, which is this
true full metal aluminum body and weve done that with kind of special molding that
weve created to infuse the antenna with the aluminum of the device.

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So, when you feel
it, theres just absolutely no breaks or gaps in the design, it truly is, a singular
kind of experience. And one thing thats hard to show with the
noise in here right now but kind of looking at the hardware on the front, were calling
boom sound or dual speaker experience on here, so we have stereo sound from these two high-definition
speakers. We put them on the front. We know that people are consuming content with the
screen facing them of course, and if theyve friends around them sharing that content,
that you get this not only really loud, but really rich sounding audio facing you as youre
watching videos, listening to music.

We have a new visualizer experience for our audio.
So, the speakers are part of that hardware experience. The device fits really great on
your palm. At its thickest its 9 millimeters. It tapers to about 4 millimeters at the edge,
so it feels really great in your hand and just really premium built body, I think which
just no gaps in the design.

>> MARK: So, theres only two buttons, right? >> DAVID BRUCE: Theres only two buttons,
just like, I think BlinkFeed makes for a cleaner, more simplified experience; the buttons help
to that end as well. So I still have access to everything. If I want to get to recent
apps, a quick double tap of the home button brings me there. I can kill apps like that.
And a press and hold the home button will bring me into Google now and then home button
will always take me back to my BlinkFeed here and then back button with its traditional

You can even go in the settings, change the back button to where you press
and hold it. It can bring up the menu if you want, but this makes for a really simplified
experience. >> MARK: Great. Also last but not least, pricing
and availability? >> DAVID BRUCE: Pricing, Ive got nothing
for you, no announcement on that yet, but availability, were looking forward to the
HTC One coming out in March with a huge amount of partners worldwide, but some of the ones
we announced here today are Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and thats about it.

So, David Bruce for HTC with HTC One..

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