Gadget Review – Moto X4 vs Moto G5s Plus Which Motorola is best for me

Moto X4 vs Moto G5s Plus Which Motorola is best for me

Hello my gorgeous lovely peeps This is Chris from a kombu and I'm here with two more trolls most recent handsets the Moto X for 349 pounds here in the UK and I start a mid-range device and the modern g5 s+ slightly bigger as you can see there and Also bit cheaper to around the 250 260 ish mark so which one is gonna be best for you. What's actually the difference well Obviously as you can see there. There is a clear dimensions difference not massive one to be honest It's a 5.2 Inch of the Moto X 4 compared with a 5.5 Inch Moto G 5s plus So you get slightly taller handset in the g5 s plus It's about the same width ever so slightly different there, and the general width as well more or less the same They're both ever so slightly chunky I'd say the Moto X 4 is slightly more slender But there's really not a massive amount in it to be honest and of course as you can see from the front They basically look the same. I mean pick them up in a couple of different hues.

There's my sterling blue effort This is kind of a pinky gold one. You've got a couple of couple of little choices here in the UK. And of course you get a fingerprint sensor down below as well, which of both kiss is nice and quick accurate and responsive so we've given both the tap at the same time as you can see you're basically straight into your desktop so this may be an Ever so slightly different delay on the Moto G. 5S plus more x4 slightly, nippy er but not much in it and they're both nice and accurate as well You'll find that only if your fingers are wee bit dirty or wet are the only times You'll struggle to actually use the fingerprint sensor to unlock at the handset If we flip over to the other side you will of course see that there is a clear difference in terms the design the Moto X for uses a glass back in and it's nice and shiny does pick up smudges rather easily unfortunately But generally pretty good at masking them as well So you don't need to cut around a cleaning cloth the whole time that you did with the light, so that sa it so yeah Not too bad at all and the mordoor g5 s plus of course supports a metal finish and ice met matt Metal a finished bit of a tongue twister, and it's quite a rugged device But then saw is the x4 so far touch mode We haven't seen any sort of damage Scratches or anything like that on that after a couple of days of pretty heavy use some rather heavy Hamlin in There and of course they both rock as you can see you're duelin sense that we'll touch on that later And it's ever so slightly juts for the surface of the phone in both cases but nothing to get worked up about But one of the big difference between the two is the fact that the model x4 is fully water resistant ip68 So you can actually give it a good old dunk it in the bath And the sink get it fully submerged or not be absolutely fine residue 5s pluses really just sort of splash proof You can use it in the rim and that's about it ready to be honest Terms of general button layout and everything as well You can see there's a slight difference there the Moto X for uses separate buttons for the volume up volume down It's actually occasionally you can accidentally hit the volume down instead of a power button if you're in a bit of a rush We've discovered ROS the model 2 5s plus of course uses a single bar for the volume So it's a bit easier to differentiate between the two just from touch alone You've course get this bit of aerial banding on the do five rows Plus Which you don't get on the x4 on the back there.

Just get it sort of up top and down below as well As you see from this little angle here now you get a bit type-c USB action on the mod or x4 Russets the old-school microUSB on the g5 s+ unfortunately boo But you also get a headphone jack on the x4 down below And it's up top on the g5 S Plus so in both cases You can use wired headsets, which is great stuff and little for other things like positioning of the symmetry It's up top for the x4 and on the side the g5 S. Plus nothing major there so what about that screen tech well? Let's just dive into the handsets again as you can see it's if I put two in sure it's a full HD on both displays CF 5.2 Inch on the Moto X 4 5.5 Inch on the g5 S Plus So in terms of the size differs this doesn't really make much difference at all to be honest both are perfectly comfortable for watching bit Of Netflix or doing whatever you want to do There is a slight difference in terms of the general output, though, however We're going to become be calm a very fine website indeed Hopefully you can notice for the side-by-side slightly warmer images on the Moto G 5s plus you get a nice crisp white on the x4 Which is definitely more appealing to certainly to our eyes not everyone might agree with that in terms of brightness both are super powerful So if you just pull down in notifications, I've turned off adaptive brightness So this is maximum brightness levels right here really really good for when you are using it out If you're in a bit sort of harsh glare you'll be able to get clear visibility It's a it sees a way of reflections and all the rest of it pretty easily, so that's all good So it's just a lap back down again so our camera isn't going well. What's going on? Yeah, we got a jumble of vibrancy and everything they're both fine as well if you tap into the settings go into the display menus You'll see that both have a variety of options you can play around with one of which is color mods whoops Will help if I actually tap the right thing? I'm as you can see you can choose between standard and vibrant got them both on vibrant at the moment doesn't make a Massive difference, but those colors are ever so slightly puncher in vibrant words Stand out quite nicely Yeah
They're both quite attractive displays as I say the x4 is ever so slightly our winner and of course for that full HD resolution Images are nice and crisp as you can see if we get in close. You won't see any individual pixels or anything like that They're both on an android nuga at some point one point one In a reasonably nippy fashion will touch on performance in a moment and of course.

