Gadget Review – Is the iPhone SE Worth It

Is the iPhone SE Worth It

Hey guys this is Austin. Is the iPhone SE
worth it? The unboxing experience is just like any other iPhone. Pop open the box and
youll find the SE itself along with the Apple EarPods, Lightning cable for charging
and syncing along with the five watt power adapter. First things first: this looks
just like the nearly four year old iPhone 5.

This isnt necessarily a bad thing, the
metaI and glass build has held up well over the last few years. While I cant exactly
congratulate Apple on recycling an old design theres not a lot I would change today.
The chamfered edges feel good in the hand, I feel like Ive got a solid grip unlike
the 6 and 6s which have always felt a little slippery. The same goes for the glass and
metal back, its just a nicer look than the plastic antenna lines on the newer iPhone.
The SE also lacks a camera hump which not only looks cleaner but keeps it from rocking
when laid flat on a table. Its a classic design that fits in just fine in 2016.

thing that does feel out of place these days though is a four inch screen. This is absolutely
a preference thing but as someone whos been using bigger phones for the last few
years it takes some getting used to to go back to a smaller phone. There are advantages
like being able to easily use the SE with one hand and if youre coming from a 5s
or 5c thisll be an easy upgrade but I feel like youve got to be committed to wanting
a small phone. The keyboard is downright tiny though and you end up doing a lot more scrolling,
theres just less on screen compared to most phones out there.

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Its especially noticeable
when it comes to video, paired with the mediocre speaker it cant touch the experience of
using a higher end phone. The display itself is fine but nothing special these days, its
unchanged from the 5s making it sharp enough but its not in the same league as Samsungs
latest AMOLED displays. Dont get me wrong, having a solid option for a four inch phone
is nice but I think for most people something closer to a five inch screen is the ideal
phone size. While it might look like an iPhone 5 on the outside its all up to date on
the inside, its rocking the same Apple A9 as the iPhone 6s paired with two gigabytes
of memory.

On paper its nothing crazy compared to newer phones or even the iPhone 5s but
in real world use its one of the fastest phones out there. The A9 is no slouch and
when paired with the small screen it absolutely flies, this might be a small phone but theres
nothing small about the performance. Zing! It works well for gaming too although the
display size does mean youve got less room to work with. When it comes to benchmarks
its basically identical to the iPhone 6S, the biggest difference is in the graphics
side where the lower resolution screen gives it a slight edge.

While iOS 9.3 Is essentially
the same as it is on the iPhone 5 and 5s there are some new features for the SE. One of the
biggest upgrades is the addition of Apple Pay. While its still not everywhere its
become a legitimately useful feature for me over the last year or so. Its also rocking
upgraded LTE and Wi-Fi which is a small but appreciated change.

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Youre not getting a
perfect replacement for the 6s however, while youll find the TouchID fingerprint sensor
on board its the older version which is a bit slower than what youll find on the
newest phones. Theres also no 3D Touch on the SE. This is a somewhat useful feature
on the 6s that gives you a pressure sensitive display to let you pull up shortcuts in apps,
preview content before opening it and most useful for me turn the keyboard into a small
trackpad with a cursor. Only some apps take advantage of this though so its not a huge
loss and others like Live Photos just replace the 3D Touch with a long press.

What is shared
with the latest iPhones is the 12 megapixel camera. Youre working with a slightly smaller
aperture but youd be hard pressed to tell the difference, its a rock solid performer
that you can trust to get good results in most conditions. It does lack the optical
image stabilization of the 6s Plus but its not a huge problem, while the Galaxy S7 camera
is a step up over the iPhone right now theres really not much to complain about with the
SE. The same holds true for video, you can record up to 4K and not only does it look
nice but Apple does a good job tuning the digital stabilization, something thats
lacking in most other smartphones that shoot 4K.

It also has solid slow motion options
with 1080p video at 120 frames and 720 at 240 FPS, I prefer the cleaner look of the
1080p video but its all usable. One thing that definitely wasnt upgraded is the front
facing camera. The 720p video from the SE. Is not too impressive.

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With 1.2 Megapixels
its fine but it really cant hold up with newer iPhones much less the best Android
phones. You will find the Retina Flash that measures the light and flashes the screen
which actually does work reasonably well but this is one of the clearest downsides to the
lower price of the SE. And that price is a big selling point. At $400 its significantly
cheaper than the $650 6s, when you consider that that works out to about $13 a month its
a pretty strong sell.

Youre only going to find 16 gigabytes of storage on the base
model however, to upgrade itll run you an extra $100 to make the jump to 64 gigs
which is probably a smart move unless you heavily rely on cloud services. Battery life
is also surprisingly solid, thanks to that smaller screen its actually a bit better
than the 6s and should last you through a full day of use. If you prefer a smaller phone
the iPhone SE is one of the best options out there and as a budget iPhone youre not
giving up that much although you do need to be committed to a smaller size. So what do
you guys think about the iPhone SE? Let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed
this video and you want to see more like this definitely be sure to subscribe to the channel.
Anyway guys thank you so much for watching and I will catch you in the next one..

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