Gadget Review – iPhone X Review 1 Month Later

iPhone X Review 1 Month Later

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here on SuperSaf TV. In this video I'm gonna
be sharing with you my experience with using the iPhone X.

For around about a month now, although most people
tend to call it iPhone X. The one's I speak to anyway. Now, I'm not gonna be
going over any specs, or anything like that, because
if you're watching this video you probably already know all the specs. If not, check out my unboxing video, in which I go over everything in detail.

In this video I'm simply
gonna be sharing with you my experience in terms of what
I like about the iPhone X, what I don't like about it, what can hopefully be
improved for the next version. Now, to begin with, a lot
of you guys already know that I am primarily an Android user but, I always do have an iPhone
with me and I have had for quite a few years now. I've not liked an iPhone as much as I like the iPhone X for a very long time. The main reason for that has
been all the iPhones have looked pretty much the same
over the past few years.

Let's be honest, look at
the iPhone six, the 6S, the seven and even the
eight, they look practically the same. There's very minor design
changes between them and me personally, I
was getting very, very bored of that design,
so it's great that Apple have finally updated this
and I really like the new design of the iPhone X. First and foremost, we have
minimal bezels which allows us to have a larger display
and a relatively small phone factor and this
display is absolutely great. It's the best display on any iPhone and I'm so glad Apple
went with an OLED display.

The colors are more vibrant. The contrast ratio is so
much better compared to previous iPhones and
yes, I know a lot of you are gonna joke that, good job Samsung. And that's true, Samsung
have done a really good job on this and I'm so glad
Apple went with Samsung. Let's be honest, Samsung
do make the best displays out there, so the fact that Apple have gone with Samsung for this
display is a good thing for everybody.

Now this is also a true tone
display, so that means that it's gonna adapt the
white balance depending on where you are. I switched this off because
everything just looked too yellow for my eyes and
I do switch on a night shift when I'm in the dark but
I don't use true tone. Now one thing that a lot of
people have been complaining about when it comes to
the iPhone X display is this infamous notch. Personally, I don't mind it too much.

My opinion, it gives the
iPhone a very unique look. Like when you see this,
it's easily identifiable and it makes it stand out from the crowd. This is an iPhone and Apple
have really owned this notch. Could it be better utilized
with software? Yes.

Are Apple gonna really do much about it? Probably not. And after a bit, you kind
of get used to it and the only time you're probably
gonna have an issue with this is when you're watching
videos in full screen mode. Now, here's the thing. Most videos out there
are still in 16 by nine.

I mean, I'd say the
majority of videos online are in 16 by nine and
if you do go fullscreen, then you're gonna be losing
a bit on the top and bottom of your video and sometimes,
that can be a little bit annoying because people's
heads get cut off and things. So most of the time, when
I'm watching a video, it is still in 16 by
nine and that does result in black bars on the left and right but I've said this before. On a previous iPhone, those
black bars would've been there anyway but they would've
been there in the form of bezels. Yes, it's not ideal and
it's not the best use of this full screen but
most people use the device in portrait orientation
anyway and if you are mostly using your device
in portrait orientation, unless you're watching a
video, then the notch is gonna be okay for most people, I think.

Now we don't have a headphone
jack on the iPhone X. This was not a surprise for
anyone because we didn't have it last year. However, we do have some
good speakers on here. I'm glad that we've still
got stereo speakers.

Yes, they don't sound as good
as front firing speakers, but they still sound really good. Now, let's talk about face ID. I was initially quite
negative about face ID. But I've actually grown
to like it quite a bit.

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It's super fast and it just works. So, just showing you
there how quick it was, very, very quick and easy to use but it's not ideal. I've said this before
and I'll say it again. I still think that a
fingerprint scanner here on the Apple logo in addition to Face ID.

Would've been really, really useful. So, let me give you an example. I personally check out my phone a lot when I'm in bed, right? Some of the times, I just
wanna pick up my phone, maybe just respond to a
quick message or kind of delay the alarm a little
bit or something like that and previously using
touch ID, that was really quick and easy to do. With face ID, if my face is
halfway sunken into the pillow, then face ID's not gonna work and then I'm gonna have
to kind of take my face out of the pillow to unlock
it and I don't really wanna be doing that when I'm half asleep.

