Gadget Review – LG G6 Durability Test Scratch BURN and BEND tested!!

LG G6 Durability Test - Scratch BURN and BEND tested!!

Finally got my hands on a retail version of
a LG G6. Ive already reviewed this thing from the
inside with the teardown video, and now that I have the retail version, its time to
put it through the rest of my tests. Its time we find out if that gigantic screen
is going to compromise the overall structural integrity. Lets get started.

[Intro] My durability tests are a pretty good indicator
of how well cell phones are going to hold up over their normal life span. As always, well start with a scratch test. These Mohs picks will tell us what the screen
is made of. Some phones are plastic like the Galaxy S7
Active or the NoPhone.

Both of those scratch at a level 3. Luckily the LG G6 is using tempered Gorilla
Glass 3 on the display, which means it wont scratch until a level 6; just like most of
the other smart phones these days. Now, even though it is using tempered glass,
its not invincible. And Ill talk more about that in just a

Down here at the bottom of the phone, the
LG logo is underneath the glass so it wont ever rub or scratch off. There is no physical home button on the front
of the device so well mosey on up here to the 5 megapixel front facing camera. This is also protected by that same Gorilla
glass 3 and it should be scratch resistant as well. Now one thing I really like about this phone
is that everything is completely flush; nothing protrudes past the glass layer, including
the metal earpiece grill.

From a design perspective it looks absolutely
amazing, but that also means if you set the phone face down on a granite countertop or
tile, granite is a Mohs 6 or 7, the phone might get damaged by the rock since theres
no protective lip on the device and granite is harder than glass so a screen protector
would definitely be a good idea with this phone. Now the back of the LG G6 is a little more
interesting. The fingerprint scanner and home button are
back here, ideally centered exactly in the middle of the phone. As I scratch this scanner, it does not have
the same rubbery texture that I found on the Motorola G5, so theoretically it might scratch
a little bit easier.

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But even with a plethora of superficial scratches
on the scanner, it still functions perfectly fine and recognizes my finger. So scratching isnt something to be super
worried about. The LG G6 has two cameras, a 13 megapixel
wide angle camera, and a 13 megapixel regular camera with the optical image stabilizer that
I talked about in my tear down. Both of these are protected with the same
piece of scratch resistant glass.

And once again I love the completely flush
design, but because its flush, anytime you set it on a table or countertop, that
glass is going to be rubbing right up against the surface of whatever you set it on since
theres no lips to protect it. So personally I would get a case or even a
skin to raise the surface of the phone, just enough to protect that camera when you set
it down. The skin I applied here on this G6 is from
dbrand. The first time I heard the name dbrand I thought
it was just someones initials, but it actually stands for de-branding a cell phone, as in
covering the logos or the carrier branding.

Kind of clever. Thanks to dbrand for sending me this skin. Ill put a link in the description if you
want to check out any of their other skin variations. And now my personal favorite, checking the
material quality.

We learn that the back panel is glass from
my tear down video; it took quite a bit of force for me to shatter. Now its time to see what the sides are
made of. The gleam of metal shows through on both of
the volume buttons. Down the length of the side is also real metal.

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Definitely no coating or paint here; just
the good old premium feeling, cold hard metal. Even up here next to the headphone jack is
metal. And over here, the SIM card tray is metal
as well. Its nice when companies pay attention to
the little details.

Down here by the USBC port at the bottom we
find more metal. This phone is water resistant with USBC and
a headphone jack. We are definitely in the future. Now when it comes to the flame test, this
phone did roast slightly faster than average.

The pixels started to turn off at 6 seconds
instead of the normal 8 or 15 seconds like weve seen on some other devices. Basically this just means that your phone
will toast 5 seconds sooner than everyone elses during the apocalypse. But I mean youre probably going to be dealing
with bigger issues at that point anyway. Now one thing I want to point out before the
bend test is that the rear glass on this phone is tucked inside the metal frame which means
that during the bend test it is going to be adding strength to the device.

HTC missed out on that little trick when it
came to the U Ultra; that glass was just resting on top of the frame. So lets see if this design trick helps
the G6. Ive never had an LG phone fail my bend
testyet. Me and the G5 had a couple disagreements,
but it didnt fail the bend test either.

And with the solid metal frame of the G6,
its not surprising that theres almost no flex to this phone. Even when bending from the front or the back. If you remember from my iPhone 7 bend test…That
flexed enough to break the watertight seal. But even after bending this LG G6, none of
the seals are broken.

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So this phone passes the bend test with flying
colors. My only issue would be that while the completely
flush design is aesthetically pleasing to look at, it leaves the camera lens and screen
very exposed to scratching, but a simple case or screen protector would solve that problem
easily, lengthening the lifespan of your device significantly. And thats what were all about, plus
it will look fly like a G6. [Music playing] Thanks a ton for watching.

Ill see you around..

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