Gadget Review – Sony Xperia XZ2 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Flagship face-off!

Sony Xperia XZ2 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Flagship face-off!

Out here at MWC 2018 two hot new flagship phones have launched the Samsung Galaxy S. Nine and Sony's Xperia x2 and we're gonna do a quick comparison of the specs and main features to see what the difference is So the Xperia exit to boost what sony has termed the ambient floor design What a Bisi means is the bezels have been slimmed down? That's got a more rounded finishing the most traditional more rectangular experience however It's still not quite as compact as Samsung's Galaxy s 9 despite Boston a slightly smaller screen 5.7 Inches versus the galaxy s 9s five point eight incher and that's because the Galaxy S. 9 Sports the Infinity display design of Samsung's own creation where the screen actually bends around the edges of the device Both fonts are fully water resistant however, and they both spot a glass front and back and in both cases They do smudge up a storm if you're sharper vials fathered both forms Rock a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor in both cases centrally positioned However the Sony Xperia x10 twos is located a little bit further down the phone Then we'd have expected so it doesn't naturally fall under your digit when you pick the device up You're gonna have to adjust your grip a little bit in order to use it both of these blow spot a bit of Android Oriol And of course you get tons of bonus features chucked on top So for instance both phones boast a 100 more to help out as they off of all the large handsets The Xperia XL to boast Sony's remote player feature so you can actually stream your ps4 gaming session to your handset over Wi-Fi Well the Galaxy S. 9 Can't do the same you do get a game launcher feature for your mobile gaming sessions Sony has also concentrated heavily on the media side of things As you updated x-reality engine for instance can boost your STR video up to near HD or quality for thy sharp Contrast and the new dynamic vibration system can rumble your font for a bit force-feedback Samsung has also concentrated on the media side of things with its new stereo speakers Which now support a nice bit of Dolby Atmos for a really punchy sound Thankfully both phones have a 3.5 Millimeter headphone jack so you can get wired as well as wireless connections as for the display Tech is 5.7.

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Inch IPS on the Xperia x2 and a 5.9 Inch Super AMOLED over on the Galaxy S. Nine in both cases you get stretched Spectre issue 18 by nine on the exit two and eighteen point five to nine on the galaxy s nine of the galaxy s nine also sports a crisper image resolution Its quad HD plus twenty nine sixty by fourteen forty or as the exit to goes for Full HD plus 2160 by 1080 That said both phones bought some nice sharp visuals And you can get some eyes punchy colors on that IPS display of the Sony phone as well Thanks to the super vivid mod, so what's actually running the show well It's a snapdragon it for five bucks by four gigs of ram on the XZ two meanwhile Samsung's blower Roxanne Exynos chip set with four gigs around and I'll play a time with these handsets both performed admirably As you would expect from a flagship device Absolutely no stutters or stammers to speaker as for the storage you get 64 gigs in both cases and in both cases they support MicroSD expansion as well up to 400 gigabytes Moving on to the battery tech he gets slightly bigger battery in Saudis Xperia x2 is a thirty one hundred and eighty Milliamp cell compared with the three thousand milliamp in the galaxy s nine you get qi wireless charging in both cases And you also get a bit Q novel tech on the XZ 2 which just helps to prevent overcharging which can often result in long term damage And of course you get those usual battery saver modes in order to make the most of your final battery drags Which brings us nicely onto the camera tech may get 12 megapixel snapper on the galaxy s 9 and a 19 megapixels snapper on the Xperia x2 in both cases our single lens However the galaxy s 9 does boast a dual a pitcher lens which can be either F. 2 Point 4 when it's nice and bright and breezy or F. 1 Point 5 when it's really low light conditions just to suck up a little bit of extra light and The fact that it can take a dozen images in those little light conditions and then combine them to reduce screen means that the galaxy S name is probably going to produce better results in the light although we will see when we do a side-by-side Camera comparison you can shoot up to 4k Resolution video with either of these devices on the Xperia x8 to also boss to itch to your record at up to that 4k Ultra HD Resolution and both of these phones now support a bit of super slow motion mode as well and 960 frames per second Unfortunately you can only record a brief snippet about 960 frames per second action on both handsets However Samsung does boss and auto Motion detect the we're just slap a box around your subject and as soon as any action is Detected it automatically record that super slow-motion footage on the Sony phone you have to do it manually That said the Sony for that does boss the advantage of shooting it up to full HD resolution When you're doing super slow motion or as on the Samsung Galaxy S.

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Nine eight seven twenty P. And both phones basta a bit of extra smarts when it comes to the selfie camera as well President xperia x said to him do a bit of 3d face model and using that selfie camera and meanwhile on the galaxy s nine It's got the new AR emoji feature which turns you into of course an emoji Which you can then use on the likes of whatsapp? And that in a nutshell is the experience said to best is the Galaxy S. Nine
Which one floats your bought the most let us know in the comments below and check out the rest of our MWC 2018 coverage Thanks for watching.

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