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What does your mind tells you when hear the name iPhone X? Expensive, luxurious, cool, obsessed, want to sell your kidney? Whatever it is it wont change the condition that iPhone X. Is the most unique and expensive smartphone Apple has ever released. IPhone X is a very pocket-able and super easy-handgripping smartphone. Before, when I used the iPhone 7 Plus, then Galaxy Note 8, and now iPhone X, my pants pocket immediately feels much more spacious.

Apple successfully blend a 19.5:9 5.8-Inch screen in a 5.2 Inches body of a smartphone. If we compare it with Xiaomi Mi 6, its dimensions is almost similar. I'm sure theres more people will impress with the iPhone X design than those who doesnt. The front part is already all-screen, there is no more physical Home button and fingerprint sensor.

Only a chain of Face ID sensors to recognized your face while unlock it. But unfortunately, these sensors are placed at the top of the screen that make the iPhone X looks annoying. However, believe it or not, my annoyed sense is only last for two days. Afterwards, I get used to it and feel the enjoyment while browsing, gaming, or watching videos.

In fact it is possible that this fringe-style iPhone will be followed by Android smartphones. Another annoying thing is the design of its main camera that- again is very blatant and placed vertically on the top-left. In terms of aesthetics, it seems unappealing. IPhone X itself turns out have a quite of a bulky body, especially at the frame part.

This part is made from stainless steel, so it is more solid and sturdy. And of course it makes the iPhone X slightly feel heavy- that is  174 grams in weight. As for the physical buttons and ports, are still in the same position. The power button on the right, now have an extend in size.

Volume button and mute switch are on the left, no audio jack, and lightning port at the bottom. And one for sure, the iPhone X is still loyal with IP67 certificate- just in case of the water disaster. The retail version of iPhone X is already with iOS 11. Although with the same version as the previous iPhone generation, but it is very different in how to use it.

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One thing that cause the difference is the absence of the Home button. So the functions that were previously can be access with the Home button now has replaced with gesture- that is almost similar with BlackBerry 10. To return Home is just with a bottom-up swipe at the screen. Open recent apps is like this, move to another apps is like this.

For access to the Control Center is by simply swipe the upper right corner area. Or to see the notifications by swipe the center or left of the screen like this. If somebody says that this gesture-mode is not good, it is actually not. Because in reality I actually feel more enjoy and anti-mainstream by use it.

It made me already forgot about physical buttons. The process also fast, smooth, and accurate. It's just became a little trouble if you only use one hand. Because the gesture area is placed at the edges.

Furthermore, which is also a lot of people have been questioned, is about the Face ID. Is it really possible to replace the Touch ID? Subjectively, I could say after nearly two weeks use, I feel quite comfortable using the Face ID- because it takes a little effort. By only staring at the screen, the smartphone directly can be unlock, then you will see all of the notifications. If you really want to open the Lock Screen you should swipe the screen first.

I personally have no complaints with the accuracy and the acceleration. It feels very flexible, it can recognize your face from rather near or far. Indeed, the Face ID is still working when it's really dark. So, the Face ID which offered by Apple is the best facial recognition system for now.

Another interesting thing is the sensor and Face ID camera are also able to detect your face movement with enough detail. You can use it to do some exciting things with Animoji by simultaneously record your facial/head movement and voice. The result is very great and funny. For the rest, what iOS offers on iPhone X is the same with the other iPhone series.

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The technical specs of the iPhone X. Are the same with the iPhone 8 Plus that I've previously reviewed. So practically you can already imagine how fast the performance is. And this is the Benchmark's score For its gaming performance, we immediately can just skip it- because all of the game can run smooth and optimal.

Also for the Augmented Reality games. Super smooth. So, for next we will discuss more about the experience. Frankly, the gaming and video-watch sensation on the iPhone X is marvelous.

The game looks is super relief, especially for games that already support the screen ratio, both portrait nor landscape. But for games that havent support the ratio, unfortunately there is no option for you to change it to full screen. The outcome is theres a black bar like this. As for the YouTube app, it already supports zoom feature for fullscreen mode.

In addition to its size that spacious and bezel-less, the iPhone X screen is also mentioned as the best in DisplayMate- beat the Galaxy Note 8. Yes, the screen has a resolution of 2436 x 1255 pixels, highest brightness : 634 nits, HDR10 support, TrueTone, and 3D Touch. And one more thing I really like from this small smartphone is the existence of dual-speaker stereo. In other words, the multimedia experience on iPhone X would be such a great fun.

With the advance in its specs and technology, surely we wonder how powerful the battery is. When measured, the endurance of the of 2,700 mAh iPhone X battery is almost the same as the iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus. Which mean it is better than the regular iPhone 7 or 8. The average endurance is about 10-12 hours – with an active social media use for more than 3 account, 1 hour online-gaming, and 1 hour Youtube streaming.

Then for the power charging, it takes 2 hours and 15 minutes from empty until full by using an official charger -non fast charging. The iPhone Xs dual-camera position is vertical, it is different from the iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus that is horizontal. Practically, the quality of both are not too much unalike. The main camera, the top one, is 12 MP f / 1.8 In resolution and has equipped with OIS.

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The secondary camera, the bottom one, is already with a 2x zoom telephoto lens, 12 MP resolution, f/2.4, And also has OIS. The characteristic of iPhone Xs camera is still consistent with its predecessors. The shots are esentially always natural with authentic colors. The low-light performance is impressive, especially when it's daytime or when there's enough of light.

Another interesting thing is the portrait lighting feature, i.E the bokeh effect  with a varied light  la professional photo studio. We can apply these lighting effect before or after capturing a photo. When used, the result is 50:50. Some are successful, but some have failed.

It needs a little trick. Even so with the front camera. Actually the front camera is only one, with a 7 MP resolution. However, because the existence of TrueDepth sensor, we can also use Portrait Lighting effects on the front camera.

Although it still BETA, but the result is quite great. Talking about the video recording, iPhone X is one of the king in this category. OIS is optimal, change focus is responsive, the panning is super smooth. In fact we can record a 4K 60 fps video or slo-mo 240 fps Full HD video.

IPhone X is the coolest and yet the most expensive iPhone that Apple has ever released. Which of course capable to boost the Aplles dignity. The screen is awesome, the spec is fierce, the camera is fun. Well, for you who have been poisoned and dying to buy, it is better to breathe deep before you find out about the price.

So how much? Please check in the description..

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