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iPhone 88+ ReviewA PC Hardware Guys Perspective

The next generation iPhone is here! Man, I was like OMG. I need to go line up to get one since I can do- ha ha no, I'm just kidding Dbrand dealt with that for me. Thanks bros. And, uh- Don't take this the wrong way, but it is undignified to stand around in front of a store like a sucker waiting for the privilege to buy a new gadget I mean ok yeah, but if it's like a super cool gadget, then it's totally different the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus Just aren't that cool, which is what I'm going to talk about after I thank CyberPower for sponsoring today's video Check out cyberpower's desktops featuring Intel seventh generation core i7 processors over on Newegg at the link below TLDR, Apple's A talent was busy making the iPhone 10 I mean- It's not like the engineers haven't been doing things over the last couple of years Both the eight and the eight plus are packing the all-new six core A11 processor They have Apple's first-ever in-house designed GPU- incredible accomplishment by the way And they've got more storage on the base models than ever before, not to mention Here is where my iPhone 6's screen buckled-yes I actually had it happen while I was carrying it around for mp3 player duties in my backpack, and that is totally not a thing anymore Apple's design team on the other hand has clearly had other priorities.

I mean you are not gonna Tell me that they spent a year deciding to get rid of my favourite colour, are you? No, you're not So in a nutshell then the iPhone 8 and 8 plus are what Apple would normally call a 7s No sexy new form factor. Just updated guts and some features like a revolutionary glass back for Chi wireless charging- Man, do they really think our memories are that short? Anyway, Basically, I'm not gonna spend a ton of time on the hardware other than to say that most people Didn't really need a 7s The battery did last longer for me than my seven but aside from edge case workloads like video encoding Most people would be very hard-pressed to notice a speed difference between a seven and an eight Even comparing them side by side you can only see the difference in loading times for quite large apps And it's just not Feelable in day-to-day use. The camera system is better though Selfies seem to be a bit of a side grade rather than an upgrade but as for the rear 12 megapixel shooter It's got even more frames per second in slow motion Which is cool if you're into that kind of stuff and in low-light the viewfinder is much smoother. Thanks probably to the faster processor On the subject of low light in this low light shot You can see that it retained more detail in the brushed finish of the Logitech logo on my keyboard Compared to the seven and in this high contrast shot with direct sunlight and very hard shadows the improved resolution is very obvious in the chain around the cat's neck, and from having been there in person the colouration is more true to life, so they get kudos for that The display also got an upgrade It's still LCD with wide colour gamut support- not OLED like the 10[X], but it's more better, and it's got this true tone mode That's supposed to adapt to ambient lighting conditions to look more natural but from my experience just made the screen look dingy and yellow all the time- And this is kind of a curious one- they added support for HDR video content even though Apple Specifically says that it is not an HDR display So it appears that on Netflix, anyway the new iPhone takes the HDR 10 or Dolby vision Encoded stream then like backwards converts it to this display Why they would do that is inexplicable to me- But, in terms of results it ends up looking subjectively better in some cases and worse in others one thing that I'll say was Different for me this time around with the iPhone is that I spent a lot more time with the Plus model than I have in The past I still don't like the form factor it's just too big for me, but the way that some apps utilize the extra screen space iPad style and the spectacular battery life are Fairly compelling selling points even if I'm not too keen on the dual lens camera fake bokeh really doesn't do much for me and Like the note 8 the telephoto camera is so much Softer that it doesn't look that much better to me than a digital punch in on the wide-angle lens So, that's it- the new iPhone everyone It's a bit of a non-story and Appears to just be Apple's strategy to keep overall unit sales from dropping while OLED panel Supply is too tight to produce all the iPhone 10[X]s that they need So why is this video still going? I'll tell you why because iOS 11 is Flippin awesome, and I want to talk about that now.

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I don't actually remember the last time that I really Noticed a software update like this Going into this video. I watched Apple's keynote, but I'm gonna ignore the headline stuff like Augmented reality 's ,TLDR. It's neat, but call me in a year when the apps are a lot better And I'm gonna ignore anything that I found in a comprehensive list of all the new features all the stuff I'm gonna mention now I found naturally while using the device completely intuitively the way, it's supposed to be Control center is now a single customizable page with media controls and Networking controls built in and this super intuitive forced Touch integration that makes it just so Deliciously functional it even finally has a quick access button for mobile hotspot whoo ,so the only thing missing There is a hard press on the Wi-Fi icon to see nearby networks and connect to them and maybe a VPN toggle I'm Psyched on the built-in screen record functionality my local radio hosts were especially fixated on this one apparently they were excited that you could record Snapchats or something I don't know anything about that But it'll definitely make doing these reviews a lot easier the end Dictation button has been relocated a couple of centimetres to the right making it easier to stop it when you're holding your phone in one hand. Haptic feedback when starting and stopping recording in the camera app is a godsend though at this time I don't know if this feature is actually getting ported to older phones It's not doing it on the iPhone 7 the new Quick Start feature is Amazing letting you set up your new iPhone with the old one just by moving them close to each other It should be noted that probably for security reasons.

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It doesn't carry over third-party credentials But weirdly Twitter actually worked for a few minutes before prompting me to re-enter my password ,anyway it did save me a fair bit of time and screenshot management is so much better with cropping, markup, sharing and Discarding of screenshots whose only use was to show them to someone else all handled on one screen. There are some things I'd still like to see changed sure like volume adjustment for ringer notifications and media playback Still isn't intuitively separated like it is on Android I don't consider enabling Apple pay to be an integral part of setting up the phone so go away Obnoxious red marker and finally how is it even possible? That we're still not allowed to rearrange icons on the home screen to our heart's content but Overall as someone who already liked iOS and Android pretty well equally it went far further than I expected to the point where Oreo has its work cut out for it so I. Really like this phone. I am back on iOS for now Even if I still use wired headphones like a caveman, and I don't prefer the extra baggage Speaking of extra baggage if you've got your iPhone bumping around in your baggage You don't want to get scratched, so why don't you cover it with a sexy Dbrand skin? They've got a ton of different colours and textures and they use only high-quality Authentic, 3m vinyl not to mention their unrivaled precision like everything fits flippin awesome Their customer service is spectacular and if you don't know if your device is gonna look good with the Dbrand skin They have an amazing configurator on their site that allows you to just swap on different skins and set it up exactly The way you like your device to be.

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Their products are affordable and they ship worldwide check them out at the link below So thanks for watching guys if this video sucked you know what to do, but if it was awesome, shut up If it was awesome shut up- no No
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