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iPhone SEUnboxing and Review [4K]

Hey, look what I have here. It is the iPhone SE. Pppwwhhhoaa! Today I am here to review, the iPhone SE. Or more commonly known as your ex-phone making a great return.

Are you ready to go back… Rose? Let's take a look at the boxes, this is iPhone 5 and this is iPhone 5s And these are iPhone SEs' boxes They are the same size not much has changed You can imagine that iPhone SE as a third upgrade to iPhone 5 it is the same 4 inch phone packed with today's technology That is going to be yesterday's technology in September when Apple announces iPhone 7 but… Anyway. IPhone SE's screen has 1136 by 640 pixel resolution.

It has an A9 chip with M9 motion coprocessor. Has a brand new 12 mp back camera auto focus pixels that has f/2.2 Aperture It can shoot 4K video like it's nobody's business Once again, space gray is more gray They are constantly getting lighter and lighter I have a song about this if you want to hear it you can click here and watch the song, It's called fifty shades of space gray Let's see what else is in the box. I don't think there is going to be much surprise here, yes. The hairdryer for smurfs The charger and the lightning cable, sim-card tray remover And it looks new compared to the one on the left Stickers and some information.

These are sim-free and to activate them you have to insert a simcard Alright, now let's see who boots up faster. Do you think iPhone SE gained weight? Or do you think it got louder? Let's compare the screen. For this test the camera is set to manual exposure The phone's auto brightness is turned off and the brightness is set to maximum Front flash, hmm… Let's look at that shall we? The front flash is as good as it ever was But the front facing camera is terrible I've prepared this so I can put two at the same time We can go outside and test the camera a little bit.

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As you can see the closer we get it shows that iPhone 6s Plus is sharper And the lack of optical image stabilization in iPhone SE shows itself when you start running When it comes to iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 since they don't have auto continuous focus you have set the focus by hand Yes once more we can text with one hand As much as it looks like a clean win for iPhone SE things take a wild turn if you switch to a different keyboard Let's get serious and look at the benchmark results As you can see iPhone SE has A9 chip, and 2gb of ram just like 6 s and 6s plus and iPhone SE's geekbench result it higher than iPhone 6s Plus And this is when iPhone SE, 6S and 6S Plus is in low power mode iPhone SE is still in the lead in Ice Storm 3D Mark test And once again when we put iPhone SE, 6 Plus and 6S Plus in low power mode these are the results In sun spyder java script benchmark test iPhone SE misses it by that much Do you think the new iPhone SE with the A9 chipset heats up? Let's check it out. You can use your old cases, you can use your old OlloClip you don't need to buy a new case that is so cool, isn't it? My favorite part is that my waterproof case, the lifeproof case, I can just put the SE in and just start using it with its 4K camera So what is missing from iPhone SE. Well, let me tell you. First of all 3D touch.

There is no 3D touch on this. Dual domain-pixels for wide viewing angles Well, that's because this screen is the old iPhone 5s' screen. Actually the chassis is iPhone 5s's chassis This entire front panel is exactly the same thing. The ear piece, the speaker, proximity sensor, They are all the parts that were used in iPhone 5s That's why the front facing camera didn't change But on the other hand they changed the rear camera the lightning connector assembly and the battery Now, the battery in iPhone SE is 1624 mAH.

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Compared to iPhone 5S 1560 mAH. So the contrast ratio didn't change it is 800:1 There is no display zoom or reachability not that you'd ever need it, but there isn't It doesn't have the LTE Advanced it only has LTE. Doesn't have the second generation Touch ID. It doesn't have optical image stabilization for photo and video It doesn't have video geotagging The battery lasts more than iPhone 6s but less than iPhone 6s Plus and for me the biggest problem, there is no 128GB version of this phone So even if I want I can not install my backup I have to start from scratch So what do I think about iPhone SE.

It is like bumping into your first love after a lot of years and your first love has advanced in every possible way except the front facing camera, but you can live with that. And looks very attractive. Hair done, nail did. Look new color and you invite that person for a date.

Everything is familiar, you know the habits, you know what that person likes, what that person doesn't like And you think to yourself what can be better than this. And after a while when that date is over when you're walking back home go up there for a cup of coffee or whaterver and the next morning you realize that during those years you have actually moved on… And what do I mean by that. When this phone was released, this is all for power users by the way When this phone was released, the things I was doing on my phone is different than what I'm doing on this phone today It is a lot different, I use giant screen, going back to a small screen and looking things is not easy to get used to Even though you think your first love maybe the best love it actually isn't But if you're not a power user, you can of course go and get this fantastic phone.

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It just… You'll be very happy with it or you may think "I'm going to wait for iPhone 7" because if you know Apple a little bit when iPhone 7 is released this is going to be yesterday's phone along with 6s and 6s Plus Because that's how things work in the Apple world. But then again if you think and remember history then you can tell yourself that With every new number 4, 5, 6… There was a gate.

There was a big problematic gate that apple faced And with each re-release 4s, 5s, 6s they were all perfect phones So you may think to yourself and say "wait a minute iPhone 7 is going have a terrible gate" now, we don't know yet. So you may choose this because this is the third generation, not 5, not 5s but 5 SE. So this is perfected 2 times And you may save yourself whatever problem that iPhone 7 is going to have. Well, thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it.

Please hit that subscribe button, I must have a subscribe button somewhere here in the screen Hit that button and join the world DO'mination! And let me know what you think about iPhone SE in the comment section pillow and until I see you the next time take really good care of yourselves and hoakal… Wait! Wait, don't go. IPad Pro review is going to be online very soon. Alright! Hoakaln!.

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