This is something that is
definitely quite inconvenient. I couldn't unlock this with
my sunglasses before as well. There is a solution to
that which I've covered in a previous video. So, face ID is really good
but, personally speaking, if I was given the option
of face ID or a fingerprint scanner on the back, I would always choose the fingerprint scanner on the back.

Maybe that's just me but
I just think a fingerprint scanner would be much more
convenient and easy to use. Now, another thing that
supposedly came with face ID, which kind of isn't is Animoji. So, it looks like Animoji
primarily uses the front facing camera, not
the face ID sensors because if you cover them up, Animoji still works and Animoji doesn't
work in the dark either, which once again,
suggests that it is using primarily the front facing camera. Maybe some of the sensors
are being used a little bit to make a little bit better, I don't know.

But anyway, when it comes
to Animojis, I used them for the first day and then I've
not really used them since. Yes, it was a little
bit of fun and ya know, lots of people had a lot of fun with it and call me boring, call me old, whatever. I just didn't find myself
using Animoji again. It was one of those
things where the novelty really quickly wore off.

If you're into that
kind of thing, then hey, if you wanna become a monkey or some poo, then that's all up to you. Personally speaking, yes
it's a fun feature to have but the novelty wore
off very, very quickly. Now, one question that
a lot of people ask me is do I miss the home button
and the answer to that is, no, I really don't miss the home button. It's really quick and
easy just to swipe up and it's a very natural gesture as well.

So, when you're in an app
and everything, then it is really quick to do that. There is some situations
where it's longer. So say, for example, when
I go into my recent apps, before I could just close these, but now, I have to press and hold
before I can close them and it's just an additional
step which I don't really want. Now, I think what would've been nice is if they utilized the 3D
tough display to maybe have a home button area.

This is something that we've
got on the Samsung Galaxy S8. I'm not sure why Apple didn't
utilize 3D touch in this way. Again, not the biggest of
deals and I think most people will get used to it
after a couple of days. Another thing I really
like about the iPhone is how just smooth and quick
it is and that's thanks to the Apple A11 bionic chip.

Games load up really fast,
faster than most of the devices out there, but
multitasking isn't as good as it used to be. I'm assuming that's down
to iOS 11 and not being optimized although it
should've been optimized now 'cause iOS 11 has been
out for some time now. Hopefully, this will improve over time. I've had a few app crashes, in particular, in Instagram stories
where things just kinda tend to freeze, but generally speaking, the experience has been good overall.

Now let's talk about what
probably my favorite feature of the iPhone is and that is
this dual rear facing camera. You guys may have already
seen some of the SuperSaf style camera comparisons
that have been told and in my opinion, the
iPhone X has one of the best rear facing camera setups
on any smartphone right now. It has great dynamic range
and in some situations, not all, some situations,
I know some people are gonna hate on me for saying this, the dynamic range I
found was actually better than the Pixel 2 XL. The portrait mode as well
works really well on this and if you're somebody
who takes lots of pictures from the rear facing
camera, you are absolutely gonna love the iPhone X, no doubt and it shoots some great
quality video as well, up to 4K, 60 frames a
second, but not only that, it also shoots at 24 and
30 frames a second as well.

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This is something that
we don't really find on many of the devices. They just have 4K, 30
frames a second, that's it. You can't really choose
different frame rates. Me personally, I like shooting
at 24 frames a second.

I just prefer that frame
rate and I can use that on the iPhone X. I can't use that on lots
of other devices out there. Now the only issue with
the different frame rates is that you can't change them
within the camera app itself. You need to go all the way
deeper than the settings to be able to change these,
which is really needless and it should be within the camera app.

But overall, the rear facing
cameras are absolutely great. Now, unfortunately,
the same cannot be said for the front facing camera. The best way I can describe
the front facing camera on the iPhone X, like
I've described on previous iPhones as well is that it's inconsistent. It tends to overexpose a lot
and there's so many times where things are absolutely
blown out and sometimes, they actually will work
okay but most of the times, in my experience, it
does overexpose the hell outta things and I'm
not the only one that's experienced this.

A lot of other people do
agree with me as well. The portrait mode from
the front facing camera, I don't really use it
anymore because right now, it is that bad. It just kinda blurs out
the ears and especially the sides of my beard. If you like portrait mode
from a front facing camera, get the Pixel 2 or Pixel
2 XL, that does the best.

