Gadget Review – LG V30S ThinQ first look

LG V30S ThinQ first look

Find the difference Vlad,
find the difference. There is none. Okay. (Slow electronic music) Here at NWC-2018, LG is
getting into the S-model game for new phones, which means doing a small iterative change to a device we've already seen.

So this right here is the LG V30. And this is the LG V30S. If you're not able to spot a difference, other than the slightly
different sable color, that's because there isn't any. These phones are, in terms
of hardware, identical.

What we've seen LG do in reality
is issue software updates in the form of a hardware
launch with this LG V30S. Technically the company's
also calling the device the LG V30S ThinQ, but I think
that's such a terrible name I'm just not going to repeat it anymore. But, what does the LG-V30S give us, above and beyond the V30? Well, one thing, okay fair
enough to LG, there's more RAM. So it goes from four gigs to six gigs.

You get more storage, so
the options are 64 gigs over to 128. 128 Is upgraded to 56. Besides that, LG has also given you a new function called AI cam. This is done in partnership with IM.

And they have taken
hundred million photos, put them into a machine-learning
system and trained that so that the AI cam functionality,
can detect your scene basically and just set
a better color profile, color bracketing they call it. And make sure that the
settings match the scene that you're taking a photo of. One example that LG gave is it makes food look more delicious. I don't know what exactly that entails, but that's how LG describes it.

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I think primarily what it's
going to do is make things look a bit more vivid, maybe
amp up contrast a little bit. And it might also help
with white banner detection and exposure detection, things like that. LG's also adding a new
function to the camera which is a bright mode,
is what LG's calling it. And that's actually combining pixels.

So it combines four pixels into one. So when you're in really
low-light situations you take a four megapixel
photo which is much brighter than the usual 16 megapixel photo. So there is the trade-off
is, you lose resolution, but you gain brightness in
extreme low-light situations. Now the thing with both these functions: the AI cam and the bright mode
photo, they're interesting and it might be compelling
for a whole bunch of people, but LG has already
promised that it's going to be issuing those as a
software update for the V30.

So, in reality, the difference
between the V30 and the V30S. Is color, it's the ability
to have a bit more RAM, so maybe slightly smoother performance. I haven't noticed it
myself in playing around with a new phone compared to the old one. And more storage.

You know one of the things that upset me when I was reviewing the original V30 was actually the quality of the display. I talked to LG, I asked them
specifically about the display and the company said that
it has not changed at all. So having said that the V30S
and the V30 are very similar, that doesn't necessarily
mean that you're going to have a bad phone with V30S. One of the really great strengths of the V30 is the audio system.

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So, these phones, do still
have a headphone jack, LG is sticking with a headphone jack. And the V30 produced the
best audio that I've heard from any smartphone to date. I would've much preferred
to see LG do more. Here you have a Snapdragon A35 processor instead of the A45 which is now available, and probably going to
be in the new Galaxy S9 and Sony's new flagship and so on.

It still has two cameras in the back. One is telephoto, one is wide-angle. I would have liked to see
LG do more to upgrade that, improve the image quality. What LG has opted to
do is go the AI route, of having automated scene detection.

And, oh there's another thing
which is called LG's Q-lens, which is supposed to allow you to shop by taking a photo of something. And does visual shopping
connected with Amazon. I tried that with the V30. It offered me iPhone as
the auto-detected option.

I flipped the phone around,
I took the photo of the back of the V30, it started
offering me cellphone cases. So that Q-lens functionality,
I omitted to mention it because I don't really see
it as being particularly functional at the moment. I'm not able to shop for anything with it. As I say the LG V30 was
already a pretty decent phone and the LG V30S is pretty much
a re-issue of the same thing.

What this does signal
though, is LG's new strategy. The company's new president
for it's mobile division, is re-thinking everything
and that's part of the reason why we're not seeing the new
G-series flagship here at MWC. You could say that the V30S
is kind of filling the void of not having a new
flagship phone from LG. But it also shows that LG's
going to iterate faster.

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It will have these S-models in the future. So, it's next flagship which
might be coming out in June, that might be succeeded within six months. Just as the V30 was
succeeded by this V30S model. So this is something that I guess we're just going to have to get used to.

Is a re-issue of the same… Please cut this (mumbling). (Clearing throat) As I say the LG V30 was
already a pretty decent phone and the LG V30 eaaaaah. – [Cameraman] That is-.

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