Gadget Review – Sony Xperia X Compact (Nougat) Is It Still Worth It

Sony Xperia X Compact (Nougat) Is It Still Worth It

Hey there, Alex Here. Lets do something a little bit different
this time round. Ill just cut to the chase, and move a bit
quicker. So buckle up and lets see if the Sony Xperia
X Compact is still worth buying.

Design wise it is plastic. Very very plastic. If youre expecting the same premium look
and feel of the Z5 Compact, youre going to be disappointed. Which is a fancy way of describing rounded

It does feel nice though, and its able to stand up on its own. All the button are on the right side, including the fingerprint sensor. Its fast, and accurate. Theres a 2-stage camera shutter button
too in case you find tapping on screen a bit too easy for you.

The display is better than the Z5 Compact, which means its very good, both indoors
and out. Same 4.6-Inch, same 720p resolution. Not the sharpest, but good enough. Sony seems to prefer cooler displays, but
not me.

Stereo speakers are still here, but its really not that loud. But you still get that awesome stereo effect, which is really nice. Does it still have IP68 rating? NO. It doesnt.

But it uses USB Type C though! This is not a flagship phone, so no flagship level hardware here. Performance is good. Surprisingly good. Definitely comparable to the Z5 Compact, and it doesnt get warm as easily.

Some games may take a bit longer to load, but other than that, its great. I may even go as far as saying the speed and
responsiveness of the phone is comparable to flagship devices. Battery life is good. In fact its great.

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Gets me through a day with plenty of juice
left at the end of the day. If you're a heavier user, it supports fast top up too. Oh wait, wrong clip. It has some smart charging features too to
help extend the lifespan of the battery.

Which is very useful since the battery is
not removable. Its running the latest version of Android. So you get fast app switching, split screen multitasking, and under the hood enhancements. Its mostly stock-ish Android with a bit
of Sonys special sauce.

Like Double tap to wake, double tap to sleep, audio enhancements, and battery saving modes. It has a bit of bloat, but most of them can
be removed. They even let you remove their own apps. So if you really want a near stock Android
experience, you can get quite close to it.

Sonys Album app is still quite slow at
rendering full resolution images, but you can simply replace it with Google
Photos. Other than that, its one of the smoothest user interface
Ive used on an Android phone. So heres a thumbs up for you Sony! Its using the same camera sensor as the
Xperia XZ. So 23MP, laser Autofocus, and a colour sensor.

Autofocus is fast and accurate, and image quality is good. Images has very nice details, and white balance is generally pretty good. Low light is decent, for the most part. The shots can look a bit over-processed at
times, but in general its still pretty good looking.

The camera app is still a bit annoying to
use with some weird quirks here and there. But superior auto mode is now decent enough
for me to want to use it all the time. Theres also a new 5-axis image stabilisation, but only works in macro mode. Rest of the time its just 3-axis.

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No 4K video recording here unlike the Z5 Compact, but quality is still A Okay. The 5MP camera is decent too in both indoors
and out. So is it still worth buying one? Yeah, i think so. If the price is right.

Its not a flagship level compact smartphone, but it still provides a great user experience. Its still a great alternative to the Z5
Compact if you can live with its compromises. It even does a few things better than the
Z5 Compact. So if youre looking for a compact smartphone, the X Compact would be a great option too.

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