Gadget Review – LG G5 Bend Test Scratch Test Burn Test

LG G5 - Bend Test - Scratch Test - Burn Test

Got my hands on an LG G5. Lets jump in and
assess build quality through a series of relatively logical durability tests. This phone is definitely unique… The battery
has a little button near the bottom that ejects the cartridge out of the phone.

You can also
detach the battery from the base of the cartridge just by pulling on it. Apparently you can
also add other toys to the end of the phone as well. Like a camera module. Kinda reminds
me of those old school gameboy accessories.

The LGG5 has a screen protector pre installed.
So Ill pull that off before we jump into the good stuff. I have a series of picks with
different tips on them, that will allow me to see where the hardness of the screen falls
on Mohs Scale of Hardness. The LGG5 has Gorilla glass 4. So it doesn't scratch until a level

Then a deep scratch with the 7th pick. Which is on par with other smart phones. Notice
how thin the glass is. You can see the pressure of my pick against the LCD.

Its probably good
for cell phone weight and cost management… But it does not have a very 'quality' feel
to it, nor will it protect the LCD very well if its dropped. The camera lens is made of glass. Which is
fantastic considering they have more than the usual amount of cameras back there.

is a normal camera, and the other is a super wide angle lens. Not as wide as a GoPro, but
still wider than any other cell phone. Either way, its protected with glass, and not plastic,
which is a good thing. The fingerprint scanner and power button are
made of plastic, as well as the back housing.

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You might think there is a bit of metal around
the edge… But nope, its just plastic that is painted silver. This is not a premium feeling
phone by any means. I tried scratching up the fingerprint scanner to see if it would
still work after heavy abuse…

And surprisingly it worked just fine. Recognized my finger,
and would unlock the phone. I'll give that a thumbs up for sure. Here is the burn test.

This is another phone
with an IPS LCD display. Very similar to the iPhone SE that I tested earlier today. The
iPhones pixels turned off after about 16 seconds of flame… The LGG5 pixels turned off after
only 3 seconds, then burned permanently and left a white mark.

Having a thicker glass
like iPhone and Samsungs, would protect the LCD better and give it a more premium feel.
You can even see the pressure of my finger against the LCD during normal use. Now, when I first got this phone, I thought
for sure that the end cartridge would snap off like a piece of chocolate during the bend
test. You can see how wiggly it is with just my fingertips. With a full on bend test, the
end piece will flex, in both directions like a 680 dollar pez dispenser…

But amazingly
it does not snap off. I don't know what kind of black magic they
used to secure it in place… But the phone still functions 100% and passes the bend test.
This is my 19th smart phone durability test, hit that subscribe button so you never miss
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