Gadget Review – Lenovo HW02 Smart Band Review!

Lenovo HW02 Smart Band Review!

Hey guys this is Richard. Smartwatches may look great for notifications
and ease of access, but I have not been using one daily. I own a Moto 360 but the need for daily charging
puts me off and now it sits on my desk as a table clock. Personally I still prefer to pull out my phone
to read messages when I get alerts.

The screen is just too small for me to read. Further more it costs as much as a mobile phone. I have read about Smart Bands and its a
really stripped down version of a smartwatch. They are pretty popular but I didnt really
have a chance to use it.

Thankfully, Banggood have reached out to me
and provided the Lenovo HW02 Smart Band for me to review. Remember to check them out in the description
box below. Mine came in orange and black which has a
nice color contrast and its also available in Blue and Black. Its made of some sort of TPU material which
is soft to the touch.

There isnt any sharp edge and its pretty
comfortable to wear on the wrist. There is a metal buckle bearing the Lenovo
logo with 2 prongs. Those are for the holes in the other side
of the band to hold it tightly around the wrist. Its pretty snug and it doesnt fall off at all.

Clamping the buckle one handed will take some
practice. The furthest holes have a diameter of around
6.5Cm and the closest one have a diameter of around 4.5Cm. On the front is a 0.42 Inch 40×72 OLED display. The display cannot be pressed, instead there
is a tiny touch button right below it.

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Its pretty sensitive and works with a light tap. There isnt any option for brightness and
it can get pretty dim outdoors. The heart rate sensor is on the back together
with the pogo pins. The cable that comes with it is magnetic and
it guides it to the pins.

Its IP67 certified but Lenovo says it is not
recommended to wear during showering or swimming. Accidental splashes when washing hands is
fine in my personal experience. Just make sure it's dry when charging. Tapping on the touch button cycles through
various options like, datetime, number of steps taken, number of calories burnt, heart
rate monitor, battery level and find my phone.

To measure heart rate, wait for a few seconds
for the results to appear. Pair it to the Lenovo Smart Bracelet app to
unlock features like alerts and sleep tracking. The settings page shows the current battery
level, goal reminder, find my phone that is triggered from the band and smart reminder that gives simple alerts on the band. Raising the hand will turn on the display
to show the time but it takes some tries to get the time to show.

A time range can be set on when this feature
will be turned on. Its useful so the time will not show when
the band is worn to sleep to track sleep patterns. This will definitely save some battery life. On days when you feel lazy, the sedentary
reminder will alert you to get up and do some work out when there is no activity.

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Vibration strength can also be set to your liking. There are other settings like alarm and units type. There are 3 main screens in the app, Activity,
Sleep and Heart Rate. Activity displays information about the number
of steps taken, distance travelled and calories burnt.

The bottom half shows the number of activities
done for the day and tap on it to show more information. The top left icon shows the history that can
be viewed monthly, weekly or daily. The steps counting for the most part are pretty accurate. The running mode tracks the distance, heart
rate, time taken, speed and calories burnt for each run.

The map mode also tracks the route taken. The Sleep screen tracks deep sleep, light
sleep, wake up and heart rate throughout the night. Im not too sure whether its accurate
since the time I sleep is different from the time that is recorded. Its still a pretty nice feature to have.

The bell icon is the anti sleep alarm. It will trigger an alarm every 5 mins for
a set time to keep you awake. The heart rate monitor shows the daily measurements
throughout the day every 15 mins if auto measure is turned on. If you prefer, you can also manually run the
test either through the app or on the band itself.

You can also view the daily heart rate and
show information like fat burning, cardio and peak exercise. The data is usually auto synced but to do
it manually, pull down the lower half display on any screen. Battery life is pretty good since the display
doesnt take up lots of battery. It dropped about 7% – 10% battery in a full
day of use.

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Depending on usage, the Lenovo HW02 Smartband
can easily last 5  7 days before needing a charge. Although the Lenovo Smart Band doesnt have
the bells and whistles of a smartwatch, I enjoyed using it on a daily basis. Its lightweight, provides simple alerts
and quite accurately tracks steps and heartrate. Best part for me is not charging the band
every day.

But I feel that the design could be more attractive,
the display bigger and much brighter. If you are one of those who wants a fitness
tracker but don't wish to charge it everyday, its worth to get it. Considering the price is a fraction of a smartwatch. That's all for this video.

This has been my experiences using the Lenovo HW02 smart band and if you do have any questions, please leave a comment below feel free to leave a like if you enjoyed it and subscribe to see more of such videos. Thanks for watching and see you guys in the next one..

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