Gadget Review – Nexus 5x Bend Test Scratch Test Burn Test Durability video LG

Nexus 5x Bend Test - Scratch Test - Burn Test - Durability video LG

The LG Nexus 5x has been long overdue for
a durability test. When I first bought the 5x and the 6P, I skipped doing the durability
test on the 5x because I figured it wouldn't be fair. A plastic budget phone vs a premium
metal phone? Common sense says the plastic one would fail every time. The phone even
feels light weight.

BUT since then I have tested many other budget devices and cheap
phones that have all survived. Like the Honor 5x. So its time to put the new Ice colored
Nexus 5x to the test. Lets bust out Moh's picks.

These let us know
where the screen falls on Mohs scale of hardness. Picks one through 5 leave no mark, a slight
scratch begins at a level six, a regular scratch begins at a level 7. So the scratch resistant
screen on this device holds up just as well as the premium phones. Good job so far LG.
Lets keep going.

Lets flip it on over and scratch up the back
logo. With the old Nexus 6 phones… Sometimes that logo would pop off. It looks like that
wont be a problem with the 5x though, since the logo is better integrated into the back

It scratches equally with the rest of the phone, so it wont pop off individually. The finger print scanner does scratch… But
If you remember from my LG G5 video… It still functions even with major scratches
all over it.

So its not a big of a deal. The camera lens is made of glass. Which is
fantastic. Especially since it sits very flush with the top of the protrusion on the back

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Zero protection for this lens. I was happily scratching away at the Ice colored
baby blue plastic back panel… When it reminded me of another phone I worked on recently.
Lets slide over the LG G5 over here for a little plastic reunion. Crazy how eerily similar
the two are.

Did you know metal primer is 30% synthetic resin? Synthetic resin is the
same stuff that is used in ABS, acrylics, polyethylene… You know. Plastics. Lets scrape a real metal phone for a quick

Listen close my friends. [Nails on a chalk board…] I feel like ive gotten side tracked. Oh ya….
Nexus 5x. I feel like Sid from 'Toy Story'.

The frame of the screen is black plastic as
well. Don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong
with plastic. Or even a metal phones covered in plastic. I haven't had a plastic phone
bend on me yet.

So in some ways plastic is better. My only issue with the LG G5 was that
they said the phone was metal… And well… I shouldn't have to dig through Narnia to
find it.

The power and volume buttons on the Nexus
5x are made of metal. Which is a great thing. Plastic ones can warp a bit and pop out like
they did with the old Evo phones. Metal will be much more durable.

The dual grills at the top and bottom of the
screen are made of metal as well. Onto the Flame Test. The Nexus 6p made it
8 seconds before the pixels turned permanently white and failed. The Nexus 5x made it 6 seconds
before the pixels turned black.

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But then they also recovered after the flame was removed.
The phone is cool to the touch within seconds after the heat being gone. Onto the ultimate stress test. I put phones
through torture, so you can see what your phone will look like in a few years… Without
having to wait a few years to see it.

The Nexus 5x flexes considerably. You can see
it flex the most right along that top battery line, where phones tend to be the weakest. Ill also bend it back from the other direction.
Look at the sim card tray. A metal phone would be permanently damaged in some way if it flexed
that much.

But the plastic phone does not break. It locks out and does not snap in half.
Slightly out of shape yes… But easily straightened out. This phone passes the bend test.

Bonus footage time!!! A level three pick scratches the back plastic
on both the Nexus 5x, and the LGG5, but leaves no mark on the metal back of the Nexus 6P.
#Science Check out this camera comparison video I did
against the iPhone SE, and the Nexus 5x. And watch the Nexus 5x teardown I did when it
first was released. Thanks a ton for watching and subscribing. You guys are the best.

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