Gadget Review – LG G6 48 Hours Later!

LG G6 - 48 Hours Later!

– Yo guys, Jonathon here, and over the weekend while I
was busy talkin' about desks, you may have seen LG
drop their brand new G6. Fortunately, I was able
to get my hands on it, check it out, see what the hype is about, and these are my thoughts 48 hours later. Now, for starters with
the G6, LG has thankfully ditched the modular design
of its predecessor, the G5, and instead gone with a safer
all-glass, all-metal body that is super pretty and while
it may not be groundbreaking, I really like it. The one thing you do lose
with the lack of modularity though, is the removable battery.

For me that's never been a huge issue, with the abundance of battery
banks and fast charging. For some people that
may be a deal breaker, but honestly, I think it
is a small price to pay in turn for what yields to be
a much better overall phone. Now, as far as the battery goes, internally this is
packing 3,300 milliamps, which isn't bad, but it's also not great. I kinda wish LG woulda
pushed this a little further, maybe somewhere north
of 4,000, but overall, you should still get some really solid battery life with the G6.

And more importantly, like the Rock says, – Finally, – wireless charging is here. Now wireless charging is a
game changing or revolutionary, and yes, we've seen it on a
ton of other phones before, but it's 2017, which means
it's about time every phone includes wireless charging. I am looking at you, Apple. So thumbs up to LG on this one.

So, while the removable
battery may be gone, the one thing power
users can still rejoice and hold onto dearly, is
expandable storage, via micro SD. You're probably gonna
hear some fancy tech talk flowin' around, like, expandable up to two terabytes of storage. Roping people back to
reality for a second, the biggest current
micro SD card available is one eighth that capacity. Even that is a around 200
bucks, so you can imagine, even if a two terabyte
micro SD card does come out, you're gonna have to sell
some blue sky to afford it.

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Beyond that the LG G6
features a USB-C port, which is a thumbs up, because
everything should be USB-C. We also still see the
classic LG power button and a fingerprint reader on the back, which is a little weird
if you've never used it, but once you spend some time with it, it feels really natural. Now, beyond the design changes, I think maybe what stood
out most to me with the G6 has gotta be the display,
because it's really different than anything you're
normally used to seeing. This has a 5.7 Inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 2880 by 1440.

And if you're thinkin' to yourself, that math sounds a little
off, you, sir, are correct. That's because this isn't your traditional 16 by 9 aspect ratio,
it's actually 18 by 9. So what this means is it's
gonna be a little longer when you're holding it upright and a little wider when
you're holdin' it landscape. It is gonna be a little bit weird when you're watching movies
and videos that aren't 18 by 9, and honestly, that is the
majority of them out there, but if you can get past
the black bars on the side, which really aren't that big of a deal, it's actually kinda cool what you can do with the extra space.

For starters, multitasking
works really, really well, because essentially, you're
getting two perfect squares, one on the top, one on the bottom, which results with more
room for activities. Actually, what I found
really useful though, is once you're in the camera app, with that extra space up top, you can actually see
all your recent photos that you've taken, and again, much like a lot of things
you'll start to notice with the G6, it's not
game-changing or revolutionary, but it's actually really useful. On top of that, one of the
coolest things with the G6 is the fact that you're
getting more screen real estate in a smaller overall package. So, for example, here
is the iPhone 7 Plus.

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This is a 5.5 Inch phone and side-by-side next to the G6, you can see that it's physically smaller, but has more screen real estate. So that right there, honestly,
is kind of a big deal. I've always thought the
iPhone 7 Plus was kinda bulky and too big for one-handed use. So the fact that you
can fit a bigger screen in a smaller package that
feels better in your hand is kind of a win.

Beyond that, the bezels, or
rather lack thereof on the G6 are a beautiful, beautiful thing. The curved elements
are a super-nice touch, and you kinda just wanna stare at it and appreciate the display. So, day two is when I
got to spend some time with the camera, or cameras,
I should say, on the G6. I gotta admit, though, every
time I stare at this thing I cannot unsee the monkey tablet stand.

Regardless, though, with
this guy you're getting twin 13-mega pixel shooters. The first of which being
your standard portrait lens, and the second being an ultra-wide, get-everything-in-the-shot lens. What I particularly like
about this in the G6 is the fact that you
don't lose any quality jumping back and forth from lenses. Here are a couple pictures, the first of which
being the standard lens, I'ma then hop over to the ultra-wide lens, and you can see, for
it being really gloomy, overcast, and nasty
outside, nearing sunset, both of these do a fantastic job.

And you don't really notice
any quality difference at all. Overall for the past couple
of years, I've really liked what LG's done in terms
of smartphone cameras, and with the G6, it is no different here. I definitely do wanna still
put it through its paces a little more, but overall so far, I am super impressed with the camera. Now, another bright note with the G6 is the fact that it is
now water-resistant.

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Just doin' some basic things,
like tossin' it in water, taking some video,
everything worked perfectly. And while those tests
weren't crazy by any means, I do have some plans for
some more extreme water tests featuring the G6. If that's something you
wanna see, make sure you guys drop a like down below. Now, this is a pre-production model, so I'm not gonna dive too deep
into the software or the OS.

You do get Android 7.1 Nougat,
which is definitely a plus, but in terms of really diving deep in there with the software, I'm definitely gonna
wait till I get my hands on the final retail model. But I will say, I definitely
don't mind LG's skin, it's pretty light and for the most part stays outta your way and
there are some things that I actually kinda enjoy, like when you swipe across the screen, the text kind of bounces with you, which is strangely
satisfying, but overall, gone is the bastard
child G5, here is the G6. And I think it's safe to say LG. Is back in the smartphone game.

Aside from that, thank you
guys very much for watching. If you haven't yet, definitely
feel free to subscribe. You're probably not gonna
wanna miss that water test, and if you're thinkin' to yourself, what is that beautiful setup? You can check out that video here. This is Jonathon, and I
will catch you guys later.

So day two is when… Oh, come on man, my mouth is frozen shut. I'm like Elsa..

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