Gadget Review – Sony Xperia L1 G3312UnboxingUrduHindiLaunched @ 19,999 PKR

Sony Xperia L1 G3312UnboxingUrduHindiLaunched @ 19,999 PKR

Hello Guys, today I will unbox & review Sony Xperia L1 It was announced in March 2017 and its still unavailable in Pakistan It features 13 megapixels main camera, 5 megapixels secondary camera And 5.5 Inch IPS display USB type C is featured, which I think is a plus point here because other brands like Samsung & Nokia don't have it so often in their products And it has a 2620 mAh battery and a quadcore processor with Mediatek chipset And with 16 GB ROM and 2 GB RAM. And here we will unveil its first look And here is its sleek look With the white color You can see A great phone ! And its box contains an international warranty card which is not claimable in Pakistan As it is an imported phone, so its warranty is claimable from where its is imported too If you wish to claim Here are the multi lingual user manuals as usual including English & Arabic (Sorry not French) power adapter is assisted by a USB cable and USB cable is provided which is obviously a multipurpose thing as you can use it for charging as well as connecting it to a device and here are its earphones high quality genuine earphones provided with the phone And this is Type C USB cable Like this, have a look, which you can connect to the phone any way No such compulsion of a directed plugging in the port Like this, you can plug-in in either direction And this cable provides fast charging though phone still not supports fast charging Lets check out the internal features of this phone and power it on Here it is powered on. Powered by Android As Android is its operating system Its time consuming as you can see The first power on of Sony Xperia L1 So guys, here we go with the Android Nougat version that is the latest version in the phones still. So lets get started with the phone And we are here will all the formalities; 'Insert SIM Card' option, skipped the device settings, 'Setup as a New Device' And, checking network connections And here WiFi is being detected if you wish to add you Google account, do it or else skip it Here, all the options 'Device Name' option, or just mention your name security & protection options; pattern, PIN, password or you can just skip them anyway and Google devices next (skipped).

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All such formalities 'Not Now' skip we're skipping all the options and we're ready to go & our smartphone is now ready to use Here is it, lets get started with the phone And same repeated options phones just before phone booting, 'Insert SIM card', 'Device Settings',  options etc. You can see its GUI, which is the Nougat theme provided by Sony And this is the Notifications bar, adjustable screen brightness WiFi Settings Bluetooth 'Do Not Disturb' mode 'Dual SIM' mode basically its a dual sim phone and this is 'Screen Rotation' option Flashlight Hotspot and these are the phone settings Lets look into the Settings Lets see its storage in the 'Settings' 'Advanced' 'Storage' 16 GB is its ROM, out of which 6.67 GB is consumed by its OS. And 2GB is its ROM, out of which approx. 1 GB is used by it Now, back Now, 'About Phone' And here is its model number And here is its Android version As you can see 'Nougat' And, now back And phone is quiet good User interface is just awesome Sony basically is pretty good at graphics as you can see There are a few built in apps Like Facebook All Google apps such as Gmail, Maps, Youtube etc.

And AVG Antivirus protection is provided built in And here is the picture album And here is its primary cam pic; 13 Megapixels text is quiet visible and clear and is easibly readable as you can see Now, here is the camera test the text is quiet clear and the click speed is really good even in low light its result is better than the expectation as you can see, the picture is not pixelated This is the secondary cam pic and this is the primary cam pic Lets have a look on primary cam pic details It is generating a 4K pic of 2.68 MBs Sony Xperia L1 is an ultimate new experience in terms of its software features which includes the latest Android Nougat 7.0 It is by far the cheapest phone which features Android V7 talking about its hardware, its a truth that its a high quality handset a little disappointment is that it is still offering a quadcore mediatek processor at a price tag of 190 EUR. Which equals to almost 24,000 PKR. They should have provided atleast 3 GB RAM. And an octacore or atleast a quadcore with Snapdragon chipset keeping in view the price which any other phone manufacturer provides easily under 20,000 PKR price tag Snapdragon octacore / quadcore with 3 GB RAM.

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Huawei Honor 5x is such an example Well, talking about its pros, the pros are really unmatched In my view, its plus points has crossed Samsung Well talking about its hardware, you don't need to tell Sony how to make a durable object In my point of view its hardware quality is much better than Samsung Its build quality, quality graphics, quality camera display Sony has been the pioneer of picture quality for more than 40 years ! Like it had been manufacturing television sets and such things So as an inherent Sony product it definitely has fine graphics and display mesh. Its graphics generate a pleasant look assisting with Nougat themes Its just awesome and its touch response is just quick and sensitive the phone is a little weighty though, but if you take its weight as hardware quality and durability, so I don't think it would be a considerable thing Although with a few ups and downs Sony has justified its product with the price tag So if you wanna try out a new thing, go ahead..

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