Hopefully the portrait mode
will improve it's software, however, but when it comes
to the front facing camera in general, this is something
that I've noticed on many iPhones before and
I'm not sure why they over expose so much and
I really wish that Apple applied the same sort of magic that they're using on
the rear facing camera on the front facing
camera when it comes to dynamic range and that would
make it so much better. One of the things I don't
like about recording on the iPhone is the audio. Now we still don't have
stereo audio recording on the iPhone. This is really something
that we should have in 2017 and it's something that we
have on many other devices.

You will see in some of
my camera comparisons where I have a side by
side with a smartphone that has stereo audio
recording and that just sounds so much better. So, audio recording on the
iPhone X when it comes to video is okay but it's not great. Now we briefly touched on iOS
11 earlier on in the video and iOS 11 is generally okay
but, it is still basic for me. I like the control sensor
but the notifications annoy the absolute hell out of me.

I don't know why Apple do
this but just look at this. I've got just Twitter
notifications which I left on for this demo and it's crazy. Like my whole notifications
have been taking over just over the past few
hours and I really wish that Apple grouped these notifications together like we have on Android. Just copy Android.

I know a lot of you guys are gonna say, "Hey Saf, you're just an Android fanboy." But honestly, I've spoken to
so many Apple users as well and they've also said
that it'd be so much nicer if Apple just grouped all of
these notifications together and then you can expand those
and see those more in detail if you want but just
having, just look at that, this is crazy, it's just unusable for me. Are Apple gonna do anything
about it anytime soon? Probably not but it's just
something that I definitely need to address. Now battery life for me on
the iPhone X has actually been really good and I think
it's gonna get most people through the day without any issues and you also have wireless
charging as well as fast charging this time. Now, I personally don't
use wireless charging much, I'll be completely honest.

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But fast charging is something
that I have been using for quite a few years now
and I'm also glad that the iPhone X had fast charging. The biggest issue here is, and
this is something that I've ranted about before in
this video and that is that you need to buy the
fast charger separately and that cost 74 in the UK, which is absolutely insane. You can get smartphones
for 74 these days. Every other manufacturer
includes fast charging out of the box.

Apple does not and they
charge you a very big premium for that as well and that's
on top of what you're already paying for the iPhone
X and as you guys know, it's not cheap. You're looking at $1,000 or 1,000. This, once again, doesn't
make any sense to me because $1,000 plus taxes still
does not equal 1,000 pounds. It should be around about 900 mark and this pricing difference
is reflected on pretty much every other device out there.

Let's take the Samsung
Galaxy Note 8 for example. It's $950 in the US. In the UK, it's 870. That is reflected in the
price because the pound is stronger than the dollar
but, for some reason, Apple have decided that
unless you're in the US, you're gonna be paying
even more for the iPhone X.

And I really think that's unfair. So, yes, you guys already
knew that the iPhone X. Is expensive. Is it worth the thousand
pound, or thousand dollar price point? Personally in my opinion, I'm
gonna be completely honest.

I don't think it's worth this price. Why is that? It's because there's lots
of other devices out there which offer lots of great
features, some actually better than this for
almost half the price. Let's take the Samsung
Galaxy S8 for example. It's been widely praised across the board and that currently is
for about 550 on Amazon.

I'll leave a link in
the description below. The OnePlus 5T, which just
came out recently is 450. So, you could buy two
OnePlus 5T's and have 100 spare compared to the iPhone X. Now, I know a lot of
you guys are gonna say, "Saf, you're just being
really biased towards "Android here," but I'm
just being realistic here in terms of what you can get
and what else is out there.

Now, if you're part of the Apple ecosystem and you want the best
iPhone money can buy, then this is the one to go for. This is the best iPhone you
can buy and it's my favorite iPhone so far. I really do like it overall but, if this is out of your budget
and I know a lot of people for which this will be
out of their budget, then I would definitely
advise looking around because there's so many other good options our there right now. That's what I think anyway.

I know some of you guys
are gonna disagree with me. Once again, I do really like the iPhone X. I just think it's too expensive
for what you're getting. What do you guys think of the iPhone X? Definitely drop me a comment
below and let me know.

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