Gadget Review – LG G4 Scratch Test, Burn Test, Bend Test, Durability video

LG G4 Scratch Test, Burn Test, Bend Test, Durability video

Alright, got my hands on a brand new LG G4.
Going to do some durability tests on it today, the first of which is taking my keys and seeing
how the leather back handles being scuffed up. It does permanently scuff the back even
with just a little bit of pressure. So you want to make sure not to keep your phone around
any metal objects. Im curious as to what is underneath the leather so Im going to
take my razor blade and slice through the leather and kind of scrape away from the back
of the phone.

Its pretty tough stuff as far as the slicing is concerned. You can see
the fibers of the leather here from the foam back. And then underneath the leather is just
some colored plastic. Its the same color as the outside leather, kind of interesting.
Well move onto the scratch test.

First off, Im going to use a razor blade. The
glass on the LG G4 is gorilla glass 3 so not quite on the same level as the Galaxy S6 or
the HTC M9. And if you look close enough you can see that the razor blade does scratch
the glass which was not the case with the Galaxy S6. Taking my keys though and trying
to scratch the glass was a little bit better for the phone.

The scratches from the keys
did not show up. So the glass is still scratch resistant, just cant handle the razor blade.
Now were going to move onto the burn test. You can see that the plastic edge of the phone
and the leather back both start burning almost immediately. So if youre going to save
a bunch of kittens from a burning building you might want to leave your phone outside.
LG calls this screen an IPS quantum display.

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You can see the pixels shutting off with the
extreme heat of the lighter on the front edge. The Quad HD Super AMOLED screen from the Galaxy
S6 had the same response which was interesting. The pixels mostly recovered after the flame
was removed. The back glass lens of the camera was not scratched by my keys which was nice.
It makes me think that the back lens is also made of gorilla glass or at least some kind
of scratch resisting glass.

The razor blade did leave a mark though. You can see the mark
in the reflection as I tilt the phone from side to side. So the back lens is not un-scratchable
but it is scratch resistant. Now onto the bend test.

If you remember the HTC M9 failed
miserably, while the Galaxy S6 did survive the bend test. I am putting all of my effort
into bending this phone. It survived the first round and now Im going to give it one more
shot. Still nothing.

I think its partially because a removable battery, which the LG
G4 has, is more rigid than a permanent internal battery. It adds structural integrity to the
phone. Id say that this phone takes 2nd place to the Galaxy S6 as far as durability
goes. It is hard to compete with a metal body and gorilla glass 4.

Still a solid phone though.
I enjoyed testing it. Ive linked the Galaxy S6 and the HTC M9 tear down videos as well
as the repair video for this LG G4. Thanks a ton for watching, and let me know what other
devices you want to see tested. Hope to see you around!.

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