Gadget Review – Lenovo VIBE C Quick Review

Lenovo VIBE C Quick Review

Smartphone is not only for adult and people with extra funds everyone also has the right and can own a smartphone One main condition is that it has to be affordable Today, VIBE C can be considered as Lenovos most affordable smartphone Lenovo VIBE C was announced last May, and has started selling in Indonesia on June. This moment somewhat affirms that Lenovo VIBE C.. ..Is the smartphone that fits schoolchildren.. ..Who just got back from their long holiday Not only is the price, which will only cost you Rp1.3 Million, but the specification and features are very suitable..

For both schoolchildren and newbies, or we may say, not overly excessive. Through VIBE C, Lenovo wishes to offer the most updated features.. ..And great performance phone in reasonable price Unlike entry-level Android that usually has 4 inch or 4.5 Inch screen dimensions, Lenovo VIBE C offers 5 inch screen. Therefore, users will feel more comfortable to browse or play games in this smartphone.

However, its 854 x 480-pixels-resolution has been outdated hence, the quality of the screen looks standard. Plus, using it outdoor gives lack of visibilities due to screen reflection. The positive side is when using it to play games. The smaller the screen resolution, the lighter the GPU workload.

This makes Lenovo VIBE C very comfortable when it comes to playing the latest games. Lets say, Clash Royale, Pokemon GO, or even Need for Speed No Limits. Moreover, its effective internal storage as big as 11 GB.. ..Is more than enough to install big sized applications and games.

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Its fairly good performance is presented by CPU quad-core entry-level.. ..Snapdragon 210, GPU Adreno 304, and 1 GB RAM. The RAM capacity is quite small, But the standard UI can run five applications at the same time.. ..Leaving 150 MB remaining RAM capacity.

The combination of these three hardware delivers 22k points AnTuTu score. Lenovo VIBE C also offers 4G connection through its dual SIM. Yes, 4G connection is indeed a must have feature in every smartphone. Two SIM card slots are accompanied by up to 32 GB microSD..

..That can be found by opening its back cover and taking off its battery. The battery has 2,300 mAh capacity with an average of 2 hours screen-on-time. While the back cover is made of plastic with black or white color selections, the material used feels solid. If you prefer black back cover, your fingerprints will easily stick to the back cover when you are holding it with oily fingers.

Talking about its design, it is very basic and nothing is very special, especially the front part. It also has standard sized bezel, as well as the placement of its three soft buttons in the front, which have no backlight. To you whom love taking pictures, Lenovo provides VIBE C with 5 MP main camera and 2 MP front-facing camera. Its small resolution does not produce great pictures..

..Especially when taking pictures indoor. It is understandable since Lenovo VIBE C was made for beginners, such as schoolchildren. Oiya, for your information, purchasing on Lazada can give you a bonus of NUT mini tracker (while stock lasts). You can have it for Rp 1,3 million.

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Lenovo VIBE C is an affordable smartphone for beginners who support 4G connections. With its basic design and camera performance, this smartphone turns out to be quite impressive in regard to computers.. ..Including multitasking and playing middle class games..

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