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That's got a very vanilla Finish to it as well motorola hasn't done much tinkering which means we should hopefully get an updated Oreo on both handsets Imminently, which would definitely be good But for the meantime it certainly does the job quite nicely and you do get the lovely a model assistant in both cases as well unfortunately It's a bit pared down on the g5 s plus you get sir quite a simple layout compared with The many features packed into the X force of roses and the actions Which both have you have the ability to take quick Screenshots using three fingers on the X for something that you don't get in the g5 S Plus And you also get the model display functionality on this one as well Which allows you to trigger your device by simply picking it up or reaching for it, which is great so though They both have a model display option as well Which as you can see notifications basically fade in and out? As they pop in and of course I might display mode for create a nice warm visuals filtering the blue light for more comfortable evening Experience but up out of that you also get the model voice assistant on this bad boy the Model X for Which biti just gives you hands-free operation especially good if you're driving, and you get more door key as well, which way yeah? It's a fully test out But it certainly seems to do the job from various other hands on so that we've seen and those busy just allows you to unlock your app and Dive into your website accounts using just your fingerprint instead of a password Which definitely saves a bit of time and soon as you have to remember and countless passwords definitely a good thing? So as you get more functionality built into the Model X form Both of these forms for a bit of NSE as well so you could do a bit tap to peer and all that which is always good and Until his general performance you get a snapdragon 625 on the more do 5 s + whereas It's a Snapdragon 630 on the mortal X for 3 gigs of ram in both cases and to be honest They're both mm Super performers you do get the occasional little stutter bit of lag If you open them up occasionally you can take a little while for them to to pop up in this case It's been up so that you find of course know that I'm demonstrating it But you will see some some lag and stutter here and there it's not quite Top stick performance despite that vanilla version of Android, but you know what for everyday use is absolutely fine You know there's not too much hanging around and games do still play with a decent enough framerate and everything as well So if you just want something that's not gonna be a bit demanding then these will do the job As for the battery tech you get a 3000 milliamp per cell packed into both of these handsets Both supports a bit of turbocharged power which I just love seeing frankly. It's it's fantastic every time and You get sort of a decent amount of use it looks like I'm gonna get probably about a day of use for the Moto X 4 with sort of reasonably heavy Operation and we get similar sort of result from what do you fiber surplus? Maybe ever so slightly more? Dependent again on operations, so we'll begin that full testing out, but you pretty much guaranteed a full day of use Even if you're hammering them pretty heavily One of the feature that comes pre-installed on the Moto X 4 that, you don't get on the g5 S. Plus is Alexa Amazon's voice assistance who's supposed to see it, Alexa? There we go and occasionally she pops up occasionally she just doesn't bother She's a bit like my my kid just doesn't respond at times to only when she wants to Alexa Especially you can then ask her to search for information online you can control your smart form do all kinds of great stuff go check out our full of axor tips and tricks on recumbent comm for more Commission on that Which brings us nicely to the camera tech? So basically you get the dual lens camera on both of these handsets as we saw before but There is quite a bit difference between the two so for instance on the model g5s plus It's a dual lens 13 megapixel camera both lenses basically operate in tandem As there's a door swapping between them or anything like that And it's just to add a little bit of extra depth of field to your shots, so Pretty standard what role the camera pose you can see here You can just tap the quick top of the shutter button let's turn off the flash And it's takes a little while to take your shots at times depend on how good the quality of the light is Not the fastest of of actions, but you can also switch to full video modes And if we swipe it into the settings as you can see down here, you can shoot up to full 4k Ultra HD. Video which is great and better here And as you can see it's pretty straightforward Camera experience you also do get some bonus camera modes as well you get full manual controls you get this depth of field sort of bakker mode kind of like a portrait more than most other hand sets and a panorama mode so Pretty stripped back pretty straightforward, but you get pitched your as well, which is lovely so That's that It works very differently on the model x4 so you get two different lenses 12 megapixel standard lens and it it megapixel Wide-angle lens and that just allows you to swap between the two on the fly So here's the camera app I seem to have zoomed right in Excellent skills so as you can see there's a new little icon down here Which allows you to swap between the two so in the standard Lens at the moment the 12 megapixel just wants it megapixel with a quick tap and there you go as you can see you've got a much wider field of view so it's really good for those vistas and things like that if you're Going to be doing a lot of traveling taking a lot of sexy shots of Canyons things like that definitely this will do the job nicely You get all the other standard more such as HDR and the rest as well, and if we tap up here You've actually got quite a few bonus modes so for instance got the funky new color modes, so if we just grab mr.

