Gadget Review – Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Full in-depth Review (Smoky Titanium)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Full in-depth Review (Smoky Titanium)What is up everyone. Muwen360 here bringing
you my full review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Tablet. They have this available at
Best Buy which is where I got it or online for $299 dollars for the 16GB WiFi only model.
Though Samsung is releasing a Galaxy Tab A. Later this year with LTE and also a version
with a stylus pen as well so thats something to forward to if youre interested.

anyways this is the Smoky Titanium variant but they do also offer Smoky Blue and White
for additional color options. So lets start with hardware aspect of the tablet. Its
a 9.7 Inch tablet and it weighs in at 99 hundredths of a pound. Its not too heavy but it does
feel substantial in the hand.

The tablet was not build with premium materials. Its mainly
a plastic construction except for the display panel on the front. The back I think has a
polycarbonate plastic material which is surprisingly useful at deterring fingerprints. The 5 megapixel
camera is located on the back with no flash included and these two holes here I assume
are for accessories.

We have our ambient light sensor with the 2 megapixel front facing shooter
next to the Samsung logo. As usual for Samsung products, we have the multitasking capacitive
button, physical home button, and also the back capacitive button. Nothing on the left
spine, but on the right spine we have the power button, volume controls, and also a
microSD card slot for expandable storage up 128 GB which is also the reason why this tablet
is only gonna come in 16GB configurations with about 8GB available to the user because
you already have an ample amount expandable storage. This is running the greatest and
latest version of Android Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

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But of course its got Samsungs own TouchWiz
user interface on top. But truthfully, the newest version of TouchWiz on this is not
bad at all. Samsung has kept their promise in reducing the amount bloatware that come
pre-installed which IS fantastic because the number apps on here pre-loaded did not even
exceed one page. So minus the Flipboard magazine, and a few widgets there, the tablet is essentially
bloat-free leaving it with only essential applications.

Which is also why I think this
version of TouchWiz is noticeably faster compared to years past thank to the bloatware reduction.
And by the if youre buying this for business or school youll be delighted to hear that
as a result of Samsungs cooperation with Microsoft, we have Microsoft Office pre-installed
out of the box with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Skype, and with the purchase of this
tablet, youll also get 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage free for two years and this
is the OneDrive app which also comes pre-installed. This interface is pretty familiar if youve
been a Samsung user. The notifications and the settings still has the good old Samsung
graphics and the gimmicks like the Motions and gesture. But the multitasking capability
of this tablet is solid.

So now in Android Lollipop we have new these cards now that
you scroll through instead of the list view on KitKat. It works extremely well but what
makes it even better is Samsungs Multi Window feature. So what Multi Window allows
you to do is Apps that support Multi window will display together on a split screen. You
can switch between the apps, adjust the size of their display on the screen, and also copy
information from one app to the other.

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So let me demonstrate how it works. So lets
say you want to take notes from a web page. What you do is hold down the multitasking
button and this screen will appear. So were going to tap on chrome and that opens on the
left half of the screen.

Then were going tap on memo and that opens up on the right
half of the screen. And this is actual multitasking since you can use both apps at the same time.
I like it a lot and it perhaps is my favorite feature of TouchWiz. If youre thinking
about getting this tablet for the family and kids, Samsung did provide a very good kids
app where you can set parental controls, and restrict certain applications. Another thing
I really like about the tablet, is its phenomenal battery life.

The tablets 6000 mAh battery
has lasted me well over a day under normal to moderate usage with video playback and
web browsing so the battery life is pretty solid and it lives up to Samsungs promise
of 11 hours. The camera quality of this tablet is pretty mediocre at best which is normal
for most tablet cameras and you get some decent shots when the conditions are right, but just
dont expect it to impress you. The performance on this is pretty good its got a 1.2GHz
qualcomm APQ 8016 quad-core processor with 1.5 GBs so its going to breeze through
most of the daily tasks like gaming, and watching videos, or browsing. But I wouldnt recommend
this for gaming because of its midrange specs.

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So overall the Galaxy Tab A is a decent tablet
thatll get the job done. My only complaint is the low screen resolution, other than that
its performs well. But personally I would go for the Galaxy Tab 4 which has the same
price tag but it has a HD screen. So thats all for my review, links and more information
are down in the description.

Hopefully this video was helpful to you so please subscribe,
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to hear from you. Thanks again for watching and take care..

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