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REVIEW Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Indonesia

Galaxy Note 8 pre order is done, and now, you can already buy Galaxy Note 8. It is time for us to…… Review it. Creating a huge smartphone that is comfortable to hold is not an easy task.

But through Note 8, Samsung successfully did it. But do not just assume that Note 8 can be mastered with just one hand. Actually, we use two hands. Yes, Galaxy Note 8 is a very long smartphone.

Therefore, clearly this smartphone will not fit your pocket. Note 8 borrows Galaxy S8 design with a little alteration. The shape is slightly more rigid and manly than S8s because the corners are a bit more squared. At the front, we are still spoiled by 6.3-Inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display with curved edges and a thin upper and lower bezel.

The design of the back part is again similar to S8s with luxurious glass material. Even the rear body of Note 8 is arguably nicer due to the two cameras, which are placed in the same frame as fingerprint sensor. Regarding the position of the sensor, it depends on the taste of each person; some feel comfortable, and some others dont. If you are lazy to use fingerprint, there are other sensors that can be utilized, such as face detection or iris scanner.

Apart from the design and the sensors, to us, it is mandatory to use casing on this smartphone. Its not about scratch, but its more to the uncomfortable feeling when you have to see the beautiful body rippled with fingerprints. Regarding the strength, we do not need to worry too much because the screen and the glass behind it have been escorted by Gorilla Glass 5. Plus, there is an IP68 certificate, in case you want to take it to a shower of dust or water.

Not just a smartphone, this certificate also applies to the S-Pen that is included inside the package. For a smartphone that is as fancy and as expensive as Note 8, the UI is arguably pretty standard. Dream UX offers a standard look although using various themes can still enhance the look. The features offered are also not as much and as strange as Chinese smartphones.

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However, we like it this way. Moreover, the feature required is actually just one, namely Air Command. This feature serves as a shortcut and as a place for the users to pour out their creativity using S-Pen. Here, we can place up to ten application shortcuts at once.

All the features offered for doodling feels very satisfying. In addition to stimulate productivity, the S-Pen included can also be eliminate your boredom. Although I may not good at drawing pictures, it feels pretty fun to draw on the huge screen of Note 8. Moreover, S-Pen is very responsive and precise.

On Note 8, Samsung has improved the Screen-off Memo function. When the smartphone is locked and we pull the S-Pen from its place, we can immediately write. On Note 7, we can only write in one page, and now, it can be up to 100 pages. Oh, there is still another new feature, namely App Pairing which utilizes Edge Screen feature.

So, we can choose two applications to run at once on a split-screen. For example is look at this. Yes, those are the features that will be very useful for Note 8 users. In addition to those, the old features are still here, such as Game Launcher, Always-on Display, and other features that exist on other Samsung smartphones as well.

Again and again, Indonesias Galaxy Note 8 is equipped with Exynos 8895 chipset, 6 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, and 3,300 mAh battery. This chipset is obviously very fast. But based on our experience of using it, it's still not as good as Snapdragon 835, especially the compatibility to play games. Exynos 8895 is still listed as one of the fastest chips.

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Paired with Mali-G71MP20 GPU, the printed AnTuTu score reaches 174,000 points. Yet beware, do not mistake to show it off to the user of OnePlus 5 or iPhone 8 Plus, because the score is still lower. Despite its fast hardware, we honestly are more amazed by the screen. Not just huge, minimal bezel, and curved, Note 8 screen has a super high-resolution screen that is supported by HDR as well.

So watching video content that already supports HDR,10 like on YouTube for example, would be very unusual. As far as we try, Note 8 screen is the best of the best. Somewhat as good as 4K HDR TV. Yet unfortunately, Note 8 is not fascinating on the audio side.

The speakers are relatively loud, but only mono. Or a 6.3-Inch smartphone, it is not difficult to pin stereo speakers. In addition to speakers, another thing that is quite dubious is the battery that is only 3300 mAh, which is smaller than the S8+ and Note 7. In fact, the endurance is tolerable because it can produce five hours or more of SoT.

Moreover, charging the battery will be very fast. Charging from low to full battery only takes 1 hour 15 minutes. Since Galaxy S6, Samsung seems to always manage to create the best camera on its flagship smartphone. Even on Note 8, the camera's specifications are getting better.

Yes, Note 8 is the first dual-camera smartphone from Samsung. The resolution is equally 12 MP. The main camera has a wide angle and f / 1.7 Apertures, and the secondary camera has a telephoto lens, f / 2.4 Apertures and 2x optical zoom. What makes it feels luxurious is that there are OIS in both of these cameras.

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As always, thanks to Dual pixel, it is very fast to lock focus. On Note 8, we can satisfyingly shoot objects using the entire screen, or fullscreen. This applies both to the rear and front cameras. Shooting with the back camera should be able to produce a great with color saturation that is not so natural yet spoil the eye.

When taking pictures with the front camera, the result tends to make face looks cleaner, even if we do not activate beautify feature. Selfie is also easier because the front camera is equipped with autofocus. Plus, there is also a sticker feature that is cute and adorable. If the quality of taking regular pictures does not need to be doubted, how about the ability to snap bokeh or the Live Focus? Broadly speaking, Note 8 is very capable of producing dramatic bokeh photos and stay sharp.

Whats fun is… That we can set the level of bokeh we snap, before and after taking the picture. However, even the best smartphone camera in photographing bokeh, there will be results that are not neat. When snapping bokeh with minimal light, the result will not be spared from noise.

Yes, for now we can say that there is no smartphone camera that can capture bokeh perfectly in all conditions. Priced Rp13 million, Galaxy Note 8 is a smartphone that is perfect for you who want to look luxurious, productive and have high mobility, or require the best smartphone camera. But if your needs are to play games or show off benchmark scores, Chinese smartphones obviously are much more interesting than Note 8..

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