Gadget Review – Note 5 UnboxingTo Note Or Not

Gadget Review – Note 5 UnboxingTo Note Or Not My rating: 5 out of 5

Note 5 UnboxingTo Note Or NotGadget Review – Note 5 UnboxingTo Note Or Not

Deep breath everybody.
(Takes Deep Breath) AJ! Here you go. (Laughing) Jack? (Jack takes deep breath) Even you guys doing it makes me feel better What’s up guys, Lew here back with another video. And today we’re going to be checking out the newly released Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The latest incarnation of the note! Is that, is that a word? Incarnation? Is that right? Jack? The latest incarnation…My phone just went off…

Good. The new note, obviously a lot of changes here from the previous version, just like the S6. We now have glass and aluminum and prettiness in general, as well as improved specs as you would expect. Specs, that you would expect.

So, let’s go ahead and jump inside the box, and see what this baby is all about! This is the 32 gigabyte model in the black sapphire colo(u)r. It’s all wrapped up and protected, as you can tell. I’m gonna put that to the side for a moment a quick start guide, a sim tool, pretty self explanatory. Headphones, these headphones are here to be an in-ear style with adjustable tips, a Micro-USB cable of course for re-charging the device, and you’re going to have fast adaptive charging, …And lastly because this is a “Note” we have this little tool…

…For swapping out the tips of the S Pen. If you wear down the nub, you’ve got some extra nubs. Little gentle curve around the edge Now, I think the curve on the back actually makes more sense curve on the front… Because Well That sort of the way the human hand works.

A little bit slippery of course It has a glass back, so, you could expect that. You could put a skin on here. From my good friends at D-Brand Skins You know about them, if you don’t check ’em out. I’ll drop a link in the description.

And the back here you have the 16 MegaPixel camera. One of the best in the business. As you know, you’ve probably seen samples.
Your flash is in this location over here.

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And the forward facing camera’s a 5 MegaPixel shooter. On the front of the device we have their
new finger print scanner. Sensor. Sensor or scanner? Your choice: Finger print scanner/sensor Course capacitive buttons as well,
you have your back button,
and your menu button over on this side.

Aluminum around the entire frame. I really wanna peal this sticker off on the back. Lemme do that. There, how much better is that? Um, so this black sapphire in certain light it
almost looks blue.

And then you flip it a little more and it looks black. So it’s got a colo(u)r changing characteristic
to it. But it does come in other colo(u)rs as well,
you can get it in: White, silver,
and the new shimmery gold type look. For those of you out there that are all about the bling.

So let’s go ahead and boot up the device. Why not? The screen, that’s really one of the major
things to consider, it’s what you look at. We have a giant 5.7 Inch display. You have Q-HD resolution, super AMOLED.

So you know what that does for your screen? It essentially gives you the deepest blacks in the business. Let’s set it up. Tap and go! I’m not gonna tap and go right now, but tap and go is pretty cool. You know what? Let’s try the finger print sensor real quick.

Ey. So there, success, it has 100% of my finger print. And now you need a backup password in case, um, you lose your finger. No smirk.

Uh, so we are now in the operating system here and
you can start to appreciate that display. We have an experience very similar to the S6 We’re adding, of course, the “S Pen” in this situation There’s some new software features as well In the camera, something I was excited for The “live-broadcast” mode, which I’m going to be messing around with pretty soon This is a, uh, uh, one-click live-broadcast to your YouTube channel The idea of quickly broadcasting something live Breaking News! That’s kind of interesting, so I’m going to be messing around with that feature specifically Also, the “video collage” mode is new You could do 4 separate clips, which is pretty cool I’l show you that real quick. You hit the button *slight beep* Now that’s going to record for 3 seconds in that frame. K, cool Focus over here on AJ.

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*Slight beep* And we’re gonna do 3 secon-, you know it’s a video, right? (AJ) Yea. You could be more exciting (AJ) No. I’ll have to spin this baby arround… Like that.

And now you get my face in the video collage And for the last frame, why don’t we zoom in on this wonderful monitor right here… *Slight beep* And do three seconds of that. You end up with this Cool, little collage of all 4 video frames The cool thing here is that you can actually mix the audio So you can either choose the video sound partially, completely, or not at all And you can insert background music We also have a couple new features for the S Pen
as well “Customize Air Command” put your favorite shortcuts here in this location. There’s a new type of screen capture.

I’ll do a demo of that REALLY quickly And… You know something? Typing with this pen… There’s something satisfying about it. The precisio- I mean, your finger just can’t really do that! Things really do change with the pen, and you heard it here first.

I’m going to commit to the pen for a little bit an-and see if it can really see if it can become a part of my daily phone lifestyle. (While clicking pen) Is this obsessive compulsive for me to be so satisfied by this? I hope not… Rather than a standard screen capture, you can see that it snaps the original screen cap, but then you have options So this screen happens to be scrollable, so I can click “Scroll Capture”… And then…

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Boo-Ya! It moves down the page and continues to capture what I’m looking at Another new feature! Extract the pen without unlocking the phone, and I can write a memo immediately right here Now, let’s go ahead and finish off with the physical device We have our Micro-USB on the bottom, the speakers in that location as well. Your headphone jack is there, too. The S-Pen lives in this corner You can see the antenna cutouts around the outside
of the aluminum frame Volume buttons are on the left-hand side of the device Power switch is sort-of right where your thumb in your prominent hand will live And on the top, you have your SIM Card slot, you will need to use that tool, of course And on the front of the device, you have your sensors in this location, the earpiece, the forward facing camera (which I mentioned before) So there you have it, an unboxing and general overview of the new Note 5 I think the big thing here, the big question, is if I can make the S-Pen a part of my daily routine It’s time for a new daily driver, an-and let’s find out how I feel about that Thanks very much for watching! Leave a thumbs up down below if you enjoyed this content. If you wanna find out more about pricing and availability on this device, I’ll drop links down in the description and I’ll catch you very shortly, on the next episode.

Thanks very much, later guys. The grill was BIG for a while there. You remember the big guy in Texas, Paul Wall? (AJ) Paul Wall Paul Wall! Actually, people used to tell me I looked like Paul Wall. (AJ) Really? Do I? (AJ) Let’s do a comparison shot…

Okay, let’s throw it in there. Paul Wall, yes or no? Grills!.

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