Gadget Review – OnePlus 5T vs Moto X4 Which one to buy

OnePlus 5T vs Moto X4 Which one to buy

"Music" Hey guys its Sagar from Tecworkz. Moto X4 is an amazing mid range smartphone,
but it is overshadowed by the like of OnePlus 5 and 5T. So in this video, we will compare the Moto
X4 with OnePlus 5T, and see if the 5T is worth the extra money or should you just go with
the Moto X4, and save up some money. When you look at these phones individually,
both are excellent options, and provide very good value for the money that you pay for

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up on this channel. Let us start with the first point, that anyone
considers while looking for a new smartphone, Price. Moto X4 comes at Rs.20,999 For the 3GB RAM
and 32GB Storage variant, and Rs.22,999 For 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage variant, and they
just yesterday launched a variant with 6GB. RAM and 64GB storage for Rs.24,999 On Flipkart.

OnePlus 5T comes at Rs.32,999 For the 6GB
RAM and 64GB Storage variant, and Rs.37,999 For 8GB RAM and 128GB Storage variant. If price is the main deciding factor for you,
then you should go with the Moto X4. 5T costs 10K more than the Moto X4, but it
also packs in more stuff, which we will look at a bit later in the video. For now lets us focus on the next point in
this comparison, Design and Built.

Both these phones are miles apart when it
comes to to their built and design. 5T is a big phone with a 6 inch display, and
it can get a bit difficult to manage with one hand. Big display definitely means better experience
while playing games and watching videos. But some of you might prefer a smaller device,
which is much more manageable in one hand.

THAT is where the Moto X4 comes in, with its
5.2 Inch display and much handy form factor. If you like big phones then 5T is the one
for you, but if you prefer smaller phones, and single handed performance is what you
are looking for, then take a look at the Moto X4. 5T with its all metal back is much more durable
than the Moto X4, which has a glass black. Aluminium frame around the X4 seems pretty
solid, and I like its bold and firm buttons much more than the thin buttons of the 5T.

I love the alert slider on the OnePlus 5T,
and I think it is something that all of the android devices should come with. Both these phones can hold 2 Nano SIM cards,
but with the Moto X4, you have the option of switching one of the SIM cards with a Micro
SD card, if you need to add more storage to your phone. Both have USB type C port for charging and
data transfer at the bottom, and these are also few of the last remaining phones that
still come with a 3.5Mm audio jack. 5T has a single downward firing speaker.

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Earpiece on the Moto X4, acts as single a
front firing speaker. Both have single speaker, but the one on the
5T sounds better and louder. Moto X4 also comes with IP68 water resistance.I
dont know any other phone at this price range, that comes with a water resistance
rating. OnePlus 5T costs more, but it is still not
water resistant.

One of the most distinguishing factors between
these smartphones is their display. 5T has a 6 inch AMOLED display with a resolution
of 2160×1080 pixels and 18:9 aspect ratio ,and it is covered by gorilla glass 5. But more importantly it has very small bezels
all around, with screen to body ratio of 80%. X4 has a 5.2 Inch IPS LCD display with a resolution
of 1920×1080 pixels and it is covered by gorilla glass 3.

It has a normal 16:9 aspect ratio, and huge
bezels at the top and bottom. Now since the display on the 5T takes up most
of the space at the front, the fingerprint sensor is now moved to the back. Whereas the fingerprint sensor on the X4 is
still at the front, below the display. I actually prefer the front placement of the
fingerprint sensor on my smartphones, because my phones spend most of their time placed
on a table facing up, but thats just me.

When it comes to unlocking the phone, both
the sensors are very fast and accurate, but the one on the 5T is a tad bit faster. On the 5T, you also have insanely fast, face
unlock feature to get into the phone. Android phone have had the face unlock feature
for some time, but no manufacturer had ever advertised it or worked on it like OnePlus
did. You can also swipe down on the fingerprint
sensor of the 5T, to check in on the notifications or bring down the Quick settings menu, and
even click pictures while in the camera app.

But you can do much more with the fingerprint
sensor of the Moto X4. You have the option to use the onscreen navigation
buttons, or use the fingerprint sensor as one navigation button, and free up some space
on the display. Just swipe your finger right or left on the
fingerprint sensor, to go back or to get to the recent open apps. You can even program the sensor to do certain
things on long pressing or double pressing it.

