Gadget Review – LG G6 Not a Clear Vision My Opinions

LG G6Not a Clear Vision ( My Opinions

Friends Finally LG Has Unrevealed LG G6 From Lots Of Time We Was listening that phone phone is like this or like that you just keep watching this video i will be talking about Lg G6 only i will be telling you about phone internals about phone specifications whats is new in phone what is old and what are my opinion about Lg G6 hello guys i am gaurav and you are watching technical guru ji so let get started [MUSIC] friends you must have watched lots of teaser from lots of days that Lg was Taking Out That Phone Will Have This phone have that so we was expecting a lot from 26 feb when lg gonna unrevealed LG G6 over here this talk was also clear that Lg will not take out G5 Modular approach something different it is going to to so today first i will talk about some specifications i will tell you what is different in phone what is old and move forward towards my opinion friend overhere in this phone you get a different display over here it has aspect ratio of 18:9 or simply 2:1 this is almost 2K Display but in verticle sides you get some extra pixles so the complete resolution you get is 1440 * 2880 (564ppi) pixles overhere you also get corner that to rounded which match phone over all desgine friends you get snapdragon 821 4GB of R.A.M. 3300 Mah Battery quick charge QC3.0 Support nearly in 30 Minutes you can charge battery up to 50% or if you charge it nearly 90 Minutes Your Battery Will Be Fully Charged and further here those camera are they have been changed and the rear camera are of 13 Mega Pixles That to They are Two Camera basically the censor in both is same but they has little bit different angle difference on one camera it is of 71 Degree and another camera is of 125 degree with wide angle support and the main camera overthere you get OIS. And the capture is of F1.8 And wide angle camera dont have OIS. And have capture of F2.4 Friends downside of those only you get finger print scanner and the front camera is of 5 Mega Pixles F2.2 5 Mega Pixle one camera where you get 100 Degree wide angle in phone which display you get that has Hdr 10 dolby vision support Lg Says It Has Full Vision Display it comes with phone ip68 rating android 7.0 And further the internal storage is if 32 Gb Or 64 Gb depend from where you purchase the device you will get microSD Card Support orrr this much only friends this was only about LG G6 or somemore thing are not here to talk about and the phone desgine is you get metal frame and the back portion you get glass but by looking it looks and if you will see from far it looks like metal but it is glass where downside of it you will get three different desgine there are three different colours you get ice platinium mistic white or astro black orrr……

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Only this man more there is nothing to talk about G6 we have thought phone will be having this phone will be like this so ok some it has some camera mods and they have little bit change the phone UI. But still Lg Typical Cartoons Style it did not look this much mature you get lots of camera mods and further.. And still lg is using quad dac which it was using from lots of year orrr.. Finish story finish or wahat i talk about G6 meaning lots of expectation was there that phone will be like this or phone will be like that but i did not find any thing special USP in Phone which can make phone a good seller meaning processor has been used snapdragon 821 so  now it is old processor now 835 in talks or in 6 months it will also get old so meaning rightnow also using 821 in phone with 4 Gb of R.A.M.

Or with 32 GB storage meaning they should bring out one package from which buyer get attracted towards it that this thing is not getting any where so we should take it but in this phone it don't have any thing special meaning.. Even if you compare LG G5 so you will get minor improvement meaning ok phone desgine is improved phone screen is improved camera is also little bit improved battery is also improved and then just over… So friend you only tell what is your opinion about LG G6 even it do not have iris scanner even it dont have something unique feature which we do not get in any other phone ok it have dual camera it all depend on india and on LG price that what LG choose price for it if it put nice price so so do a great sale like those people who want different desgine those who can not wait they are only be able to take or if it go with normal price so it don't look that phone will be able to do a great sale because phone do not have any USP. You only tell me what are you opinion because i was expecting that LG will bring something different at last moment that we don't get traditionally and all that standard stuff but i am not this much happy now lets see upcoming launches in MWC where huawei gonna launch and nokia gonna launch its and motorola has one launch so lets see toward that it may be somthing excited so this much for this video thanks for watching! This video if you have any question or suggestion you can ask them in comment box bellow or if you have still not like or share this video so hit that like and share button and don't for get to subscribe to this channel because i keep on bringing like this video daily this much for today friends JAI HIND VANDE MATRAM..

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