Gadget Review – Review iPhone 5

Review iPhone 5

Hey guys, this is Austin and today Im here
with a review of the iPhone 5. With a larger screen, LTE and some of the
best hardware period is the new iPhone for you? To start with we have to go
over the design. In pictures it looks just like the iPhone 4 and 4S but in
person its a huge change. The first thing I noticed was just how light it is,
even though its larger it weighs 20% less.

Build quality is also absolutely top
notch with incredibly fine tolerances and more importantly an excellent feel. Take
the rear for example. Its now mostly aluminum with glass on top and bottom
which works really nicely in the hand. I think Drew summed it up nicely
as it really is slimmer, lighter and sleeker in a major way.

On bottom youll
see the new Lightning port which is much smaller and reversible however if youve
got 30-pin docks and cables youre going to need adapters. The headphone
jack has also been moved to the bottom of the iPhone 5, not a big deal
to me but its something not everyone is a fan of. Up front youll find
a larger 4 display with a resolution of 1136×640 and immediately youll notice
it makes a big difference. The added height give you more screen real estate
to work with which is something the iPhone has been needing for
quite a while.

Its not all perfect however. Apps need to be updated to work with
the iPhone 5s larger screen, if not they revert to a smaller size with
letterboxing. Something I found strange is that iOS really doesnt take
advantage of the larger screen. Notifications still cover up the top of whatever
youre doing and the experience feels like Apple just stretched
iOS to fit rather than tailor it to really use the larger size.

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IOS 6 comes preinstalled
on the iPhone 5 and is honestly my biggest letdown. Technically its
faster than ever and there are numerous bits of polish added but the improvements
are minor. Elkanna puts it best I think, the hardware is great but
the software lets it down. Google Maps and YouTube were removed in exchange
for Apple Maps.

There are a few improvements like turn-by-turn directions
and a new 3D view but for the most part it doesnt match up with Google
Maps. Apps like Passbook are meant to make it easy to use your iPhone for
boarding passes, tickets and more but without NFC its more of a novelty.
IOS 6 isnt broken but its absolutely lacking innovation compared to
Windows Phone and Android. Internally youll find a new Apple A6 dual
core processor clocked at 1.2GHz paired with 1GB of RAM. Here I have to say
Im impressed, this is the fastest System on a Chip youll find in any phone
or tablet out right now.

With a GPU. On par with the iPad 3 gaming is impressive
with enough horsepower to run even the most demanding games without breaking
a sweat. Once games like Real Racing 3 come out you can expect near
console quality graphics on your phone. In day to day use theres definitely
a difference although opinions vary on how much.

Most people feel its
not a massive improvement over the already fast iPhone 4S although upgraders
from the iPhone 4 tended to be much more impressed. From the 3GS its really
no contest. One of the big additions is LTE which unlike on the iPhone
4S is true 4G. Speeds here are really impressive as theyre better than
most home connections and I can see LTE being worth the upgrade alone for a lot
of people.

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With the bigger screen, more powerful specs and LTE battery life is
actually quite a bit better. Even with fairly heavy usage including calls, shooting
video and gaming I was easily able to get through a day and I dont think
its a stretch at all to get two days out of a charge with more average use. The
rear camera is mostly unchanged with the same 8 megapixel camera with 1080p
video recording. There have been some upgrades in the optics but for the
most part its the same quality from the iPhone 4S.

Its one of the best
smartphone cameras out there but probably not for long with phones like the
Nokia Lumia 920 on the horizon. Video is also still solid but nothing spectacular
as it still doesnt autofocus on its own unless you tap to focus. One nice
improvement is that you can take pictures while recording video and the camera
will take pictures about as fast as you can hit the shutter button. Panorama
mode is also included although its hardly a groundbreaking feature.

bigger change is with the front facing camera which has been upgraded to 1.2
Megapixels and shoots in 720p. Its nothing on the rear camera but for
video chatting or recording a quick clip its really not bad. Like Tim said I think
it will make a nice improvement for vloggers. The iPhone 5 is a solid upgrade
and easily the best one yet.

With LTE, a bigger screen, improved battery life
and an outstanding design I dont have a problem recommending this at all. What
it doesnt do is present a great case to switch from Android or Windows
Phone. While the hardware is top notch iOS is in serious need of an overhaul
as it feels clunky and unintuitive much of the time. Put simply the
iPhone 5 is one of the best phones out there and an easy choice for a
lot of people but its not the best phone for everyone.

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