Gadget Review – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 RevisitedBest Phone Period

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 RevisitedBest Phone Period

Hi guys, it's MTG here, and today I'm going
to take another look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Since I reviewed it, a lot of other smartphones
have gained a lot of attention like the iPhone X, OnePlus 5T and Pixel 2 XL among others. Although those are terrific phones that I
use a lot on a daily basis, I still keep finding myself missing features that are available
on the Note 8. In this video, I'm going to go into detail
as to why the Note 8 is still the phone I.

Would recommend most for people looking for
a new smartphone. Let's get right into it. This video is brought to you by Big Apple
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first order and to help the channel out. Check the description for more info. I'll briefly run over the design and specifications
again just to remind you of the fact that the Note 8 is no doubt a premium phone externally
and internally.

The Note 8 has Corning's Gorilla Glass 5 on
its front and back, whereas the frame of the phone is aluminum. Samsung has really stepped up their design
game in recent years, and the Note 8 is no exception. Internally, the Note 8 has an impressive 6
GB of RAM. The phone is powered by an octa-core mobile
processor that is either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Samsung's Exynos 8895, depending on
where you purchase the phone.

It has dual 12 Megapixel cameras that can
record video at up to 4K at up to 30 fps and has dual optical image stabilization. In terms of security, it has a fingerprint
sensor and an iris scanner. But to be honest, the specifications aren't
anything crazy. All recent flagship phones have very comparable

On top of that, we have seen other manufacturers
make premium smartphones with glass sandwiching metal, so that isn't new either. What makes a phone stand out is how you interact
with it on a daily basis and the bang for your buck that you get. So specifications aside, I wanted to start
off by telling you some of the many features Samsung brings to the table with the Note
8 that have made it stand out from the crowd to me. The first thing you notice when you pick up
the Note 8, is the massive, high resolution display that it has.

You have to see this QHD+ display in person
to truly understand just how high-quality the display is. Text looks crisp, and colors pop. Everything looks terrific on this phone, whether
it be normal web pages, social media, or YouTube videos. Smartphones are being used more and more for
media consumption, and the Note 8's screen remains the best for media consumption.

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The Super AMOLED display is also plenty bright
enough to see outside even on the brightest of days. Especially because I mainly use the Pixel
2 XL, I do really miss how terrific the screen on the Note 8 is in low and bright light. As base storage capacities increase, so do
the amount of space files take on your phones. 4K videos are very large files, and since
apps and games are becoming higher quality, those are becoming very large as well.

Expandable storage is a feature that content
creators love because you can just swap the micro sd card in and out and instantly have
more storage. But also for the average consumer, expandable
storage could prove to be very useful when over time, your phone's storage begins to
fill up. Another thing expandable storage allows you
to do is upgrade your phone after the fact. You can see if you need the extra storage,
and if you do, you could buy a micro sd card up to 256 gigs for a relatively inexpensive
storage upgrade.

This feature is a tricky one, especially now
that we're into 2018. It is actually possible that here on out,
we will not see a headphone jack on new phones. It is understandable because we do need to
improve wireless technology, but having a headphone jack is very useful. I own wireless headphones and wireless earphones.

And just about all newer speakers and cars
have Bluetooth, so usually not having a headphone jack is not an issue. However, in those instances where your wireless
headphones run out of battery, or your Uber passes you the aux, you'll actually still
be able to listen to music because the Note 8 has that 3.5 Mm headphone jack. A feature that I took for granted on the Note
8 is its ability to output audio to multiple speakers or headphones at once. Bluetooth 5.0 Isn't that new, so I am kind
of confused as to why more phone manufacturers don't utilize dual audio.

More people do have wireless headphones and
speakers, and its cool being able to connect to two different audio output devices even
if they are different brands. Another feature that I took for granted was
Samsung Pay. On my Note 8, I setup Samsung Pay with my
debit and credit cards, and it is always securely there whenever I need them. There have been instances where I forgot my
wallet, but because of Samsung Pay and the technology behind it, I could still pay with
my phone at just about any normal credit card terminal.

