Gadget Review – Moto Z Teardown Screen Repair Battery Replacement

Moto Z Teardown - Screen Repair - Battery Replacement

So whats inside the worlds thinnest
premium smartphone? If you drop your phone and it cracks the glass,
how hard it is to replace the screen? Lets find out. [Intro] First off Im going to remove the SIM card
tray since there are no visible screws on the outside of the device. Then Im going to use a heat gun to melt
off the adhesive underneath the back glass panels. It turns out that the construction of this
phone is kind of weird.

Technically you can remove the screen without
popping off these glass panels but Im going to show it anyway and then you can decide
which method is best for you. I found that the easiest way to get underneath
the back glass panel was to start at the plastic portion of the frame and dip my metal pry
tool underneath the glass and gently slide it out. Once the metal pry tool is in Im going
to reheat the back glass to make sure that the adhesive is good and soft so Im not
cracking anything. Once the back glass panel flips up I can just
tear it off and set it off to the side and repeat the process for the top panel.

When youre heating it up you want to get
it just too hot to touch, then you know the adhesive is getting soft underneath. Now that both panels are off I can remove
this gold bar on the bottom section of the phone. This bar is purely aesthetics; there is no
actual value to it. Its just there for looks.

Now the reason for taking off the back panel
is so you can push up gently on the screen from the back side now and you dont have
to be sticking things deep inside of the phone, like playing cards. It gives you a little bit more leverage and
room to work with. Either way there is still adhesive all the
way around the edge of the screen so Im going to warm it up just like we did with
the back glass, and then slide my metal pry tools around the black side of the glass,
making sure that my tools do not touch the screen where the display is because metals
and displays do not go well together. It will crack very easily.

Youll see how thin this screen is in a
second. Once I have all of the adhesive cut away from
the sides, the top and the bottom, we can see how the screen is connected. Definitely go slow during this part and reheat
the screen as often as needed, getting the glass just too hot to touch. The part that you have to be careful with
is down here at the bottom of the phone.

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Thats where the ribbon cable is for the
display. Now if your screen is already broken, obviously
you dont need to be as careful as I am, but Im going to reuse my screen so Im
taking special care not to damage it. Now this screen has the same Lego-like connections
that we see on most every other phone except Samsungs and iPhones. So were going to remove the protective
metal covering and unsnap the screen like a little Lego from the motherboard.

Make sure you stay organized with all your
little parts. There are a couple more components inside
that well be taking out so make sure they dont all get mixed up. So here is the glass screen. Its got the glass and the display panel
fused together as one.

And this is what your replacement part will
look like when you purchase it. Although it will probably have new adhesive
surrounding the top, the bottom and the sides of the glass. I will link replacement parts and tools in
the video description below just like always. Now lets see what else can be replaced.

Im going to set that metal bracket off
to the side and then pull off this tape thats covering the battery and the motherboard. Set this off to the side. You can try to reuse this if you want, but
its pretty flimsy stuff. There are 2 screws holding the front earpiece.

They are T4 with this particular bit set. Remove these two screws and then the earpiece
can pop up and off of the phone. It has the two little contact points that
rest on the motherboard so it gets its signal. Theres a random plastic piece right here
underneath the side button cable.

This is where the power and volume button
connect to the motherboard. The battery connection is down here underneath
this plastic piece. Well slide this out from the bottom and
then set it off to the side. And then we will unclip the battery, snapping
it off just like a little Lego, similar to how the screen was.

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Now the battery can be lifted out from the
bottom of the phone. Theres nothing underneath that can really
be damaged, just the back metal plate. Just make sure you dont bend or puncture
this battery. Lithium ion batteries can explode as you can
see from my Note 7 Battery Explosion video.

There are two more screws down at the bottom
for a total of 4 screws in this entire phone. Usually there are a lot more. The bottom plastic piece pops up and out,
and this just kind of sits around the charging port. There is a metal plate over the processor
and the memory.

Were going to pull that off just so we
can see what it looks like. Theres really nothing that can be repaired
under here. We can see now though that the charging port
is not replaceable. It is attached very securely to the motherboard,
so unless you have micro-soldering skills, youre just going to have to leave it in
the phone.

The rear facing camera can be swapped out
pretty easily. Just lift up the little latch and slide it
out, similar to how all of the other cameras are held into place like Samsung. We can see it has the OIS stabilizing as well. Its kind of like a little gyro that sits
inside of the camera unit to stabilize your videos and your pictures.

There is one more big screw holding the motherboard
into place. And then surprisingly the motherboard does
not want to come out from the back of the frame. I assume that its secured very permanently
to the back. I could be a little bit more aggressive with
it, but the more you bend a motherboard, the more you risk cracking any of the little tiny
solder joints that you see around all of those little resisters and processors.

And I dont want to damage this phone permanently
so were just going to leave it in the frame because theres pretty much nothing here
that the common consumer can replace easily without special micro-soldering tools and
microscopes. Lets put the camera back into place. Tuck it down and clip it in. Reassembling the phone.

Put this screw back in as well. The protective plate over the processors and
the memory goes back into place and the little tiny plastic bracket down at the bottom near
the charging port. Two more screws for that little plastic bracket. And the earpiece goes into place.

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It will click in. Battery gets tucked down into place and you
can plug it in once everything else is plugged in on the board like the little side buttons
for the power and volume. Im going to slip this little plastic bracket
back into place and this just kind of puts pressure onto that little connection so it
doesnt pop off if you ever drop your phone. Im going to reconnect the screen.

This is where youll be using your new screen
if youre doing a screen replacement. Just plug it in; youll feel it snap underneath
your fingers just like a little Lego. And then the little metal bracket goes over
the top of it, making sure each little clasp goes inside of the frame so it doesnt pop
out ever if you drop your phone. Its important that this is secure.

Remember that your replacement screen will
probably have new adhesive so youll want to peel off the protective adhesive covering
so that it will stick to the frame of the phone. Im going to fold the screen back down into
place and set it down, and push it firmly to that the adhesive will reconnect. Remember that bottom decorative metal piece. Were going to tuck that in and clip it

And then the back glass pieces can go into
place as well, if you decided to use the route that required the removal of the back glass. Top glass gets pushed down into place as well. It fits very securely back here. We can put back in the SIM card tray and were
good to go.

If you have any questions leave them down
in the comments. Dont forget to like if this video
helped you. And remember all of the replacement parts
can be found in the video description of this video. All my behind the scenes and future projects
can be found on my Twitter and Instagram.

Im definitely looking forward to the iPhone
release this week. The iPhone 7 should be an interesting project. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you around!.

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