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Lenovo ZUK Z1 - Review Indonesia

Hi! Ever heard of ZUK? Is it ZUK, Z U K,  or Zook? Whatever it is, ZUK Z1 is a flagship smartphone with Cyanogen OS from Lenovo subsidiary company. ZUK Z 1 is a unibody smartphone with 2 SIM card slots on its left side and no microSD slot. Its 5.5 Display has standard bezel around it. Aluminum frame on this phone is quite similar to Xiaomi Mi4 design and its humble white back side feels a bit slippy to hold The camera lens and dual LED flash size is quite small.

LED notification, a physical Home button/fingerprint sensor and 2 glowing soft buttons are located on the front side You can customize the color of LED notification and switch the Menu button into the display which automatically disabling the soft buttons. ZUK Z1 doesn't support standard micro USB port but a USB Type-C port which makes charging time shorter. Just don't forget to take the charger with you all the time. This phone reminds us to OnePlus One because it runs Cyanogen 12.1 OS based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 And after a week using it we don't find any problem at all.

Cyanogen OS is known for its personalized capability and rich in features. You can download themes after signing up to Cyanogen account. Fingerprint sensor, double tap or simply swiping upward to unlock the display. You can switch the app drawer looks from page mode to vertical mode, choosing one of 13 transition effects, even hiding the apps title and leaving the icons clean.

Screencast is an interesting app to capture screen activity so you can share it with your friends. All those features consumes 900MB of RAM upon initial phone activation and up to 2GB after using several apps. Even so, 1GB of free RAM is still available. ZUK Z1's hardware is also a lot like OnePlus One with the legendary Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz quad-core CPU, Adreno 330 GPU, 3GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage scoring up to 46610 points in AnTuTu Benchmark 5.7.1.

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The phone performs well in day to day usage such as multitasking, browsing and gaming Nevertheless, it can get warm when the signal reception is bad or running a heavy load apps. It's still not as hot as the infamous Snapdragon 810, though. As a reasonably priced flagship phone, ZUK Z1 performs well in almost every aspects This phone offers an exciting multimedia experience through a great display with adjustable screen temperature up to 10.000 Kelvin and speaker that delivers good sounds boosted by equalizer in AudioFX apps. Running on Cyanogen OS makes ZUK Z1 camera apps is Cyanogen default as well The camera sensor works well in low light  condition and even better in outdoor areas You can choose photo modes (Auto, HDR, Action, Panorama, etc.) By swiping the display but no Manual mode available Shooting a picture can be done by touching the display and pressing the power or volume button Overall, we love how the camera performs as well as its quality.

Here's some examples… I'm sure you're not so strange with ZUK Z1 now. What's the next gadget to review? Just follow our instagram @droidlime for more upcoming review. I'm Nindya Asmara, bye….

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