Gadget Review – Moto E3 Power Quick Review Indonesia

Moto E3 Power Quick Review Indonesia

After a long break, Motorola smartphone finally returns to Indonesia, and is now under Lenovo. Moto E3 Power will be the first smartphone launched.. And become the sign of their return to the country. Motorola has great experience and reputation in creating smartphone.

Unfortunately, they are more focus to the American and European market. Yet in the end of this year, Motorola is attracted to work on the Asian market. The appearance of Moto E3 Power is the proof. This smartphone was specifically designed and created for developing countries in Asia, such as India and Indonesia.

Moto E3 had been launched previously in the United States and Europe without bringing the word "Power". We can already guess that adding the word "Power" means that this smartphone's main attraction is its battery. Moto E3 Power contains of a big capacity of battery, which is 3.500 MAh. What's interesting is that we can take off the battery, and by doing it, you can insert two 4G SIM card and a 32 GB microSD.

Its 3.500 MAh battery needs 2 hours to be fully charged. Or filled for 15 minutes to 5 hours of active use We also feel satisfied with its endurance. While using it for opening social media applications and browsing the Internet actively, the average screen-on-time is 4 hours. Yes, Moto E3 Power is really suitable for those who want to be presence in any social media at all time, browse Internet and stream videos.

The thing is that you only need to charge the battery once in two days. However, if you also want to play games with it, you will need to charge it once a day. Talking about games, Moto E3 Power can be used to play games, yet only for games with middle-down-graphics since this smartphone was not designed for heavy gamers. It can already be seen from the specifications.

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Moto E3 Power is powered by CPU quad-core MediaTek MT6735 1.0 GHz, plus 2 GB RAM. And 16 GB storage. By default, this storage uses 4 GB. To accommodate OS Android Marshmallow.

Therefore, the real capacity that can be used is approximately 11 GB. For instance, while playing Clash Royale, the frame per second is quite low that we can feel it runs slowly. Yet while playing FIFA 17, the performance is satisfactory Staring at the screen while playing games feels comfortable The screen quality is good with glossy type To support its existence in social media, Moto E3 Power is equipped by 8 MP main camera and 2 MP front facing camera. On paper, the resolution is indeed small.

But we are certain that you will be quite satisfied since its low resolution can produce great quality of pictures. For selfie, Moreover, the front camera is also equipped by simple beautify features. In Indonesia, the price will be Rp 1,9 million. You may find it expensive or cheap, depends on how you value it.

To us, the price still makes sense. In addition, it comes with solid design, eye catching and looks cool. By spending Rp 1,9 million, you will get the smartphone and data cable, charger, headset, and screen guard on this package retail..

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