Gadget Review – LG G7 Comeback Device For LG

LG G7 (JUDY) - Comeback Device For LG

So earlier this year, LG announced that it would
no longer release smartphones on a yearly schedule, opting to launch new models "when
it is needed." Shortly afterwards, reports from Korea claim
LG was starting over on the G6 successor after failing to create a compelling product. And all the while, there were conflicting
reports on whether the phone would be called the G7 at all. According to a new report from Evan Blass
on VentureBeat, the phone will not be branded as the G7, and has a codename of "Judy" inside
the company. It is expected to have a 6.1-Inch 18:9 display,
using a new 'MLCD+' panel capable of 800-nit brightness while consuming around 35% lower
battery (compared to conventional IPS LCD.

Screens). LG's OLED panels on the Pixel 2 XL and V30
left a lot to the imagination, so I don't think anyone will be upset over its absence
on Judy. The device's other specs are likely to be
par for a flagship phone in 2018. There will be a Snapdragon 845, 64 GB of storage,
and 4GB of RAM.

The RAM does seem a bit light compared to
some other phones, but it gives LG a place to improve future iterations of this device. Apart from that, there will be a dual rear
16-megapixel camera (with f/1.6 Lenses), IP68 dust and waterproof rating, stereo speakers,
HDR support, wireless charging and LG's own digital assistant. Most of this sounds great, but unfortunately,
it'll still be a while before we'll actually see it in action as it's expected to release
in June. June tends to be a slow time for phone releases,
so LG won't be battling with Samsung for attention as Samsung launches flagship phones in the
spring and fall.

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The supply of Snapdragon chips will also increase
by summer, so LG won't have to make compromises with the chipset. So based on this new info, are you excited
for what LG has in store for 2018? Let me know in the comments and I'll see you
guys tomorrow…Peace out!.

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