Gadget Review – Moto G5 Durability Test Scratch and Bend tested

Moto G5 Durability Test - Scratch and Bend tested

I got my hands on one of the recently released
Moto G5s. The G series is Motorolas less expensive
smart phone line. But as weve found over the years, price
is not an indicator of durability. Pulling it out of the box, the phone felt
extremely light and I feared greatly for the safety of this phone.

Shortly afterwards though, I realized that
the G5 has a removable battery that needed to be put inside the phone first. This doesnt happen as often anymore. With most manufacturers sealing everything
shut these days, this was a welcome change. With the battery actually inside the phone
and the weight of the device restored  lets get started.

[Intro] As always, scratch test first. The hardness level gives a general idea of
how scratch resistant the screen is going to be. The majority of smart phones have tempered
glass which means it scratches at a level 6. Some phones, like the Honor 6X, have some
kind of weird weaker hybrid glass.

And there are phones with plastic screens
and sapphire screens. But this Moto G5 scratches at a level 6 which
is where the majority of all flagship phones are at, so were off to a good start. The fingerprint scanner has a thin rubber
coating over the top of the pad. Its not a button  just a touch pad.

With normal wear and tear I think the rubber
coating will keep away most cosmetic scratches. But even with the deeper more harmful gouges,
the fingerprint scanner continues to read and function like normal. Another success for Motorola. Not every phone survives this one.

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The 5 megapixel front facing camera is protected
by that same tempered glass that covers the screen. So no worries about that scratching; my razorblade
does no damage. If we move over to the ear piece slot, it
has a thin piece of vinyl covering the speaker, but it wont pull out with my tweezers so
I doubt it will ever fall out on its own like some of the older iPhone 4s used to do. But if it ever gets dirty you have to be super
careful while cleaning it out.

Now Motorola has advertised this G5 as their
first G series phone with metal built in. Pictures can be deceiving and an advertisement
is, well, and advertisement. But my razorblade only tells the truth. The razorblade of truth is currently telling
us that the bottom section of the removable back panel is made of plastic.

The whole area surrounding the micro USB slot
is plastic. Up at the top next to the headphone jack,
which always gets bonus points for me, is also made of plastic. The only part that appears to be metal is
the center back segment of the phone. Now one of the reasons I started this YouTube
channel 5 years ago was because the best and most environmentally friendly way to recycle
a cell phone is to just keep it alive and useful as long as possible.

And to make a long lasting phone, manufacturers
need to make them durable. The Note 7 was an incredible environmental
fiasco. One of the many ways to help the environment
is to not throw away useful things  especially broken cell phones. They are usually worth money and someone somewhere
can fix them and keep them circulating.

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Never throw away a cell phone  always recycle
it. Hopefully my channel has helped with that. Long story short, the center back panel is
metal. The camera lens is scratch resistant glass
just like it should be.

It doesnt look like Motorola has cut any
corners so far, so lets keep going. The sides of the phone are made from plastic. Even the power and volume buttons are made
of plastic. So I wouldnt get too excited about this
being an all metal device.

The majority of the surface area is plastic. Speaking of heat, my lighter tells us that
the screen is AMOLED or LCD. And by the heat killing the pixels temporarily,
turning them black, we know its an LCD. It did last about 15 seconds before reacting
though, and thats pretty good.

An AMOLED screen, like most Samsung phones
have, would turn white and not recover like this LCD screen just did. Now the ultimate test of structural integrity
and durability is the bend test. Pressing from the back of the phone, the screen
does protrude quite prominently out of the removable rear panel. But it does not shatter or break.

The phone is still functional at this point. When pushing from the screen side, there is
less flex to the phone, and this inexpensive device from Motorola does not kick the bucket. The screen did stop functioning for a brief
second, but a simple turning it off and back on again fixed that issue. Since the majority of the phone is plastic,
no permanent damage was done during the bend test.

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It is not stuck, bent out of shape the HTC
U Ultra that costs 4 times as much. The Moto G5 passes my durability test. It might not have the premium feel of a more
expensive phone, but it is a device that can physically stand the test of time. And having a removable battery will help extend
the life of this phone far into the future.

Since batteries are usually the first thing
in cell phones to die of natural causes. Ill be reviewing this phone from the inside
with a repair video in the very near future. So if you love reparability, sustainability,
or just seeing technology from the inside, youre in the right spot. Thanks for watching.

Ill see you around..

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