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Bear over here, and then we got And just give a little tap it up on his t-shirt you can then do funky things that basically drain and all of the colors apart from that color and So forth it's it's a bit wonky to be honest as you can see here. It's not working particularly well Because of course it's sort picking up the different shades because it's it's a complex material, but does work for more simple objects quite well And sometimes you can get some quite funky effects If you tap back into the camera modes you see of course I've got panoramas you got a depth of field mode again If you give that a quick tap basically all it does is it adds a nice bit of background Baca as you can see here, you can change the degree of severity of the Thing go out, just give it a quick snap, and then it just helps your subject to stand out basically Back into the camera mode you've also got this funky sticker mod Which biti allows you to turn yourself into a cat add some sunglasses to your face all kinds of random stuff It won't work on the teddy unfortunately in turn yourself into a unicorn a spaceman whatever you want to do It's it's fun for kids. I guess I'm a bit of an old grump, so I don't really care about things like that and Dive into the manual mode as well not to the stupid sticker mode again And you'll see you've got full controls over the likes the ISO levels and white balance and things like that which of course you also Get energy 5s plus so you get a few bonus camera modes in here that you don't get in the good old Model g5s plus. We just dive back into full photo mods and a few swipe across you can see once again You can shoot up to full up to full 4k Ultra HD.

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Video, but that's just using the standard lens if you want to actually swap to the wide-angle lens again with a quick tap of that Then that maxes out unfortunately at Full HD 60 frames per second so you can't shoot 4k with the wide-angle lens So that in a quick nutshell is the difference between? These two handsets the Model X 4s is a slightly more expensive per 100 quid more here in the UK 349 pounds Got a bit with the Moto G 5 S Plus flight you get water resistance you get slightly nicer screen nice crisp white and the rest you get more camera features packed in you get more model assistant features, and you get Amazon Alexa come and Pre-installed oh god 6 really. No. You look now you hear me now you hear me Thanks AXA. I standard so when you get a few a few little bonuses and of course It's more compact which makes a little bit easier to handle although thankfully at least if you dive into the model action Thing that you can see you've got the ability to swipe to shrink the screen on both handsets Which definitely helps with the old 100 uses should be able to just sort of swipe towards the corner Usually takes me a few girls when I'm doing demonstration because of course why wouldn't it there we go? And then you can just fix it that a little bit easier to use One-handed you got that bought both of these handsets.

That's cool. So any questions comments theories about why we're actually here on this Isolated planet in the middle of nothingness, just let us know in the comments below. Thanks for watching everyone. Love you.


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