Gadget Review – Life Proof iPhone 45 Case Review & Underwater Test

LifeProof NdFre iPhone 45 Case Review & Underwater Test

KEIKO: Hey whats up guys, welcome back
to Gear Addix. Its your girl Keiko Alingas. JOEY: And Im Joey Guila. KEIKO: So today well be taking look at
Lifeproofs new line of NUUD Shockproof, Dirt Proof, Snow proof, and waterproof phone

JOEY: Wait, did you say nude? Youve been
watching me change again? KEIKO: Oh gosh no. For those of you who may
be familiar with LifeProofs previous line of cases, they had a plastic screen protector
built into the case so that water or other unwanted elements dont seep into your phone.
Very pracitcal and necessary at the time, but sometimes you lose touch screen responsiveness,
especially when your phone gets wet. JOEY: But with the brand new line of Nuud
cases, the extra tight sealing in the outer edges make it so that theres no need for
a protective sheet and you can now make direct contact with your screen at all times. KEIKO: After all, touch screens are means
to be touched right? JOEY: I love touching my screen.

KEIKO: I know… Ive caught you… Several
times. JOEY: I thought you were sleeping.

KEIKO: Uggh. I cant wait till we have separate
dressing rooms. Anyways, as with many waterproof cases currently out in the market, they are
usually known to be bulky and quite ugly. However, the life proof phone case has more
of a sleek design which allows it to be used as your everyday case.

It offers extreme protection
and usability to access every feature on your phone. Such as your charger, headphone port,
camera and volume controls. JOEY: With your phone totally protected you
can feel comfortable bringing it anywhere. Whether you're skiing, mud wrestling, or skinny
dipping in a bathtub of Tequila.

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KEIKO: Right, because thats what we do
all the time. Anyways, we can talk about this more, but I think its about time we put
this through the good ol fashioned Gear Addix torture test. JOEY: You know you shouldnt be swimming
when its that time of the month right? KEIKO: Youre just jealous cause you werent
ready for bikini season? KEIKO: Anyways, for full details on LifeProofs
entire line of cases, including their offerings for the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy series,
check out our blog at GearAddix.Com. JOEY: Till next time, Im Joey Guila.

KEIKO: Get outta here!!! And Im Keiko Alingas,
well catch you guys next time. JOEY: Hey guys, thanks again for watching. KEIKO: For even more videos from Gear Addix,
be sure to subscribe to us right here on our YouTube channel. JOEY: And for more information on the product
featured in this video, click on the link in the description below.

KEIKO: Well see you guys next time. Produced & directed by Roland Posadas.

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