(Inhales) – Yeah. What's up guys. Louie here, back with another video. It's been a little while.

I have something cool, though to share with you. Something a little bit different. This is the new Blackberry. The Blackberry Priv.

I know, kind of a weird name. Priv. Jack. This is the thing.

You can see right on the box here. Privilege Privacy. P-R-I-V, in both cases. So let's call it the Priv.

I don't know. The interesting thing here is we now have a Blackberry that runs Android. It's been out for a minute or two but, I haven't played with it yet. I haven't really tried
it out and so I thought, "Let's actually see if
I can convert myself "to a Blackberry user now
that it's running Android "and hopefully, that's
a little easier to do, so I am going to switch.

Now, I will share with
you that this S6 Active from Samsung has been in my pocket (exhales) for a long time, but I think it's time
to really get out there and start experimenting. So I'm gonna use this Blackberry Priv for a minimum of two weeks. I'm gonna start opening it up. A minimum of two weeks and I suppose I'm gonna report back to you guys on what that experience is like.

The Pros, the Cons and so on. What do we have here? Made in Mexico. That's interesting. RIght away, you'll notice SD expansion.

Sim card slot over there. Actually, not bad looking. I will say. Screen protector.

There's the magic trick. A keyboard. What do you think, Jack? Are you gonna type on a keyboard or what? Wow, okay. First impression here.

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This thing is grippy. Croidsnock. Croidsnock. A little bit of paperwork.

Thank you very much. A little sim card tool. This device supports quick charge, so you're gonna wanna use the brick that comes with it instead
of a different one. Micro USB.

Actually, these look pretty decent. Three different sizes and
in-line microphone remote, answer your phone calls
or don't answer 'em. It's up to you. Look at that.

Blackberry powered by Android. About time. I had been thinking the whole time like, man, Blackberry actually makes
some pretty nice hardware. It would be cool to see what an Android device from them would look like and this is essentially it.

Now a lot of you probably
don't believe me, that I'm really gonna switch phones here. This thing is gonna be in my pocket. If you see a photo on Instagram in the next two weeks starting now, it's gonna be shot on this device. If you see a Tweet,
it's gonna be typed out.

This is how you make a real commitment. I have wait, thanks for that Samsung. One last dying breath as I remove my sim card. It's kind of, it's
gettin' emotional in here.

Look at that. That's in direct lighting, so yeah. Comparable. Better than expected.

I can essentially over
on the righthand side of the screen, customize
my various notifications so they can live in one place. Again, the magic trick here, is slide out. This is kind of a way of
keeping the onscreen keyboard out of your productivity space. Let's load up on box therapy.

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How about that? Look at this. Gettin' my Tweets. So let's say if I go down like this and then I get this keyboard. Let's see how this works.

Tons of haptic feedback here. Lots of power. Now, another thing I'm noticing here is this, what looks like a
big speaker on the bottom. I'm hoping that's what it is.

Let's see how loud this is. – What's up guys. We're here back with another video. – Mmm.

– As you can tell, I've
got a very funny (mumbles). – Kinda disappointing. They get you really excited
with that giant grill there, right here and then you get this really lousy, tinny audio. There hasn't really been a great camera on a Blackberry before,
so we're gonna test this out right now real quick.

The image quality looks
pretty good right now. Not bad, though. You guys know, I'm all
about that selfie game. Not really.

Uh, decent. Jack, can you see that there? How dare you. Need the whole (camera click). Oh my goodness.

Gettin' out of hand here. Of course, they're gonna
try and get you back into Blackberry messenger,
so you've got this Blackberry hub which aims to put your email, bbms, just social
media, text message all in one place. I'm gonna experiment with this after I get everything
connected of course. So far, it really, to be honest with you, it feels like any other Android phone which is not a bad thing.

The physical build feels really solid beyond what I expected. I really like this grippy texture. Way too many phones are slippery. The camera seems okay.

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Gotta take it outside. Do that whole dance. Expandable which I like. Agian, this is the beginning
of something very special.

This is the beginning
of a new relationship. I'm gonna give this
thing a legitimate shot. Two weeks minimum. Let me know down in the comments if there's any specific
questions you guys have.

Things you want me to test out. I think this is gonna be
an interesting experiment. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure
you leave a thumbs up down below.

Thank you very much for watching and I will catch you very shortly on another video and eventually, an update on what my Blackberry lifestyle is like. Catch you guys on the next one. Later. (Claps) – [Voiceover] Amazing..

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