Gadget Review – LG V30+ Review Power & Beauty

LG V30+ Review Power & Beauty

Hey there, Alex here. The LG V series has always been about power
user features. Removable battery, expandable storage, great
audio quality, a funky display setup, and an impressive set
of camera features. The V30+ is still mostly that, other than losing that second display for
a taller screen, and trading the removable battery in for a
more weatherproof IP68 rating.

So it looks a bit prettier now, and is a little
more grown up. Okay, its not really just a bit prettier. I mean just look at it. Its a gorgeous looking phone that puts
the Galaxy Note8 to shame, and Samsung could really learn from LG the
correct place to put a rear fingerprint sensor.

The front of the phone is just as stunning
to look at with those slim bezels around the 6 pOLED
18:9 display. The issues that youve heard about ad nauseam
on the internet are mostly true, but definitely exaggerated. Unless youre very particular about display
quality, its still a good looking screen. While the hardware design is pretty spot on,
the software design is still pretty LG.

Ugly looking animations, plenty of LG software
Ill never use, and just generally weird design choices around
the interface. I definitely see improvements over past LG
software, and some of the annoying things can be turned
off, but at the glacial pace that theyre moving, its going to take a while for them to catch
up to Samsung. Thats really unfortunate because in terms
of hardware design, theyre pretty much neck and neck now. Like most overzealous manufacturers, the software comes with quite a bit of additional

Most of them I would probably never use. Like this floating bar that replaces the secondary
display on previous V series phones. It is supposed to provide quick access to
shortcuts but ends up feeling more clunky instead. There are genuinely useful features like the ability to add a button to pull down
the notification shade, double tap to wake or sleep, using a knock code to unlock the phone while
its on my desk, or having an always on display that shows
me all my notifications.

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With the V30+, LG has also refined the software
to work better with the wider aspect ratio. Its not perfect still, but its definitely
better than it was on the G6. So if you can live with the way the software
looks, or youre planning to use a launcher on
the phone anyway, its not exactly a terrible experience. The software performance is pretty much what
you would expect from a flagship device too.

Like most flagship Android phones, its a pretty standard looking spec sheet
here. Even though 4GB of RAM doesnt sound as
impressive anymore, I havent ran into any situations where
I felt like I needed more. Same thing with the 3,300mAh battery which doesnt sound like much for a phone
this size, but it is actually decent enough to get me
through a day of use quite easily. A bigger battery would be nice of course, but the phone is slimmer and lighter than
other similar devices, which makes it less tiring to use one-handed.

It does support fast charging and wireless
charging, so even if you are a super heavy user, its not that difficult to keep the phone
topped up throughout the day. There are a few interesting hardware features
on the V30+. First is the Quad-DAC that weve seen on
a couple of past LG devices already, which pumps out higher fidelity audio. Its rare enough to find a headphone jack
on a phone these days, and even rarer that so much emphasis has been
placed on it.

Even with a basic pair of headphones, its not hard to tell how much better this
sounds over your typical smartphone. The second interesting hardware feature, is
the haptic feedback. Unlike the crude feeling vibrator motor in
most Android phones, the feedback and you get on the V30+ feels
great. Its precise, and subtle.

Little things like the feedback you get when youre scrolling through the dials in the
camera app, or that click when capturing an image. Its not a deal breaker feature, but its a much appreciated upgrade that
adds to the premium feel of the phone. Next interesting feature is of course the
ultra-wide angle camera. This time round its not only slightly higher
resolution, but also has a wider aperture.

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LG has also managed to reduce the barrel distortion
that normally comes with lenses like this, making it look better than ever before. For me I still find a wide angle setup to
be more fun to use compared to other dual camera setup, and the V30+ has the best implementation yet. Which transitions us nicely into the main
camera, which is a pretty impressive shooter too. In full auto mode, the camera is generally
pretty good at producing good looking shots with natural looking colours, and nice details.

Its not quite at the level of phones like
the Google Pixel 2 with its insane HDR processing, but this is still a camera that Ive really
enjoyed using, and I think most people would too. I have the full resolution samples in the
video description below, so be sure to check them out. The highlight of the camera though, other than the wide-angle camera, is really just the plethora of modes, features, and effects, that you can get from
the camera app. Some of the fun modes from the G6 are still
here too.

Then you get one of the best manual modes
out of the box. Im not just talking about images, but videos
too. On top of all that, you also get a bunch of
colour-grading presets that you can use on-the-go. If those are not your jam, you can even shoot
in a Cine-log mode to preserve as much dynamic range as possible
if you want to do your own colour grading.

One feature I really like, is this smooth
zoom feature which lets me select an area for the camera to slowly crop into. This is still digital zoom of course, and video editing software would probably
be able to achieve a similar effect. But if youre just looking to share content
quickly while on-the-go, it works well enough. Which is the same story with all the power
user features in the camera app.

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In terms of outright quality, most content
creators would probably still go with a dedicated camera setup. But those are typically pretty cumbersome
to carry around. What the V30+ offers, is the mobility and
freedom to create more professional looking content and sharing
them on-the-go. And I think thats a legit value proposition.

What is not so great though, is the front
facing camera. Its a wide angle camera too, and while
its decent enough in good lighting, it can struggle a little in dimmer lighting
conditions. Some power users would probably be pretty
upset with LG abandoning removable battery on the V30+, but for me I think its worth the trade-off
for a more weather resistant phone. That probably allowed LG to finally just go
all-in for the design of the phone, resulting in not just a feature-packed device, but also one of the best looking phones in
the market this year.

While things like the Quad DAC, ultra-wide
angle camera, or the camera features might not be deal breakers
for me, I could definitely see folks who would buy
the phone just for those features. And for regular consumers, the basic features
of the phone are solid enough, you get 2 years local warranty here in Singapore, and have I mentioned how good looking the
phone is? On the downside, Im still not a fan of
LGs UI, the front camera could be better, I wished the battery size could be a bit bigger, and stereo speakers would have been nice. But other than that, the LG V30+ gets a huge
thumbs up from me. Thanks for watching my review of the LG V30+.

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