Gadget Review – SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 7.7 The Best 7 Inch Android Tablet

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 7.7 - The Best 7 Inch Android TabletGadget Review – SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 7.7 The Best 7 Inch Android Tablet

Do we have a treat for you today we have the
very first look at the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. There are quite a few 7 inch models out there
already, but none have come close to the build quality of this Tablet. The first impression
is that only premium materials have been used. Weighing in at only 340 grams and less than
8mm thick.

It feels really light in the hand, but somehow robust at the same time. The metal
backing reinforces that this tablet is something special. There’s a micro SD card slot, for cards up
to 32GB, and front and rear cameras, the back one comes with an LED flash which is pretty
cool. In truth, one of the reasons I really like
this tablet is that Samsung have overlayed their Touch Wiz interface to great effect,
something many markets didn’t get to see on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, But that I’ve grown fond
of on the Galaxy S II smartphone.

The screen is bright and very detailed, thanks
to the Super AMOLED Plus screen. At 1280 by 800 resolution is crystal clear, has great
contrast and when watching video, no real discernible blur. It’s just really pleasant
on the eyes. At the end of the day, I think this screen
is the deal breaker, tablets are all about screen real estate, and Samsung score huge
points with this display.

With the new gallery app you can sort pics
by different criteria…Lets say, by album, in a timeline, by location if they’re geotagged,
and by size. After you’ve taken video, you can edit it in the movie maker app, or edit
the pic in the photo editor. In other words, less time on a PC, everything done right here
on the 7.7. Now here’s a really cool feature.

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The black
dot here is an infra-red transmitter, and the Tab 7.7 Comes with an app called Peel,
which converts your Tab into a universal remote control. I never really thought much about
it but I do find myself sitting in front of the TV browsing and emailing. Who wants to
find the remote? Just use your tab, change the channel and back to browsing you go. This really is a great tablet and you won’t
even notice it in your bag, but you will notice it once it’s in your hands.

The best execution
of a 7″ tablet that I’ve seen so far. Until next time..

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