Gadget Review – Sony Xperia M5 Quick Review

Sony Xperia M5 - Quick Review (Indonesia)

Sony Xperia M5 available in Black, White and Gold colour which very similar to Xperia Z5 Premium. Just like all Sony waterproof smartphone, Xperia M5 has a unibody design with cap to protect SIM card slot but no cap for its USB port and audio jack. Round edges on all corners and 5.5 Inch display give a handy feel to this phone, although it's a bit slippy due to its glass material. Comes with US$440 price tag, this phone powered by MediaTek Helio X10 CPU and 3GB of RAM, it's more expensive than Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 but cheaper than HTC One M9+ which has similar hardware.

It's quite pricey but it also comes with waterproof design plus IP68 certified and high resolution camera. A shutter button makes it easy to take underwater photo or video. Note that Sony doesn't recommend this kind of activity, though. The 21.2MP rear camera sounds very promising but its sensor is still below Xperia Z5 series.

Pointing and focusing on an object is fast, even in low light Saving photos to memory take at least 1 second but it's worth the result since it's equal to Xperia Z5 series, colors are great and detail with less noise. Selfie lovers will be spoiled by 13MP front-facing camera (without flash) and lots of photo mode, such as Superior Auto, Manual and Augmented Reality. Unfortunately, no Beautify feature. Sony offers Soft skin effect to increase your face fairness instead.

Just like the rear camera, the front-facing camera is rather slow in saving pictures Other than camera, Xperia M5 also got a good loudspeaker that works best indoor (not too good outdoor) and Full HD display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2. That resolution force CPU and GPU to work hard when we play Sniper Fury so we have to use lowest graphics quality to make the game run smoothly. Despite of scoring 45720 points in AnTuTu Benchmark 6.0, MediaTek Helio X10 CPU performance is not far from its rival, Snapdragon 615 (around 30000 points of AnTuTu Benchmark) This phone also as consistent as Xperia Z3+, Z5 and Z5 Premium in terms of generating heat, easily reach 40 Celsius in gaming usage. If you're looking for a smartphone with up-to-date specification there's a lot of choices out there with US$440 price tag.

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So, is Xperia M5 worth to buy? Yes, it is… … If you're a Sony fan who's looking for a waterproof smartphone with above the average camera quality..

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