Both the phones also give you various gestures
to work with. On the 5T, you can draw gestures when the
phone is locked, whats even better, is that you can choose the task to be associated with
these gestures, like double tapping to wake the display, drawing O to get to the camera
and V to turn the flash on and off. On the Moto X4, you have Moto Gestures, just
twist the phone twice to get to the camera, double chop to get to turn flash on and off,
and so on. Theres also Moto display, which lets you
see the notifications in a battery friendly way, when the screen is locked.

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Now lets check out the specs on these phones. This is the part where OnePlus 5T pulls way
ahead of the Moto X4. 5T comes with top of the line Octa-core Snapdragon
835 processor, Adreno 540 GPU, 6 or 8GB of RAM and 64 or 128GB of built in storage. X4 comes with a Snapdragon 630 processor,
Adreno 508 GPU, 3 or 4 GB of RAM and 32 or 64 GB of built in storage.

Specifications dont tell the complete story
about any phone. Even with lower specs, Moto X4 performs really
well at day to day tasks, and there is not a lot that can slow it down, but the RAM management
is not the best that I have seen. 5T in the other hand just flys through
anything that you throw at it. Multitasking and RAM management is breeze
on it.

If you dont want any compromises when it
comes to speed of your smartphone, go with the OnePlus 5T. 5T has been running Oxygen OS built on top
of Android 7.1.1, Up until yesterday. It allows endless customisations options,
so you can tweak every detail on your phone to your liking. X4 is running almost pure android, with just
a few Moto apps installed on top.

OnePlus has been gloating on faster software
updates and security patch roll outs, and Moto has not been too keen on pushing software
updates to their phones in the past few months. But surprisingly, Moto has already pushed
out a stable Oreo update for the Moto X4, while OnePlus just pushed the Oreo update
yesterday, after making us wait for a long time. Rest of the things are pretty similar, software
wise, since both are running pretty barebones version of Android. Coming to the cameras on these phones.

Both have dual cameras, but they make use
of the secondary lens in a slightly different manner. The main camera on the OnePlus 5T, is a 16
Megapixel sensor with F/1.7 Aperture and Electronic stabilisation. While the secondary camera, has 20 megapixel
sensor, and again a wide F/1.7 Aperture. Both cameras have 27mm lenses.

On the Moto X4, you have a 12 megapixel camera
with F/2.0 Aperture, and a normal field of view. And the second camera, has a 8 megapixel sensor,
and an ultra wide angle lens with 120 degree field of view. You can use either of the lenses at your will
while shooting images and videos on the X4, but you cant do this on the 5T. Here are a few image samples from these phones,
compared side by side.

If you want to take a look at lot more image
and video samples, check out my camera comparison between these phones. I will leave a card to it at the top right
corner of the screen and also link it in the description section. Both can take good images, but the 5T is sightly
better. 5T packs in a 3300mAh battery and the X4 has
a 3000mAh battery, both are non removable.

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5T lasts much longer on a single charge, thanks
to the AMOLED display, efficient 835 processor and its software optimisations. X4 comes with a Turbocharger for fast charging,
but it is no where close to the speed of the Dash charger of the 5T. Dash charger is one of my most favourite feature
features of OnePlus smartphones. A major part of buying any smartphone is its
availability and update cycle.

Both these phones are available readily and
without any flash sales. In the past, Moto has updated their X lineup
once every year, But OnePlus has been updating its flagship lineup every 6 months for the
past 2 years. So when you buy the 5T, keep in mind that
the OnePlus 6 will be coming out within the next few months, making your phone feel a
lot older than it actually is. After looking at all the points in this comparison,
OnePlus 5T clearly offers you a lot more features than the Moto X4, but it also costs about
Rs.10,000 Extra.

Moto X4 is priced lower, and at that price,
it offers you overs 75% of the things that the 5T does. So the final decision depends on your needs,
requirements and liking. If you want the best internals, bigger display,
slightly better cameras and you dont mind spending the extra Rs.10,000 Then go with
the OnePlus 5T. But if you prefer a smaller phone, with the
fingerprint sensor at the front, smooth day to day performance and want to save a lot
of money, then get the Moto X4.

I myself would get the OnePlus 5T for its
bigger display, dash charging and slightly better set of cameras. I would have gone with the Moto X4, if it
was launched with a slightly bigger display in the same form factor, and 18:9 aspect ratio. Which one of these phones would you guys go
with? Let me know in the description section. If you plan on getting any of these phones,
I will really appreciate if you get them from the links in the description section.

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guys in the next video.

Take Care..

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