Gadget Review – Lenovo A7000 Special Edition (K3 Note) – Review Indonesia

Lenovo A7000 Special Edition (K3 Note) - Review Indonesia

Lenovo K3 Note? Nope! Lenovo A7000 Plus? Nope! Lenovo A7000 Special Edition? Yup! Outside Indonesia, Lenovo A7000 Special Edition is known as Lenovo K3 Note Lenovo Indonesia decides to use the name because Lenovo A7000 was very popular in Indonesia. Lenovo A7000 Special Edition weight is 150 gram, 10 gram heavier than Lenovo A7000. Compare to another 5.5 Inch smartphone we've reviewed, this phone is one of the lightest. The 2900 mAh removable battery is thin and light as well.

You can easily open the back cover with one hand. On the front side, there's an LED notification near the front-facing camera and three menu buttons without backlight. Naturally, the handling of this phone is the same as Lenovo A7000. Despite of its mid-end nature, Lenovo A7000 Special edition still comes with the same UI used in Lenovo's flagship phone with various themes and gesture feature.

Such as writing "V" or "O" in lock screen to access certain apps you have assigned in advance, double tap to wake the display from lock screen and pressing the volume button twice to secretly access the main camera. Lenovo Vibe UI 2.0 Which based on Android Lollipop 5.0 Takes 800MB of RAM at first activation but on day to day usage the UI consumes 1.4GB RAM, making only 400-500MB of free RAM. Aside from features we show earlier, the Lenovo A7000 Special Edition UI is exactly the same as other Lenovo UI. Hardware is the most obvious thing that separate Lenovo A7000 Special Edition from Lenovo A7000.

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The 5.5 Inch display is now come with Full HD resolution, making text look sharper and clearer. Unfortunately, its shiny screen also displays reflected object. Therefore outdoor usage is a bit poor. Lenovo provides Dolby Atmos feature to boost audio performance of this phone but we don't feel any significant sound improvement due to the speaker placement on the back side of this phone.

A 16GB internal storage which is double from 8GB in Lenovo A7000, is a really useful upgrade. Although it only has 11.5GB usable space, Lenovo A7000 Special Edition also offers a microSD slot with up to 64GB support. This phone scores 45578 points on AnTuTu Benchmark 5.7.1, 3000 Points higher than Lenovo A7000 thanks to its 1.7GHz CPU clockspeed compare to Lenovo A7000 1.5GHz CPU clockspeed. While battery and RAM has no changes with 2900 mAh capacity and 2GB respectively.

Full HD resolution doesn't give the hard time to the GPU. A game with quite complex graphics like Unkilled can run smoothly. After playing for 10 minutes the back side of this phone is getting warm. Another upgrade that adds value to this phone is the 13MP main camera.

Even though it comes with similar features, pictures become much better. White balance, ISO and 12 color effects also available. The shutter speed is quite impressive as well and works perfectly indoor and outdoor. Taking selfie with 5MP front-facing camera and 7 level of Beautify mode can be done with voice command, hand gesture or blinking the eye.

It's confirmed, Lenovo A7000 Special Edition is better than Lenovo A7000. Don't forget to visit our website www.Droidlime.Com. I'm Imelda Lianzi, see ya!.

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