Gadget Review – Motorola Mystery Box Unboxing

Motorola Mystery Box Unboxing

What's up guys, Lou here back with another video, And today, I've got something that was a bit of a surprise. This box came from Motorola. Other than that, I know nothing about it. You can see on the front here, it says "slide to start".

"Fragile", "breaking news". Um, otherwise, a Motorola logo and the same thing on the other side. So, let's go ahead, jump inside this mystery box, and see what it's all about. OoOoOoO…

Ahhhhhhh… The new Moto E. Of course! Check this out. We got a little welcome desk, And, what looks like a special exclusive doorway.

Woah. "StartwithMotoE.Com". This is a pretty wild unboxing experience. The phone is the last item in there.

*Pop* There it is. The new Moto E. Hidden down there inside this amazing box. 4G LTE, 4.5 Inch Display, Quad Core processor, 2390 mAh battery, Micro SD Card slot.

Not what I expected at all. You're sneaky Motorola. There's a little USB drive, Motorola branded. "Welcome to the new Moto E press conference".

*Laughs* "You probably had enough events and press conferences to sit through next week so we're bringing this launch directly to you." "Experience the new Moto E the way you want." Complete with pass. Well done, Motorola. Here, we have a different color for the side frame if you wanna go with blue. Or, a case is also included in this translucent teal.

And then lastly, you have a charge brick. Pretty obvious stuff. This is a very comfortable phone to hold. It's a…

It's a really nice form factor. It just fits really confidently into your hand. I also like this texture they went with on the outside. Very grippy, and satisfying.

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So the new Moto E looks a lot like the previous generation with some minor tweaks. And the first thing that stood out to me is this removable band around the sides. So you just pop this off, and you can personalize the look. You can go ahead and insert on there, And really…

Get a different look without the need to have a bulk of a case. If you're not a case person, I would assume that these are gonna be available in various different colors if you're not a fan of the blue. And I don't think that happens when you remove that portion is it gives you access to everything you need. As far as your SIM card slot, as well as your Micro SD port for expanding the storage for the device.

Anyways, I'll leave the blue one on. I think that's a kind of cool look. Otherwise, you're looking at a pretty familiar layout. You have your speaker at the front as well as your forward-facing camera.

On the side of the device you have your lock switch, which has that really cool texture on it so you can tell the difference between your power/lock switch from your volume rocker, Just by touching, not even having to look. You have your rear-facing camera in this location as well as your mic. Your micro USB port lives down on the bottom of the device. So there you have it.

The new Moto E. Gotta give creativity points to Motorola for this. Really wasn't expecting this. Wasn't expecting this device, the box, or anything.

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Anyways, that wraps up this unboxing in first look. The new Moto E from Motorola. I've been a fan of the various Motorola products that have hit the market recently. You may have seen my video on the new Moto X.

Highly configurable, really nice form factor. This phone is arguably one of the best valued devices on the planet, When you're thinking about cost to performance ratio. If you enjoyed this content make sure to leave a thumbs up down below, thanks as always for watching , and I'll catch you on the next episode. Later.


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