Gadget Review – Lenovo VIBE S1 Quick Review

Lenovo VIBE S1 - Quick Review (Indonesia)

Lenovo VIBE S1 is a belle. It is beautiful, elegant and a true selfie maker. Holding this phone brings a little dj-vu to us because it's quite similar to ZUK Z1 with aluminum material on its main body and glass material on its curved back cover. That design combined with 5 inch display gives a very convenient handling.

If only this phone had LED notification and backlight for menu button, the design would be perfect. Lenovo VIBE S1 dubbed as the selfie maker for a reason, it has 2 front-facing camera with 8MP and 2MP resolution. You can choose to take a selfie with only its 8MP camera or using dual camera mode to take your selfie into another level. Taking selfie with dual camera is as fast as one camera but you can get blur or depth of filed effect with dual cam mode.

You can choose background from dozens of template as well. You can even strike a pose in front of the Eiffel tower or be on a cover of a magazine! Noted that it's only a feature for fun. So don't expect a smooth or PC editing result from that feature. The 13MP rear camera is quite OK.

It only has Auto, HDR and Panorama mode and still works properly. Well, for VIBE S1 it's all about the front-facing camera anyway. Lenovo VIBE S1 has a great multimedia feature, bright Full HD display with brilliant video performance and detail sound from its speaker. But we doubt that this phone can handle heavy load games.

Turns out, this phone can hit 46293 points in AnTuTu Benchmark v6.0.1 Thanks to the dual-core GPU Mali T760 and 3GB RAM, heavy load game can run smoothly on its Full HD display. And you don't need to worry about storage because it has 32GB of internal storage. Aside all of its superiority, VIBE S1 is not a flawless phone. You can easily feel the heat from this phone while playing games or charging the battery.

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Glass and aluminum material is indeed a good heat conductor, that's why the 40 C heat can sting your hand. Heat is one thing. Lack of battery performance is another shortcoming with only 2420 mAh capacity. Using dual SIM card and actively browsing plus social media will make screen-on time only 4.5 Hours.

Lack of battery capacity and heat can be a huge problem for mobile gamers. But for women, especially who love selfie, this phone is surely hard to resist..

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