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Many people don't realize the fact that Samsung
Pay can work at even the oldest of credit card terminals because it sends a signal that
tricks the terminal into thinking an actual card was swiped. Unique to the Note lineup, the s-pen is a
productivity tool that could actually help even the average consumer. With the s-pen, I'm able to edit and sign
pdfs, write notes, and draw on screenshots. But also with the s-pen, I'm able to highlight
and translate text, click little menu buttons in webpages, hover over items to see more
information, and draw pictures in Snapchat.

The s-pen is a very cool tool to have, and
it just tucks away unnoticed whenever you don't need it The Note 8 has a lot of the features you could
hope for in a smartphone. I actually didn't even talk about its fast
wireless and cable charging capabilities or its IP68 water and dust resistant ratings. But a phone could have all of the features
in the world, and it still won't garner a lot of attention if the overall user experience
lacked. Until recently, Samsung flagships were known
to have lots of cool new features, but also have an annoyingly clunky and stuttery Touchwiz

With the 2017 flagships, this changed drastically. With its latest Android skin, Samsung elected
to make the interface more simple. Icons are noticeably minimalistic, and menus
are cleaner. We still get redundant Samsung apps, but overall
the user experience has become very pleasant.

The interface is very clean, and the processor
coupled with the 6 GB of RAM allow the phone to remain snappy and multitask effortlessly. Even without Android Oreo, the Note 8 has
features like split screen, a blue light filter, and an always on display thanks to Samsung
always keeping their phones feature packed. Little features like being able to utilize
scroll capture to automatically stitch together a longer screenshot make me appreciate Samsung's
forward thinking with their flagships. In terms of its camera system, the Note 8
doesn't blow you away like the Pixel 2 XL's can, but it does do a great job.

The Note 8 has a really solid camera setup
that takes impressive pictures regardless of whether there is good lighting or low-lighting. I have in-depth comparisons of the Note 8
with the S8, Pixel 2, iPhone X, and OnePlus 5T, so check those out for more test shots
and video tests. Something else I wanted to touch on is the
fact that Samsung devices do last a long time. My dad has a Note 4 still, and has been reluctant
to upgrade because frankly, there have been no critical issues.

Samsung makes a lot of phones, whether they
are flagship or midrange or budget phones. With that background, they have done a pretty
good job with keeping all of their phones to a certain standard in terms of longevity,
and that is something that I know is important to a lot of consumers when investing in such
an expensive device. Also, Samsung phones are very inexpensive
to repair because of how they are built and how common they are becoming. In terms of price, it does retail for a steep

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But as I've said in previous videos, Samsung
does give you a lot of bang for your buck. You get just about every feature you could
ask for in a smartphone along with included $100 earphones and fast charging accessories. Also, there are deals circulating right now,
so you won't necessarily have to pay that retail price for the phone. With everything I've said about this phone,
there must be a catch right? A phone can't be this complete of a package,
right? Well, frankly, it is pretty close to a complete
package, but there are some drawbacks that I will mention.

The phone has a single, poor quality, down-firing
speaker that gets easily covered even if I. Hold the phone in a natural position. I wish Samsung would have at least utilized
the phone calling speaker for stereo sound. Also, the battery life isn't that great.

I understand that Samsung was playing it safe
with the battery and it usually does make it through a day's usage. But there have been days where I do feel inclined
to charge it in the evening because it dips below 10 or 15%. Lastly, the fingerprint sensor placement is
bad. I have big hands, and don't have a problem
unlocking it on a daily basis, but I could easily see someone with smaller hands having
issues unlocking their phone.

Other phones simply have better rear fingerprint
scanner placements. For a phone that costs as much as the Note
8 does, people expect a near perfect, well-rounded phone. And that is what the Note 8 is. It's a phone that has a clean and snappy user
interface, with lots of software features that could prove to be very useful.

It's a phone that has just about every feature
you could want in a flagship, packaged into a phone that also happens to have the best
display. It's a phone that has top-notch specifications
and a solid camera. The Note 8 is such an easy phone to recommend
because of how well-rounded it is. Through this video, I've shown you why many
people view it as the best phone made to date.

That's all I had to talk about today, thanks
for watching, and I will see you in the next video..

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