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Samsung Galaxy Tab A ReviewUnboxholicsSamsung might offer a variety of smartphones, but is also active in tablets. Looking for the right tablet might seem like a nightmare, but having a different device for different needs is positive. I am Sakis Karpas, you are watching Unboxholics and this is Samsung Galaxy Tab A, an almost 10-inch tablet for the budget category. By saying budget I’m not referring to the official price of 280, – which I don’t consider it to be budget – but to the realistic price on the Greek market starting from 190.

With that in mind, let’s move on to Tab A. Samsung’s tablet gives the impression of a premium and high quality device on the first look. In fact, one could think that its back is made of metal. But its plastic nature is revealed when you hold it in your hands.

It bends a bit too easy, you can hear the plastic sounds and it’s not the most robust thing I’ve touched. On the other hand, that kind of devices make me feel safer when it comes to drops and mistreatment. As a result, I feel more comfortable using it in comparison with a more premium tablet. On the bottom we find the audio jack, microUSB port and the double speakers that perform well enough, being as loud and clear as needed.

On the right side there is the power button, volume rockers and a microSD slot. On the back there is a 5MP camera of typical performance and without flash and in the front, beside the panel sensor, we find a typical 2MP camera. On the left and right of the physical home button, there are two capacitive buttons for basic functions,  but unfortunately they don’t light up. I think that the panel is the device’s weakness.

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It is a 9.7 Inch TFT panel. Brightness, colors and viewing angles are great. But it seriously lacks sharpness as its 1024 x 768 pixels resolution allows pixels to be clearly visible to the human eye, especially in cases of reading text. 132Ppi is acceptable for video, games and that kind of usage but under no circumstance are enough for browsing websites that contain text.

Considering that, I couldn’t recommend this tablet for heavy readers. The panel is totally fine for the rest of you. Inside there is a quad-core processor at 1.2GHz and there is 1.5GB of RAM in the WiFi edition and 2GB of RAM on the LTE edition. On storage there is 16GB for the WiFi edition and 16GB or 32GB for the LTE edition.

A vital part of tablets in my opinion, the battery,  is at 6.000MAh and in combination with the not so demanding panel, performs well, keeping the device running for 2 days of intense use. I don’t have any complaints on the software. The device has Android 5.0.2 Lollipop pre-installed and has the most recent edition of Samsung’s TouchWiz. Leaving behind its sinful past, TouchWiz offers a lot, like multi-windows, especially useful in big screens like tablets and the ability to create many different user profiles, so everybody in the family use the tablet in their own way.

Samsung provides everything that is needed when it comes to software. Hardware responds well to multitasking and overall the tablet offers a smooth and easy usage. As I stated in the beginning,  Samsung’s Tab A is available in the Greek market from 190. For someone that doesn’t have high expectations from a tablet,  it’s not a bad case.

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I repeat that I don’t recommend it for those who read a lot on a device because of its low resolution. It could easily be a candidate on the  shopping list of all others.

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