Gadget Review – Motorola MC40 Mobile Computer With Android OS

Motorola MC40 Mobile Computer With Android OS

Hi this is Travis with POSGuys.Com today we're
going to take a look at the MC40 by Moto Solutions. Moto has been making enterprise class mobile
computers for a while. This is the older MC55 and this is the Motorola Android Cellphone. They basically took the two, married them together and they came up with the MC40.

It runs an Android OS, barcode scanner is built into the top as well
as an optional card reader. It's an enterprise level device like the MC55 so there is an actual drop spec on it. It
is water and dust resistant and it made to be used everyday in a rough manner rather than like your cellphone where you
protect it and be a little more careful with it. This can take a little more abuse and
it is just made to be a little more enterprise.

So standard features on the MC40 is an accelerometer
so that you can flip between portrait and landscape modes, the multi-touch screen
for zooming in and out as well as tactile feedback. So you can when you do different buttons or
soft buttons or gestures or scan barcodes you'll get that feedback. Demonstrating the barcode scanner capabilities.
Your standard 3 of 9 barcode will give you anywhere from about one inch out to about a foot and a half. It does have a 2D scan engine in it so if
you're looking to capture data on like a drivers license or UPS tracking codes you shouldn't
have any problems catching there, capturing the data.

Scans UPCs just fine. This booklet demonstrates
some damaged UPCS and it has no trouble scanning any of them. In bright light if you're using this in an
outdoor setting or near a window it does not affect scanning capabilities at
all. This is an imager so light should not affect scanning at all.

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The MC40 has an IP54 seal, this basically
gives it a rating of dust and water resistance. So if you're working in a messy back room and you have a lot of dust there then you don't have to worry about dust blowing into crevices and jamming up
buttons or blocking the microphone. It will have no problems with those. Should you get
dust on it you can clean it.

So spray it down really good and then just
wipe it off. It is made to withstand that kind of punishment no trouble. As far as the drop spec goes it's been rated
for a concrete drop of five feet and it also has been put through a tumble
test where they put it in a barrel that flips up and down over and over. It did 500 drops at 1.5 Feet.

So it basically is made to be used you don't
have to be so careful with it that you're worried about dropping. You shouldn't try
an drop it but it can take a little bit of beating. More so than your average phone. It goes from 0 degrees to 120 degrees.

That makes it perfect for indoor environments
and your standard environments. Cold storage or extremely hot environments
you might have some issues. Its really been made for standard indoor and outdoor temperatures. This is the MC40 from Motorola.

There are
a couple of optional accessories for it. One is the mag stripe reader. This isn't available
on all models so if you need the card reader make sure to buy the one with mag stripe reader. Soon to come is a version that works outside
the four walls.

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That basically means that it has a cellphone radio. Motorola also plans
to have some special data plans for it to help lower the cost of the device. The device
itself costs more than your standard cellphone, android cellphone but they are going to try
to provide a discounted data plan that enables you to have the same cost of ownership over
a couple years of owning the device. So you're going to want to contact and talk
to our sales team regarding that information.

This is a great device for line busting as
well as registry look up or part number look ups for quantity that type of thing. It is a durable device, IP54 seal it can take
a little bit of a drop, barcode scanner built in, 2D barcode scanner for drivers license,
route accounting, that type of thing. For more information on the MC40, it's warranty
or to purchase it please visit us at www.POSGuys.Com..

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