Gadget Review – Sony Xperia XZ1 Waterproof Test

Sony Xperia XZ1 Waterproof Test [4K Recording]

Hello guys, Today I wanna show you about a… A Phone Test, Yea, about the water. And.. I replaced my Butterfly 2 to this Phone This is Sony Xperia XZ1 This is…

Blue Color Moon Light Blue, I don't know. XD. But it just beautiful, and it… It Waterproof.

And… Yeah, If you remember my last video about waterproof. That Xperia ZR. Hmm..

So… I wanna try this today… Because… We got a phone, why not give a try.

I really turst Sony, …So much. So today… There is a water Un..Let me open. *Water Sounds* This phone naver going in to water..

Since I brought it. So…. Let's Do This! Let me… …Turn this down.

Okay. Let's put it in! This is… I washing my…Camera. …Washing my phone.

It can not recognize my fingerprint. FINGERPRINT, Sorry. Ok, I think it should be enough. Ok, Now this phone is full watered Ok, Let me unlock it.

Wait a second. Ok, I unlock it, so… It looks working …. Fine! It's fine! Yeah! It's great! Oh my god It's great! And…

Let's go to next try.. This is a bottle.(?) …Buttle(?) Right here. Let me focus. I will play the Xperia XZ1 Introduction Video.

In this phone, and I will put this into the water. So… Oh..Shi… I need unlock, one more time.

Wait a second… Ok, I unlocked it, so… Let's try…This … This video yea…

I open the volume to.. To max. *Line Message knock*
This Phone is.. This phone is really loud Let's try this..

You can heard that! *Video audio from the phone.* This is really loud… *Video audio from the phone.* Let's try this… Ohh… Crap.

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Okay! I think i need turn volume down.. Un Ha ha, I wonder it. Lol So.. Let's play! And Put this into the water.

Okay just wait. This is… This sound is really loud. Hear that? ))) Xperia XZ1 Introduction Video ((( *Making some waves* I can't touch the screen in the water.

))) Xperia XZ1 Introduction Video ((( This is XZ1, oh my god Ohh…Oops. Okay, the… Hm..Okay, oops sorry I got high temprature on Galaxy S.. Galaxy Note 4.

Ok, so… Just wait. This phone has… Done the mission.

Wait a second. Ok, it just unlocked….And…. You can see..Oh my… Yeah, It still playing.

*Lmao* Sony's Logo.Ha Ha. XDDD. Now.. We done the test about the water….Test Next is testing the camera.

Oh..Crap, what the hell? Camera has Stopped! Ok, It working now. So… Let's try record 4K..Underwater. This 4K.

And it has…H.265 File format Let's try this.
I gonna going record. Put it into the water… Do some flow~~ Oh yea~ Ok now we open the water Sho Sho Sho~ *The water hitting the phone* it still recording Oh..My god, this touch screen. Okay, Did a good job, XPERIA.

This is a nice phone, and beautiful! Okay, After I dry out my phone. Hmm.. Let's try the USB-C port This is connected power, USB-C connecter. Let's put it in.

Ohh.. Yeah, It's charging! Yeah, working properly. This phone is survived. After…After I put it into the water.

…And washed by water. This is a good phone. I…I really like this color, special color. And here, this is my old guy! *Lmao* Remember that? This is my old guy! XDD.

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This guy's screen just cracked. Not fit. Can't be covered. It just old.

And this is New! Yeah Fingersprin…Pin… Fingerprint jus…Function fine. This little thing, yeah You did a good job, one more. This is Sony Black Technology! XDDDD Okay, See you next time! :D..

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