Gadget Review – LG V10 Durability Test Scratch, Burn, and Bend Tested

LG V10 Durability Test - Scratch, Burn, and Bend Tested

I finally got my hands on the LG V10. This
phone has been VERY popular among some of the top reviewers on YouTube MKBHD even put
it second place for the "Top Big Phones" of 2015. Right behind the Samsung Note 5. Lets see how it holds up to my durability

We'll start with the scratch test. Just like in my previous videos, I have a
set of picks that let me see where the glass of the LG V10 falls on Mohs Scale of Hardness.
The LG V10 has Gorilla Glass 4. So its no surprise that my picks leave no mark up until
a level six. You can see a slight scratch, and then a level seven pick leaves a pretty
hefty groove.

This means that you don't have to worry about keys or coins scratching your
device when its rolling around in your pockets or purse. Now… On to the camera lens. This phone is
a bit different.

Normally when I have tested camera lenses like on the Moto X Pure edition,
or even the iPhone 6s, the glass is consistent with the front screen, and resists a level
6 pick or higher. This particular camera lens scratched at a level 5… But that is still
pretty tough. Especially when compared to the plastic rear camera lens of the Blackberry
Priv which scratched at a level 3.

The back of the LG v10 is removable. It is
covered with a high quality rubber coating. You can see how thick it is as my razor blade
slices through it. It is very scratch resistant, And my keys leave no mark when I press them
hard up against the surface.

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The front plastic at the bottom and the top
of the screen scratches very easily though. It will get marked up by keys or coins. A unique addition to this phone is the stainless
steel sides. Most smart phone manufactures use aluminum nowadays.

So it is nice to have
something a little classier, and stronger, running down the sides of the device. It scratches
much less than aluminum would in the same situations. And is tougher overall. Onto the extreme heat test! While I am sure
none of you plan on holding your phone over open flame…

Its still interesting to compare
how the different flagship devices handle extreme situations. Some phones get permanently
damaged, like the One Plus X or the Nexus 6p, but this phone does not. You can see the
pixels go black and turn off from the heat, but they turn on again as soon the heat is
removed and the screen cools down. The heat does not remain inside the IPS LCD screen
for long.

I am able to touch it with my fingers just seconds after removing the flame. Lets
give a thumbs up to LG for a quality display. Now the bend test! This test is one of my
favorites. When I try my hardest to bend the device you can tell it has a decent amount
of flex and give to it…

But there is no catastrophic failure like the HTC M9 or the
Nexus 6p. Even when trying to bend the phone from the front, it still remains intact. The
Stainless steel body probably has some structural integrity to it. It'll be fun to see how the
sides are integrated with the rest of the device when I take it apart tomorrow.

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smartphone durability videos in the future. Hope to see ya around!.

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