Gadget Review – LG Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4 (english subtitles)

Hi. This is ONE SHOT VIDEO about LG Nexus 4 for about 450 eur (in Slovakia). It is nice smartphone with 2 GB RAM and 1,6 GHz quad-core CPU, comparable with other good known high-ends. Nexus 4 is really late on our (slovak) market and with bold price.

IPS display with HD resolution is nice, especially in the interior without sunshine. Transition from the black screen to the surrounding black area is hardly recognizable. LED under the display works randomly – I've never seen it when I need it! It looks like a joke. 🙂 Above screen is front camera.

Switch button on the right side is hardly palpated – is hard to find it with fingers.  MicroUSB is on usual place.  Volume regulation and microSIM are on the left side. Audio jack is on upper side.

Flash is (unusually) this big white thing, objective is small dot above it. The back side is nice glittering, but you probably can't see it on video.  Lock-screen on pure Android 4.2.2 Allows manipulation with rollbar and browsing between other active screens. You can also install other widgets (active screens) next to the main lockscreen.

You just need to find application with widget for home screen and also lockscreen.  Homescreen…Making folders… Main menu… There is no FM radio and loudspeaker is useless.

The camera app is really hilarious, with functions like good looking HDR pictures, 360-degrees panorama, time lapse… Google Nexus 4 is good phone. Looking at the HD IPS display, you can feel free to forget the Full HD resolution on that diagonal. Battery: 2 100 mAh The battery is permanently integrated, you can't change it with stronger one like on Samsung Galaxy S III.

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Speaker could be much better.  The biggest problem for me is the price tag of the device. Attention! 16 GB = real 13 GB without memory card slot. .

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