Gadget Review – Samsung Galaxy Note5

Samsung Galaxy Note5 - TechTalk #3

Hi guys! I'm dazed about something. Not because of boys, but because of … … …

So, I've just found out about Samsung Galaxy Note5 features that are very helpful for me and you who's very busy yet very mobile. Seems exciting! Samsung Galaxy Note5 comes with a brand new push and pull S Pen. You can still write on the display even when the screen is off or in lockscreen mode then save it in S Note apps. S Pen is more than just a stylus thanks to Air command feature with 3 main menu; Action memo, Smart select and Screen write.

You can still add 3 more apps shortcut of your choice. Writing with S Pen is just like writing with pen. Letters and numbers can be recognized easily by this phone. You can write anywhere, like in photo, on Galaxy Note5 display.

S Note apps works much better and more precise, so wiritng and drawing with this stylus is more fun now. Finish preparing your work or presentation? You can conveniently transfer it to tablet, notebook or PC with SideSync apps over Wi-Fi or cable. In addition to file transfer, SideSync 4.0 Can also be used to send text messages and make a call. Be it male or female, all smartphone users need camera especially selfie lovers like me.

You can access the main camera instantly by pressing the Home button twice. The camera is great for taking pictures as well as shooting video up to 4K resolution. But shooting video in Full HD is much better and stable with help from optical image stablizer and digital video stabilizer. Live broadcast feature which based on YouTube is an interesting live video sharing apps.

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You can share your live video with a selection of your friends. Ooops! Low battery Well, I'm just going to charge it while having coffee OK. The battery is already at 50% just in 15 minutes and it only takes 60-90 minutes to charge it to 100%. Sorry guys.

I got carried away imagining all great features of Samsung Galaxy Note5 that can support our activities. What about you? What feature you love the most?.

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